Recommended Things To Do In Manila Bay

Manila Bay
Manila Bay

For all kinds of tourists and locals, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to finding and selecting the many things to do in Manila Bay. The bay is along the capital’s western coast and runs along Roxas Boulevard. Manila Bay has become popular because it boasts magnificent sunsets and calm waves that match the cooling sea breeze. Its natural features and other commodities contribute to why it attracts so many people, both international visitors and locals alike. 

Top Things To Do In Manila Bay

Manila Bay has quite a deep historical record. The bay has been the center of trading during the old days and has been there to witness the growing changes and events within the country. The bay has also been the setting for several historical events, such as the “Battle of Manila Bay” in 1898 and the Battles of La Naval de Manila in 1646. 

Today, Manila Bay has grown to be both an attraction and a major hub of nearly everything people can think of, whether it is regarding food or entertainment. Here, visitors get to see the stunning sunset and a plethora of attractions and establishments, along with the matching view. Here are the top things to do when you are visiting Manila Bay:

Take Photo-shoots And Capture Scenic Moments

One of the most common things to do in Manila Bay is take photos of its magnificent scenery. You can hear from every local that Manila Bay is a place that offers some of the city’s most beautiful sunsets. This scenery has made many professional photographers and artists alike wait and capture stunning sceneries of the bay with experience and photography tips.

Exercise Along The Walkway

Another popular thing visitors can do is take a simple jog or walk along Manila Bay’s walkway while admiring the view and breeze along the way. Manila Baywalk is an ideal location for locals to gather and do their daily morning exercises. Besides jogging, the bay’s walkway is ideal for a simple stroll, cycling, and dog walking. 

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Check Out Historical Sites

Manila Bay can stretch for miles, which makes it accessible to many other tourist attractions and destinations, one of which is the historical “Walled City” Intramuros. Visitors can freely check out several historical sites like Fort Santiago and the Museo Pambata. Intramuros is also home to several churches, parks, and museums.

Listen To Live Music And Performances

On different occasions, Manila Bay also hosts live performances visitors can watch. Some of the bay’s restaurants may also play a part in hosting live performances of their own. These shows can range from indie and street performers to big, popular names. Being near the Mall of Asia, these performances can vary but can provide guests with an unforgettable show.

Have Fun On Time-Limited Displays

Manila Bay is also a location that hosts limited-time exhibitions and displays from different partners. The bay is considered to be a perfect location due to its wide general accessibility and open space for visitors. Most of the exhibits are available only at a specific time, so guests are advised to check out the list of upcoming displays.

Check Out The Available Restaurants

Manila Bay has got you covered when it comes to finding a good place to dine. Many restaurants are situated near the bay and are open to all guests. Guests can find any type of establishments and dining options available here, such as fine dining or all-you-can-eat buffets. Many restaurants near Manila Bay also offer a wide array of local and international cuisines.


Not only can diners eat delicious food, but depending on the time and day, they can have a matching scenic view that elevates their experience to memorable heights. It comes as no surprise that having a food trip is one of the most popular things to do in Manila Bay.

Enjoy The Nearby Amusement Park

Being near the Mall of Asia, Manila Bay is also near the mall’s amusement park. Formally known as SM By the Bay, this park offers guests many rides and games for all ages. One of its main attractions is a large Ferris wheel that offers riders a sky-level view of the city and the nearby bay.

Best Time To Visit Manila Bay

While any time is ideal, one of the most recommended times to visit Manila Bay is around five to six in the evening. This is ideal for those who love an afternoon stroll and get a glimpse or picture shot of the setting sun descending onto the waters. The baywalk is open all year round and is ideal to check out during the dry seasons. 

Closing Thoughts About Manila Bay

Guests will never feel bored when it comes to exploring the available things to do in Manila Bay. Upon arriving and checking around the area, visitors can enjoy the scenery and match it to whatever activity they want, whether taking on theme park rides or biking along the walkway. This tourist attraction is a destination that ensures it has everything any tourist is looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of common questions visitors generally ask about Manila Bay and its position as a tourist attraction. Here are some of the most frequent:

What is Manila Bay famous for?

Manila Bay is famous for being the most recognized natural harbor in Eastern Asia. The bay boasts beautiful sunset scenery and is recognized as a major trading hub in the past.

Why Manila Bay is a tourist attraction?

Manila Bay became a popular tourist attraction for several reasons. As mentioned, it is an ideal location to capture gorgeous sunset views. It is also a major hub with different amenities, such as restaurants and theme parks.

Is Manila Bay swimmable?

Manila Bay has undergone many projects to improve its water conditions. However, as of this article’s writing, it is still not recommended for anyone to swim or dive in Manila Bay for safety and health reasons.


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