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Local perfumes aren’t the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to fragrances, but you’d be amazed how many amazing perfumes are manufactured by our very own local artists. These perfumes range from classy to casual and everyday scents. Set the tone with a strong musky aroma or brighten your day with beautiful floral notes from incredible local brands.

There are three sorts of perfumes available, that are Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, and Eau de cologne. Their key distinction is the concentration of oil in each. The ideal sort to get depends on what you want in a scent.

The most concentrated perfumes are Eau de parfums, which contain 15 to 30 percent of oil concentration. This implies that the scents they convey can endure for up to eight hours. This is ideal if you want a strong and deep perfume that you may use on important occasions.

As they are long-lasting, so you can wear them daily, but they may be too powerful for others. They are considerably more expensive, yet you only need a few sprinkles to be immersed in their smell. After showering or bathing, it is best to apply perfume. It makes you fresh and the moist skin absorbs cosmetics better.

Below are some of the best perfumes in the Philippines that you can consider.


This Eau de perfume will wrap you in a refreshing and romantic aroma with a great combination of fruity and floral elements, making it ideal for special occasions and date evenings. You will be refreshed with the apples and melons notes, while its rose and jasmine base notes will make you memorable.

The marine and musk base note will make this perfume a pleasure to wear for hours. If you want a perfume that is both sweet and invigorating, this artisan fragrance is for you! With this perfume, you will be able to captivate the attention of anyone in any room you enter.

Price starts from ₱595.


Simoy ng Haraya’s fragrances are as authentic as it gets, from the names of the fragrances to the poems inscribed on the back of their bottles. Their unisex fragrances include wonderful and beautiful Filipino names, like as Unang Halik. It smells as delicious as your unang halik with your sinta, with notes of vanilla, sugar, and musk.

Even though it contains musky notes, this Eau de toilette will not be excessive. It’s ideal for everyday use, especially if you enjoy the enticing sweet aroma of vanilla. With its gorgeous bottle of brown color and rosy gold lid, it also makes an excellent present for family, friends, or that special someone.

Price starts from ₱409.


Citrus smells are timeless because of the energy boost they provide with just a few spritz. This perfume’s strong tang of grapefruit combined with the relaxing aroma of green tea will recall your best memories of sunny days out with your dear ones. This is also an excellent idea to pick up if you need an additional dose of sunlight on cloudy days.

This is a light scent that is formulated as an Eau de cologne and is ideal for short errands. It’s also unisex, so everyone can enjoy its invigorating aroma. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re searching for a mood booster.

Price starts from ₱350


Scentsmith, which was founded in Manila in 2018, provides naturally made aromas that are amazing. This product is part of their men’s collection and contains rich notes of lavandin, a potent herbal form of clary sage, lavender, and sandalwood. It has a woody aroma, which is a classic among manly scents.

It makes an excellent trademark aroma, with one client describing it as smelling like a crush ng bayan. Many consumers like the clean-cut and fresh aroma because it makes them feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Because it’s such a hit, it’s regarded as a safe bet even if you haven’t had an opportunity to test it out initially.

Price starts from ₱1,198


As the fruity high notes fade into jasmine and rose aromas, this simple bottle may instantly transform your day romantic. Everyone you meet will thrill at the beautiful, romantic aroma of this perfume as it envelops you throughout the day. You can also spritz some of this on your hair for the finest results.

This perfume is described by several consumers as fresh, clean, and light, making it perfect for everyday usage. Some people describe the aroma as sosyal. They discovered that it lasts for hours, even with only a few spritzes. Join the ranks of satisfied consumers by indulging in this lovely fragrance that will make your day refreshing.

Price starts from ₱595.


Inhale the crispness of this fruity floral perfume as notes of peach, cassis, honey, petitgrain, and plum take you to a beautiful spring day. If you like flower scents but want something more refreshing than sweet, you have selected the right one! The fluffy and green elements in this perfume are ideal for humid days.

You can wear this perfume for up to 6 hours depending on the acidity of your skin. That’s great news, especially if you, like many customers, can’t get enough of this perfume. They claim it smells costly yet isn’t overbearing. It will entice you to try other aromas from this brand, so definitely try this one!

Price starts from ₱355


This will provide you with a Classy Blend of Fruity Scents for Day and Night. Citrus scents are frequently associated with a rush of vitality and freshness, but this one by HKT Fragrances claims to disagree. It’s an elegant citrus blend that smells delicate and feminine, beginning with notes of passion fruit, orange, peach, mimosa, and champagne before moving to jasmine, honeysuckle, and dewberry.

As the top and middle notes fade, the perfume becomes woody and romantic, with vetiver and vanilla foundation notes emerging. This sophisticated and flirtatious fragrance is long-lasting and suitable for both day and nighttime wear.

Price starts from ₱378

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