Best Bukidnon Tour Package Offers

By today’s standards, travel packages offered by local agencies are one of the many benefits that make vacations memorable. Bukidnon, a highly popular tourist destination, has several agencies providing specific services to keep tourists lightened and active during their travels. Continue reading the article to learn more about the top recommended Bukidnon tour package offers.

The Purpose Of A Bukidnon Tour Package

Tour and travel packages are special promotions that local traveling agencies provide. These give a more streamlined experience at a fixed price and include various benefits such as transportation, accommodations, and touring activities.

Other than that, some packages may also provide special meals and a Bukidnon travel guide. They are generally offered for a hassle-free trip and improve the vacation experience among tourists. Taking these offers provides guests with several activities without spending too much money. It is worth knowing that the price rates and accommodations may vary depending on the location that is associated with the travel agencies.


Bukidnon is widely known for its rich cultural roots and has several indigenous tribes preserving and following their traditions. It continues to enchant travelers with its breathtaking landscapes, majestic waterfalls, and rich cultural heritage.


As a tourist, you must bring specific requirements to tour the place successfully. That said, here are the things that you should prepare throughout the trip:

  • Valid ID
  • An electronic copy of Confirmation Voucher
  • Mobile, camera & power bank
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Umbrella or cap
  • Personal sanitation kit (alcohol, tissue, wet wipes)

Here are some top Bukidnon travel package offers provided by local agencies:

Dahilayan Forest Park Package Tour

A highly recommended choice for tourists who are looking for active, adrenaline-driven fun. This tour package offers the chance to explore the natural outdoors of Bukidnon, including a visit to Dahilayan Forest Park Resort and Del Monte’s Pineapple Plantation.

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Tourists can enjoy a wide range of activities, from the natural views or buggy riding across the resort forest trail to a thrilling boat ride across the resort’s lagoon. This package comes with the following benefits:

  • Accommodation pick up and drop off within Cagayan De Oro City Proper.
  • Bukidnon Adventure Private tour with guide assistance.
  • Tour Itinerary: Dahilayan Park, Del Monte Plantation, and Pineapple marker.
  • Entrance fees to sites mentioned in the itinerary.

Scenic Flower Farm and Cafes Tour

This package is another ideal offer for those who love to take pictures and enjoy breathtaking scenery. It comes with a private day tour of a number of establishments. The highlight of this package starts with a visit to Chelly’s Restaurant, where guests may have a chance to buy their tasty dishes.

Guests will then be directed to the Vista West Cafe on the hilltops overlooking pineapple plantations. Guests will also go to the Kinawe Blooming Farm, where they can take pictures or simply enjoy looking at the greenery.


Additionally, they will be treated with complimentary local snacks at Blooming Farm Cafe. The cafe also offers a variety of refreshments, from organic coffee and herbal tea to fresh fruit juices. Here is the general benefit provided by this package:

  • Accommodation pick up and drop off within Cagayan De Oro City Proper
  • Bukidnon Picture Perfect Private Tour with driver guide assistance
  • Tour Itinerary: Chelly’s Restaurant, Vista West, Kinawe Blooming Farm, and Crumbs & Country Food Park
  • Entrance fees to sites included in the itinerary

3 Days, 2 Nights Camiguin – CDO – Bukidnon Tour

Aerial view of white island sand bank, Camiguin, Philippines

This travel plan comes with round-trip airfare and boat transfers. Guests will have one-night accommodation in both Camiguin Island and in Cagayan De Oro with full board meals. They also will undergo a wide range of activities that stand out from each day and night, with a tour guide leading the way. This package comes with the following benefits:

  • Overnight standard AC accommodation.
  • Daily breakfast
  • Whitewater rafting
  • White Island boat trips
  • Dahilayan Adventure Park day tour

What To Know Before Choosing Your Touring Packages

Several Bukidnon tour packages are available online. They come with their offers that differ from one another. This makes choosing which offer is best for you and your companion quite challenging. When it comes to choosing, it is essential to consider the following factors:

Unique Inclusions And Exclusions

Travel packages are not entirely the same. Different agencies offer promotions that come with their own inclusions and exclusions. Specific inclusions usually include a professional guide, specific touring spots, transportation, and travel expenses. They come with different exclusions, such as extra activities and complementary meals.

You should look into each agency’s offers and assess which offers come with benefits favorable to you and your party. You should check the number of activities and free offers and whether they can cater to one or an entire group.


Duration Of The Package

All packages have a limit on the days and nights the service covers. There would be some tours that may be too short or too long for you to enjoy. The duration may also potentially overlap your departure to another destination. Consider the length and timeframe of the package offer before booking a reservation. Be sure that they don’t overlap with your other plans.


You should also consider the quality and location of the accommodations the package offers. Packages rely on booking into specific rental spaces or hotels on your behalf but may not match your standards. Double-check what locations the agency may book for your overnight stay to ensure they align with your standards and preferences. You may also inquire whether you can choose the location or not.


Transportation is also a major factor to consider, especially when touring services require moving from one location to another. Always look into the package benefits and offers to ensure that transportation services are covered. Moreover, looking into the type of transportation is also essential. Make sure you are aware of what vehicle will be used and if it is adequate for multiple tourists.

Package Cost and Rates

Packages come with different price ranges depending on many factors, including agency name, service accommodation, and activity days. You should check how much each package costs and what services it covers. Some package offers may be too expensive while covering only a few activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing more about your tour package plan is crucial in ensuring you get your money’s worth. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding tour packages within the Philippines.

Is The Tour Package Cheaper?

Opting for a tour package can potentially lead to cost savings. These packages typically encompass flights, transportation, hotel bookings, sightseeing, and other accommodations. Purchasing these elements could result in significantly higher expenses for travelers.

How Do I Plan A Tour Package?

Here is a recommended guide on how to properly plan out your tour package:

  1. Research available local travel agencies and compare their package offers.
  2. Compare the package prices to your preferred finances.
  3. Align the potential booking reservations of your chosen package with your planned dates.

Why is the Philippines Deemed As A Popular Tourist Destination?

The Philippines is considered a widely popular tourist destination due to its beautiful islands and photo-worthy scenery. Some islands boast exotic beaches, and others offer various activities such as diving, surfing, and deep cave exploration.

Final Thoughts
Bukidnon tour package offers can vary in range and benefits to cater to tourist groups. Tour packages are more lively and intriguing for those looking to experience all the best touring spots within the province in a short time. Grabbing a tour package is highly recommended, especially during peak travel seasons.

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