Used Cars

Acquiring a used car is often a more practical choice for many individuals compared to purchasing a brand-new vehicle. Depending on the specific model being considered, substantial savings can be enjoyed. Moreover, insurance costs for pre-owned cars are generally lower.

If you’re seeking affordable used cars in the Philippines and prefer a convenient approach, numerous online platforms facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. Alternatively, if you prefer face-to-face interaction, it is likely that you can find a used car dealer in your local town or city.

If you’re unsure where to begin your search, this guide will help you purchase used cars in the Philippines.


From online platforms to banks, the following locations offer excellent opportunities to secure fantastic deals on used cars.



Are you wondering where to buy second-hand cars online? Look no further than this reputable car-selling platform. Tsikot has been a prominent name in the used car market in the Philippines since the early 2000s. It offers comprehensive listings, not just for new and used cars, but also motorcycles, car parts, and a range of services such as car wash, car rentals, repair, window tinting, and accessories.

This innovative buy-and-sell car website in the Philippines features a user-friendly interface with well-organized and easily accessible listings. Searching for second-hand cars is a breeze with various filters available, including keyword, make, model, body type, condition, price range, and location. In the Philippines, Tsikot’s car finder offers sorting options based on various criteria, including vehicle year, newest posts, price range from lowest to highest, mileage from lowest to highest, and most popular posts.

In addition, Tsikot hosts one of the largest and most active local car forums, where car enthusiasts from the Philippines engage in discussions on a wide range of automotive topics, including car events, brand-specific discussions, car advice, and much more.



When it comes to purchasing used cars in the Philippines, Carmudi stands out as one of the top choices. This website offers a range of valuable services designed to enhance the buying experience for individuals seeking used cars in the country.

With Carmudi, finding your ideal car is a breeze. The website provides convenient search filters, allowing you to refine your search based on factors such as location, price range, make and model, year, condition, mileage, transmission, and fuel type. Furthermore, you have the option to sort listings by recent posts, nearby locations, cheapest car prices, and lowest mileage.

If you’re considering buying a second-hand car through an auto loan, Carmudi provides essential information. You can view the interest rate, downpayment requirements, loan term, and even calculate the monthly payments, ensuring transparency and convenience in your car purchasing process.



Philkotse platform has approximately a thousand new listings posted daily. Each listing for a used car includes a comprehensive description, providing details about the car’s current condition and its history. Additionally, the listings display information regarding payment options, whether it’s cash or bank financing, as well as down payments and monthly installments.

At the bottom of each used car listing page, you’ll find related listings featuring cars with similar models and price ranges. This offers you more choices and alternatives if you’re not completely satisfied with the current listing.

Furthermore, Philkotse offers a car comparison feature that allows you to compare up to three vehicles based on various factors, including price, monthly payments, condition, mileage, and specifications. If you’re still uncertain about where to purchase second-hand cars, be sure to add Philkotse to your list of car websites to explore.



As a newcomer in the online car-selling industry, Zigwheels Philippines brings a unique offering to its car-selling platform. In addition to second-hand cars, the website also features listings for used trucks and motorcycles, along with informative content to provide further knowledge for car buyers.

Zigwheels doesn’t fall behind when it comes to buying experience. Upon visiting their website, you’ll find convenient sorting options to refine your search. You can easily sort your results by price range, make, year, model, and vehicle type. Moreover, the platform allows you to browse second-hand cars for sale in popular cities and towns across the Philippines, providing localized options. To assist in your decision-making process, you can also explore user reviews for popular car models on the website.



Carmax’s primary focus is delivering pre-owned cars that exude the look and feel of brand-new vehicles, all while avoiding the high price tags associated with new cars. In fact, the company offers a seven-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating its confidence in the exceptional quality and top-notch maintenance service provided for its vehicles.

If you’re interested in purchasing a car, you have the option to book an appointment for a test drive and vehicle inspection at the Carmona showroom. Alternatively, if you prefer a hassle-free online experience, you can make your purchase directly on the website.

To browse second-hand cars on the site, simply click on the “Shop Cars” section and specify your desired make and model, as well as the body style, price, mileage, transmission, and fuel type. Each listing includes a comprehensive inspection report that highlights any interior, exterior, or other issues with the car. It also indicates whether the unit has passed Carmax’s meticulous inspection.

From there, you can explore the price of second-hand cars in the Philippines and review estimated loan details. By clicking on the “Get Pre-Qualified” button, you can check your eligibility for financing. Additionally, within the same listing, you have the option to make an offer or schedule a visit to further discuss the vehicle.



Carsome prides itself on being the largest integrated car e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, operating in multiple countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. With such an impressive track record, Carsome has earned a reputation as one of the most trustworthy second-hand car dealers in the market.

Carsome offers comprehensive solutions for both used car dealers and buyers, ensuring a seamless experience for all parties involved. To guarantee that only high-quality used cars make it onto their platform, Carsome conducts an extensive 175-point inspection.

Browsing through cars on Carsome’s website is a breeze. Each listing provides essential details about the car, including fuel type, current mileage, registration type, and registration date. The website also features a loan calculator to assist you in estimating your car mortgage.

Once a buyer decides to purchase a used car and the sale is confirmed, Carsome takes care of all the necessary paperwork, simplifying the process for a hassle-free transaction.

As one of the top second-hand car dealers in the Philippines, Carsome ensures that all Carsome-certified cars come with a one-year warranty and enjoy the benefits of the company’s insurance and financing partners. With Carsome, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a quality vehicle backed by their commitment to customer satisfaction.

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