The Best Hidden Beaches in the Philippines

Beach surrounded by the sea and greenery under the sunlight and a blue sky in Praslin in Seychelles
A beach surrounded by the sea and greenery under the sunlight and a blue sky in Praslin in Seychelles

With over seven thousand islands, the Philippines boasts many beaches. It has several places that travelers can choose from, from Luzon to Mindanao. So if you’re a tourist or a local looking for a new hidden gem in the country, here are some of the best hidden beaches in the Philippines that you might want to visit on future trips with friends and family.

Top 10 Beach Destinations in the Philippines

Although there are numerous hidden beaches in the country, this list tackles the ten must-see hidden beaches you should add to your bucket list.

Cresta de Gallo, Romblon

This undiscovered beach in the Philippines is a small island that boasts a beautiful white sandbar. Cresta de Gallo is ideal for tourists who want to go off the grid due to the island’s remoteness. It got its name from its shoreline, which looks like a “rooster’s crest,” a translation. This island is an hour boat ride from Sibuyan to the secluded area. 

Additionally, the area has no hotels, so tourists who want to stay overnight must visit the island’s camping facilities. However, due to the area’s beauty, visitors are willing to spend the night in a campaign style to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

The island got its name by forming at both edges like a bird about to flap its wings. Langgam, in the local language, means bird, which is its name. The island’s beach has crystal blue water and beautiful white sand. Unfortunately, no resorts or hotels exist on this island. However, accommodations are available in the nearby Municipality of Palompon. Tourists who want to spend the night at Kalanggaman can also camp on the site with native cottages or set up tents.

Paliton Beach, Siquijor

Siquijor is known for its witchcraft and black magic. In fact, it is reported that a spell was cast on Paliton Beach, which is a forty-minute tricycle ride from the main port. When visiting this beach, tourists find numerous Pinoy beach staples like “inihaw” or Filipino BBQ and beer stalls. Some tourists even dub the beach a “mini Boracay” due to its ambiance and beauty.

Moreover, visitors don’t have to worry about the beach’s small size due to its beauty. It showcases white sand and rich blue water. That said, anyone would surely leave the beach in awe due to its beauty.


Sugar Beach, Sipalay, Negros Occidental

Sugar Beach is often referred to by locals as Langub Beach, and they love to spend their lazy summer afternoons here. Both locals and tourists enjoy the beach’s deep blue waters and its stunning views of the sunset. Additionally, it has activities, such as snorkeling and paddle boarding.

Guests describe the beach as the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Tourists enjoyed its sunset views and the sand’s length, making it an ideal place to relax and unwind. 

Sepoc Beach, Batangas

Another ideal place to add to this list of the best hidden beaches in the Philippines is Sepoc Beach. It is in a secluded area, away from the city’s businesses, on an island accessible through Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Anilao, where you can take a twenty-minute boat ride to Sepoc. The beach showcases pristine and rich blue-green waters. Additionally, guests can hike to the area’s hill point and see the island’s views from above.

One added fact about this beach is that about 76% of coral species can be found here for those who enjoy snorkeling. Tourists can also visit Sepoc Wall, which has numerous coral gardens over a ninety-foot drop. Snorkeling enthusiasts will surely enjoy their stay here due to the vast marine species.

Mantigue Island, Camiguin Province

An island in Camiguin is reachable with a twenty-minute boat ride. It is certainly one of the top 10 beach destinations in the Philippines. The island is four hectares and is a population destination among divers. Moreover, the area’s beaches are home to the endangered hawksbill turtle, often seen in the site’s clear waters. Other marine animals often seen around the beach area are:

  • Colorful clownfish
  • Nudibranchs
  • Frogfish
  • Sharks

Additionally, there is an abundance of corals that divers enjoy as they explore the beach. Tourists can also check the island’s mini tropical jungle and lay on the beautiful powder-white sand. If you’re a tourist looking for a new favorite delicacy, locals offer sea urchins to eat by the beach. For visitors looking for a naturistic vacation with a few people, Mantigue is ideal for you. That said, locals like to keep the amount of people on the island at bay to ensure the island’s natural beauty.

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

This island is rich in beaches that aren’t populated with coffee shops as it has no mobile phone signal. For tourists who enjoy backpacking, Calaguas is an ideal place to go. It is located at the northernmost tip of Bicol and is ideal for those who want to spend valued time with nature. 

Tourists describe the beach as quiet and peaceful, perfect for a vacation away from work. It is the ideal spot to disconnect since there is barely a signal, but some accommodations offer Wi-Fi for a specific fee for a given period. So, if you want to reconnect with nature, visit Calaguas.


Saud Beach, Pagudpud

For those who enjoy the sight of coconut trees as far as the eye can see, Saud Beach is for you. This beach remains untouched by urban development, and goers describe it as what Boracay used to look like. The beach boasts an old-school charm that many older travelers would surely enjoy. Around the area, there are a few restaurants where tourists can dine. To get to the area, visitors usually start their trip in Manila and hop on the bus to Saud.

Dahican Beach, Mati

To add to the top 10 beach destinations in the Philippines is another beach in Mindanao located in Davao Oriental, Mati. It is a city in the province, and the beach is accessible thirty minutes from the center. Tourists enjoy the boardwalk, and the Dahican beach is filled with activities for young vacationers. The best thing about the place is the abundant surfers and skimboarders paired with picturesque sunset views. Travelers who love nature will surely enjoy this hidden gem in the country’s south, boasting three of the seven marine turtles worldwide.

Guyam, Surigao del Norte

Guyam Island is another of the best hidden beaches in the Philippines and the country’s south. Surigao is known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, and numerous visitors who enjoy the activity will definitely like staying at Guyam. The island boasts a beautiful beach and is privately owned. It is worth noting that tourists can still visit and stay. It showcases abundant marine life with beautiful white sand. Unfortunately, the island has no accommodation compared to its neighboring islands, but guests can take shade under the numerous coconut trees.

Final Thoughts

The best hidden beaches in the Philippines are gems that locals and tourists enjoy. These beaches are rich in marine life that travelers can explore during their visit to these areas. That said, outdoor lovers will surely have enough beach options to visit in the Philippines from the tip of Luzon to the ends of Mindanao. So, if you’re looking for an escape from the busy city life, visit the nearest Philippine beach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re a tourist looking to explore the top 10 beaches in the Philippines, here are commonly asked questions.

What is the prettiest beach in the Philippines?

There are various beaches in the Philippines, and pinpointing the prettiest is challenging. But some of the prettiest in the country are Bounty Beach, Malapascua; White Island, Camiguin; and The Bacuit Archipelago, Palawan.

What are the undiscovered places in the Philippines?

While the Philippines is rich in natural wonders, some of the hidden gems in the country include Camiguin Island, Samar, Zamboanga, Taal, Bantayan Island, and more.

Where is the clearest beach water in the Philippines?

Tourists frequent the country due to its vast, clear beaches and white-sand vacation spots. The clearest beach water in the country is claimed to be at Linapacan Island in Palawan.

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