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One of the largest major islands in Batanes, the Batan Island is found in the northern part of the Philippines and is home to Batanes’ capital, Basco. The island is significant for several reasons. One of them is the island being the starting point when the Japanese invaded the Philippines during World War II. These historical events and natural wonders led to the growing popularity of the Batan Island tour among visitors within and outside the country.  

Top Places And Activities To Check Out In Your Batan Island Tour

The Batan Island tour involves visiting iconic landmarks and attractions that spread throughout the north and southern areas of the island. Renowned for expansive grasslands, picturesque landscapes, verdant hills, and a striking lighthouse, Batan islands captivate any tourist with their natural beauty. 

You are probably wondering what places you might visit and what can you do on the island. Here are some of the most recommended attractions and activities you could consider while traveling across Batan Island.

Explore The Alapad Hills & Rock Formation

Considered one of the most visited tourist spots in Batan Island, the Alapad Rock Formation was formed out of strong water currents and tectonic movements thanks to its position. By visiting the rock formations, guests can have an elevated sight of the Pacific Ocean and a hill that double serves as a view deck on the opposing rocky beach. Visitors can check this spot anytime with just a short ride or walk away. Some touring packages will also include this attraction as part of their services.

Visit The San Carlos Borromeo Church

The San Carlos Borromeo Church, also known as Mahatao Church, is administered by the Dominican Order alongside the other churches around Batanes. The church stands out for its Baroque style and white color finish. As with its unique exterior style, the church’s interior design is simple yet immaculate, with a ceiling resembling the light cogon.

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Check Out Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao

Widely recognized as one of Batan Island’s several beacons, Tayid Lighthouse stands out for its octagon-shaped build and is situated to face the Pacific Ocean. Besides the lighthouse itself, the location is also an attraction for guests. The surrounding field is full of tall grassy fields where cows would graze freely and at peace.

Visit The Diura Fishing Village

Visiting Diura Fishing Village allows any tourist to have a glimpse of how the locals live and how they catch their fish the traditional way. The village locals practice Arayu and Kapayvanuvanua, both ancient local fishing ceremonies. Travelers will also spot traditional boats, known as tataya and faluwa, moored along the shores. 

Additionally, the iconic Mahatao Lighthouse perches atop nearby hills, offering a striking sight.

Journey Within Marlboro Country

Locally called Racuh a Payaman, the Marlboro Country is one of the most visited attractions in every Batan Island tour. Nestled within Uyugan municipality, Marlboro Country invites both tourists and locals to its protected expanse. Visitors can unwind amidst lush green pastures and savor the crisp mountain air. 

The destination got its name from a famous cigarette advertisement. Marlboro Country is a communal pastureland where nature is the entire highlight. The blend of architecture, seascape, and rolling landscapes is a breathtaking site any guest should behold.

Explore the Song-Song Ruins

The Song-Song Ruins is what remains of a small town ravaged by a huge tidal wave many years ago. It is a ghost barangay that displays several roofless shells of what were once old stone houses. While it is a lively town, it remains an attractive tourist location. 

Here, tourists can have a potential panoramic view of the sunset. Unlike typical beach activities, Ruins Of Songsong Beach offers a serene experience, perfect for exploring historic ruins or enjoying a peaceful day by the sea.

Relax On The Island’s White Beach

When it comes to visiting other countries, checking out the local beaches comes into everyone’s lists. The Philippines is home to some of the best beaches. Every beach boasts soft, white sand and clear blue waters. Batan Island is no different, as it is also home to many popular beaches in the country. Special mentions include Aman Beach and Nakanmuan Beach.

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Have A Heightened View At The Chawa View Deck

The Chawa View Deck is a natural site that was designed to overlook the West Philippine Sea on the mountainside. It is one of Batan Island’s top sites thanks to its rolling green hills and rock formations while providing visitors with a panoramic view of the sea. The view doesn’t provide unique features on the top. At the bottom, there is a “mini pool: guests can also freely check out.

What To Keep In Mind Before And While Visiting The Batan Island

Before planning your travel to Batan Island, it is important to plan everything out in advance and prepare for any sudden changes within your trip. Deep research is important whenever you travel to a different country. Here are important factors you should keep in mind:

Best Time To Visit Batan Island

You should be aware of the seasons and weather conditions that would potentially affect your tour, stay, and even traveling outside the island. Much like the rest of the Philippines, Batan Island is a destination that has tropical climates and generally pleasant weather. 

The most recommended seasons for visiting the island are the dry season, which is between February and June, and the cool season, which is between November and February. Once you have picked out your favored season, you need to book your flight in advance to get the best dates and times.

What You Should Bring Along The Tour

When it comes to knowing what to pack, make sure you travel light, bringing only necessities on your trip to Batan Island. Light clothes are recommended since the local tours involve a lot of walking and boat rides. If you are visiting the island’s touring spots in the middle of the day, bringing sunscreen is also recommended. 

Final Thoughts

Taking a Batan Island tour ensures you visit the most popular destinations in a short, manageable period. Here, guests can enjoy dining locally and checking out sites that offer an elevated level of scenic views. Batan Island is also ideal for those who love peace while experiencing the basic local lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Much like other tourist destinations, many visitors have inquired several questions in regards to Batan Island. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Where is Batan Island located?

Batan Island is located in the northern part of the Philippines. It is approximately three hundred ten kilometers (one hundred ninety miles) north of Luzon. 

Why is it expensive to go to Batan Island?

Due to its remote location, limited flights, and climate conditions, Batan Island is considered to be more expensive in accommodating these factors.  Additionally, Batan Island is a very popular destination among tourists, further contributing to the touring expenses.

How many days should you stay in Batanes?

While it depends on whether you have selected an available tour package or just a regular flight, the minimum number of days required is around four days. Adding two or more days is sometimes needed to make sure you and your group have extra time.


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