Top 5 Central Visayas Tourist Destinations To Check Out

Aerial view of sandy beach with tourists swimming in beautiful c
Aerial view of sandy beach with tourists swimming in beautiful clear sea water of the Sumilon island beach landing near Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. - Boost up color Processing.

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, Central Visayas is adorned with many natural marvels, boasting stunning beaches and teeming marine life. Tourist destinations in Central Visayas are widely popular among tourists. They have been featured in multiple magazines and media for their unique natural awe and lively attractions by locals who still offer deep respect for their traditions and culture.

Perfect Tourist Destinations In Central Visayas For Tourism Recommendation

Visayas has been on many tourists’ to-visit lists. This is because the region boasts several locations, each providing unique natural and eye-catching attractions. Visayas also holds deep historical significance, the most well-known being the region where the explorer Ferdinand Magellan has landed. Numerous historical sites call the region home.

Whether for garnering life-threatening experiences, deep admiration for historical and natural attractions, or simply enjoying the trip, this region is a perfect place any guest can visit. Here are the most highly recommended Central Visayas destinations:

1. Cebu City

Cebu is widely recognized as one of the Philippines’ most famous cities and tourist destinations. Both a city and a province, Cebu stands out as the Philippines’ most accessible hub, boasting the highest air and sea transportation options. The province offers a wide range of activities you and your loved ones can enjoy to your heart’s content. 

Things tourists do within Cebu can include touring famous historical locations, diving into the waters, interacting with whale sharks, or simply enjoying the local cuisines. The options are almost limitless. Here are a few recommended touring spots to visit in Cebu:

  1. Temple of Leah
  2. Sirao Garden
  3. Cebu Waterfalls
  4. Cebu Natural Viewpoints
  5. Magellan’s Cross


2. Bohol

Next to Cebu, Bohol is also a widely popular tourist destination due to its stunning and diverse natural attractions. It is recognized as the 10th largest island in the Philippines and has no shortage of quality beaches and resorts available. Bohol is home to one of the most famous natural wonders, the Chocolate Hills. Tourists can enjoy themselves by spending time with tarsiers, riverboat cruising, and cave exploring, to name a few.

choco hills

If you ever find yourself visiting Bohol for your next vacation trip, we recommend checking out these touring spots:

  1. Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park
  2. Anda Beach
  3. Hinagdanan Cave
  4. Baclayon Church
  5. Bohol Bee Farm

3. Boracay Island

Boracay easily stands out in many tourists’ minds when thinking about the top islands in the Philippines. The island has been one of the most popular Central Visayas tourist destinations for its white sandy beaches accented with clear azure waters. Boracay is such an iconic destination that it was named one of Asia’s best islands in 2023.

On the island of Boracay, tourists can undergo a lot of thrilling activities, including parasailing, taking sunset cruises, participating in jet ski rides, and enrolling in scuba diving courses. Here are a few recommended spots you and your loved ones can check out when you set foot on Boracay:

  1. White Beach
  2. Ariel’s Point
  3. Mount Luho
  4. Crystal Cove
  5. Bulabog Beach

4. Panglao

The island of Panglao is iconic for its basking sunlight and fine beaches. Considered one of many Bohol paradises, you can enjoy several activities here. One of the highlighted activities is beach hopping, where guests can explore several beaches offered on the island. Other activities include diving and snorkeling in the clear waters. 


5. Negros Oriental

Negros Oriental proudly boasts its status as a popular tourist destination due to having some of the best natural scenery. This destination is also famous as it is home to some of the most scenic waterfalls in the country. Negros Oriental holds distinction as one of the four Central Visayan islands situated at the heart of the Philippine archipelago.

Negros Oriental has a strong and rich historical heritage, showcased at Siliman and St. Paul’s Universities. Convenient transport links make accessing this city easy despite its southern location within the province. Plus, it’s in proximity to the island’s many main attractions and beaches. Here are some highly recommended spots Negros Oriental you should check out:

  1. Casaroro Falls
  2. Pulangbato Falls
  3. Red Rock Hot Spring
  4. Mount Talinis
  5. Lake Balanan
Negros Oriental


Frequently Asked Questions

Negros Oriental comes with several places with their unique touring spots. Seeing what they have to offer, tourists are ensured to have a thrilling time. Several inquiries were brought up regarding the tourist activities and the destination itself. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers you may refer to on your future trips:

What Is Central Visayas Famous For?

The region is best known for having beautiful beaches and diving spots. Specific locations, such as Cebu Pacific and Bohol, have iconic historic and natural landmarks, some dating back to 1521. Central Visayas is also known for its rich agriculture.

What Is The Number 1 Tourist Spot In Visayas?

The island of Boracay stands as the most popular tourist destination not only within the Visayas region but also throughout the Philippines as a whole. Renowned for its vibrant nightlife and breathtaking scenery, the White Beach is its most iconic spot, drawing visitors from far and wide to its pristine shores.

What Is The Most Significant Landmark Found In Central Visayas Region?

While Cebu is home to numerous historical sites and landmarks, the Magellan’s Cross is among the most widely recognizable. Ferdinand Magellan erected the Cross upon his arrival in Cebu in 1521. This site has been visited by hundreds of tourists and locals, who may either pray or simply witness the display.

Closing Thoughts

The touring destinations in Central Visayas showcase an array of natural wonders and historical treasures, each contributing to its proud heritage and allure. The region also offers natural wonders that are breathtaking to see, so much so that it would make a good photo to share and remember. Here, guests won’t be disappointed in finding anything to do on their trip.

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