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A good ol’ burger doesn’t get any more gratifying than its killer combination of a juicy patty, a soft bun, crisp lettuce, cheese in some situations, and other sauces. Whether you want your burger plain or with all the extras, there’s a burger for you out there—and possibilities are, it’s available for delivery. We have rounded up the best burgers in town that you can have without leaving the house.


Buns & Bros’ burgers are made especially with house-made buns and condiments. The New Kid P180, their traditional player, receives a nice buttery texture from a brioche bun and a zesty secret sauce.

Try The Assassin P225, which comes with a roasted black sesame bun, shredded nori, miso sauce, cheddar cheese, and wasabi mayo. The Boss P265 is another fan favorite, with a black beer bun, caramelized onions, parmesan cheese, handmade smoked bacon, and smokey barbecue sauce. You can order by calling their numbers and paying with a BDO bank deposit or Unionbank, or you can also find them on GrabFood.

2.                 LUSSO

Do you want to pay a higher price? Lusso’s Demi-Pound Burger Php 1,050 features thick and juicy US beef patties, a cambozola cheese sauce, foie gras, and prosecco onions. It’s every bit as decadent as it sounds, with roasted brussels sprouts combined with creamy foie and slightly salty cheese.

If you prefer something cozier, they also serve a tasty Classic Demi-Pound Cheeseburger Php 850 with onions, tomatoes, greens, and Fontina cheese. You can purchase by phone or through this online form; keep in mind that there is a Php 1,000 minimum order, and supplies are made every day except Wednesdays, from morning 11 to 4 p.m. You can pay with BDO, Paypal, or Metrobank bank transfers.

3.                 BEEFIER

Beefier returns to basics with a luscious beef patty with a crispy sear on the outside. It glows best in their basic—but not monotonous Php 269, but for a real treat, try the Cheesier Php 299, with cheese, Beefiest Php 499, with a half-pound patty made with a Multitude cheese and ribeye combination, or Cheesiest Php 390, with a cheese patty deep-fried made with Emmental cheeses and mozzarella. They just launched their own delivery website, and you can pay using credit card, GCash, bank deposit, or Paypal. You can also place an order through Foodpanda or GrabFood.

4.                 SWEET ECSTASY 

Sweet Ecstasy’s Cheeseburger Php 240 is Filipinos favorite cheeseburger in town, and it’s available for delivery alongside their other award prizing burgers and casual fare. While their standard cheeseburger has enough luscious, rich flavor to stand on its own, those looking to go all out can order their Grilled Cheese Cheeseburger Php 330, which consists of two grilled cheese sandwiches topped with their extra cheese, patty, and garlic aioli. Send a Viber message to the nearest branch or look them up on Foodpanda or GrabFood.

5.                 8 CUTS

The basic Cheeseburger Php 230, which finished third on 2019 Top ten Cheeseburgers in Manila list, to the more meat-filled Piggy Php 305 with bacon-onion compote, smoked bacon,  garlic, and aioli; and the over-the-top Four Cheese, 2.0 Php 305 with sharp yellow cheddar, Monterey Jack, parmesan-crusted mozzarella, garlic aioli, and fried basil. Order by phoning the stores directly or searching for 8Cuts on GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Lalafood.

6.                 SHAKE SHACK

This famous burger business from the United States serves a really great cheeseburger known as the ShackBurger, which ranks second on 2019 list of the Top ten Manila Cheeseburgers. It’s offered for delivery as a ready-to-eat ShackBurger, Php 250 per single, P410 per double, or as DIY ShackBurger Kits Php 1,600 per good for eight. Call their Central Square or SM Megamall locations for orders of the former. You can get the kit by filling out this form. Payments can be made using Security Bank or BPI.

7.                 NOKAL

Nokal in Poblacion is a local favorite for its no-frills, yummy burgers. Their Cheeseburger Php 295 ranks ninth on the 2019 Top ten  Manila Cheeseburgers list, thanks to its buttery bun and unusually meaty patties. If you want to take it to another level, their Bacon Mushroom Melt Php 335 is a great option. Grilled cheese fans might try their Nokal Party Melt Php 335, which substitutes the standard buns with flattened slices of bread for a finish, yummy-on-the-inside sandwich. You can pay for your orders with a BPI, BDO, or GCash bank deposit.

