Top Hot Springs In The Philippines To Visit

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The hot springs in the Philippines result from the country being part of the Ring Of Fire and boasting its many active volcanoes. These natural springs are found nationwide and can be popular or underrated depending on their location. Many businesses have converted the hot springs into tourist attractions, offering high-quality resorts for guests to enjoy comfort and relaxation.

Top Hot Springs in the Philippines

Hot springs and hidden beaches in the Philippines are widely popular among tourists for a reason, such as the rejuvenation the water feels. These springs are a great source of relief and relaxation. Topping this is that you will have a beautiful natural scene that heightens the ambiance of your surroundings. It also goes without saying that by dipping in these heated pools, your stress is lifted away.

Now it is time to check out the top hot springs in the Philippines highly recommended for guests to check out:

Puning Hot Spring

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At the bottom of Mount Pinatubo, Puning Hot Spring offers an outdoor sauna where guests can relax alongside many different amenities. This hot spring was created by Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption back in 1991. It can have varying temperatures from 40 to 70 degrees Celcius. 

Here, guests can choose options such as soothing spring waters and mud baths that rejuvenate their skin. Guests can also walk alongside a lush garden or reserve a conference room for special events. After exploring the recreational areas, you can also satisfy your hunger by trying the traditional dishes served at the resort.

Red Rock Hot Spring

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Red Rock Hot Spring is a serene paradise with natural hot pools tucked away in the mountains of Valencia, Negros Oriental. This spring is the ultimate destination for guests looking to relax their bodies and be one with nature for a specific amount of time. The spring waters can boast temperatures that range from 37 to 39 degrees Celsius.

Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort

Baguio City is known for being the coolest destination in the Philippines. That said, there is no doubt that one way to beat out its chilly weather is to take a hot bath. The Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort offers guests therapeutic features that both kids and adults would enjoy. The resort offers budget-friendly guest houses for business and leisure travelers. 

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Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort

The province of Camiguin is home to a number of thermal pools. One of which is the Ardent Spring Resort. The resort is situated at the bottom of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and offers guests several man-made pools with waters ranging from 33 to 40 degrees Celsius. The resort also features a 1.5-meter deep spring full of warm, clear blue waters. 

The place has four pools that are always hot and soothing to guests. Fun fact, the cascading spring waters flow directly from the valley’s top.

Mambukal Hot Spring Resort

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Guests looking to take a more budget-friendly vacation besides the top Philippine beach resorts should consider visiting Mambukal Hot Spring Resort in South Cotabato. The natural spring is formed inside a deep rainforest, where all of its offers, from hot springs to stunning waterfalls, can be accessed by hiking along the trails.

Here, guests can dip into the three hot pools and stay overnight. The resort offers over 28 villas, 11 cottages, and a tourist lodge. Each room can accommodate several guests. Guests can also take on activities outside its main attraction such as zipline rides, wall climbing, or dining at many available restaurants.

Maquinit Hot Spring

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Maquinit Hot Spring is just 5.8 km from Mt. Tapyas and the Coron Town Proper. It is a must-see destination that is rarely discovered among guests. Maquinit is a rare saltwater hot spring, the only one in the Philippines as well as one of the few around the world. Here, tourists can visit and take a relaxing dip in the giant pool.

Besides that, guests can take a walk towards the small mangrove forest or simply relax over the available cottages as much as they want to. 

Esoy Hot Spring

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Esoy Hot Spring is a must-visit spot you should check out if you ever find yourself in Cebu. The hot spring’s water boasts 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. Guests can dip into these waters, which are known to remove body toxins, ease joint pains, and even improve blood circulation.

Outside the hot springs are other activities, such as rock climbing, trekking, crossing the nearby hanging bridge, or hiking along the jade-green waterfall.

Durano Eco Farm and Spring Resort

Durano Eco Farm and Spring Resort have natural, multi-level pools and camping facilities guests can access during their stay. The resort pools come in different sizes and depths, perfect for people of all ages and heights. The spring water originates from the mountain and replenishes the pools regularly, which also overflows down to the bigger river.

The resort is surrounded by many trees that give a scenic view and shade from the sunlight. So, add Durano to your bucket list!

Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring / Bilawa Mainint Hot Waterfall

The Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring is a unique stand out among the natural hot springs in the Philippines. Well, it goes by the name “Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfall” due to its steaming waterfall. And since the hot spring is located near the mineral-rich areas of the mountain and alongside the rock formations, the flowing water boasts a yellow to brown tinge color.

The running water will reach the shallow natural pools at the bottom. You can relax your body and mind by submerging it in warm water to relieve muscle soreness and stress.


Hidden Valley Springs Resort

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The Hidden Valley Spring Resort is in Laguna, the “Hot Spring Capital Of the Philippines.” The resort is located between Mt. Makiling and Mt. Banahaw. There are over six natural springs within the resort, each having different temperatures and a surrounding of abundant plant species, such as wild orchids and trees.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to unwind and revitalize your body, then the hot springs in the Philippines are worth checking out. These natural wonders offer many health benefits, which can help to soothe and heal your body. Guests like you can enjoy a truly unforgettable experience and feel refreshed and rejuvenated throughout your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common inquiries people have about hot spring destinations in the Philippines.

What is the hot spring capital of the Philippines?

Many guests consider Laguna the “Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines.” Most of the province’s hot springs are in Pansol, Los Baños, and Calamba City.

Why do the Philippines have a number of hot springs?

The Philippines has many hot springs and active volcanoes near the Pacific Ring of Fire. That said, more and more springs are created over time.

Why are hot springs abundant near volcanoes?

Hot springs occur when underground water is heated by magma and flows back to the surface through fractures.


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