8.                 BBX

BBX, Bad Bird’s sibling restaurant, serves elevated versions of fast-food mainstays including spaghetti, fried chicken, and, of course, burgers. Either selection you get—pick from the Cheeseburger Php 239, Hamburger Php 199,  and Double Cheeseburger Php 369, you receive a delectable burger with a patty produced with beef that’s ground fresh every day and also fresh. You will also get artisanal potato buns small-batch. Order through their delivery website, or through Foodpanda, or GrabFood.

9.                 MADE NICE

This homegrown eatery known for its unique spins on Western and Asian dishes has expanded into making burgers for pickup and delivery. Their menu spans from their original cheeseburger called the Made Nice Burger Php 395, to the Asian Burger umami-filled, Php 425 with caramelized onions and gochujang sauce, to the leveled-up Dry Aged Burger Php 495 with a dry- prime blend patty aged USDA and crispy onions. Credit, Cash, and debit card are accepted for pickup orders, and BDO and BPI transfers are accepted for delivery. But there is a minimum order of P500.

10.               PINK’S

Though well known for its hotdogs, this American restaurant also serves fierce burgers that are unusually hefty and thick—be prepared to unsettle your teeth to take a bite. Their simple burger menu includes the Cheeseburger for Php 290 is one of the Metro favorites, and the spiced-up Chili Cheeseburger for Php 390, topped with Pink’s famed chili. You can order them by dialing one of their phone numbers, paying via GCash, BDO bank transfer, or Grabpay, then scheduling your own courier such as Lalamove or Grab to take it up from BGC Wildflour branch.

11.             BAR PINTXOS

Bar Pintxos’ jamon burguesa is prepared from a juicy wagyu beef patty and a delectable jamon allioli, which gives the burger a particular Catalan taste. The mushroom chorizo burger, which utilizes a quarter-pound mushroom-potato patty with vegetarian chorizo allioli, is also available for vegetarians. Both are accompanied by thick-cut fries that are house-made. For the ideal Spanish atmosphere, pair these burgers with a crisp drink of sangria and an episode of Money Heist.

12.             BURGER BEAST

If you get a craving in the middle of the night, then enjoy Burger Beast, Manila’s only online burger restaurant, which can give you gourmet burgers by chef Carlo Miguel anytime a day. Enjoy its finest Umami burger, which explodes with levels of flavor, thanks to its special caramelized onions, umami sauce, yellow cheddar cheese, and a unique patty crafted with imported brisket, chuck, and short rib.

As Miguel says, making the patties is similar to making her own slab of beef, where the brisket and short rib serve as marbling and the lean chuck serves as the steak. According to Miguel, the beef is then placed in logs overnight before being chopped into patties. Beyond Meat, Meatless Burger is another guilt-free option from Burger Beast. Try the Vanilla Orange Iced Tea, created particularly to match the burger flavors, at Burger Beast. The Beast cold brew is also available for those in need of some caffeine.

13.             HUNGRY HOMIES 

This local firm, founded by passionate cook Miggy Cruz and his spouse Laureen Uy and ex-PR maven, is one of the new participants in the metro’s burger field. The Hungry Homies menu includes 3 options, all served in a soft, buttery brioche bun: The Purist, Hypebeef, and Run BMC.

The Hypebeef is a California-style double cheeseburger with shredded iceberg lettuce and tomatoes that was inspired by the creators’ excursions to Los Angeles. The Purist, on the other hand, is a fried onion double cheeseburger in the style of Oklahoma.

This variety is a purist’s dream, with paper-thin sliced onion ribbons crushed and cooked with the meat for optimum flavour. A single patty is coupled with shiitake mushrooms, pickles, mango wood-smoked bacon, and chipotle barbecue mayo in the Run BMC. On weekends, these burgers are made in small amounts. Keep an eye out for Hungry Homies’ social media announcements and sign up to order as soon as possible because spots fill up quickly.

14.               LA CABRERA MANILA

Fans of this Argentine restaurant will be pleased to learn that the beef used in La Cabrera Manila’s small sliders is the same as that used in their favorite steaks, Cuadril and Entraa. This bocadillo is presented in warm soft buns cooked in-house and is ideal for merienda cena. The two small sliders are filling enough to serve as a light lunch or dinner. You are good to go with a glass of Malbec.

15.             POUND

Pound’s Amsterdam cheeseburger hits the spot with buttery toasted bread and a flavorful house-ground 100 percent beef patty adorned with the freshest ingredients like sauerkraut, pastrami, gruyere cheese, fried onions, and their famous mustard condiment. Those who love the lettuce-tomato-onion combo, on the other hand, will enjoy the Garden cheeseburger with its sharp blast of cheddar. Pound also serves a crispy chicken burger with basil aioli.

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