Top 15 Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Mayon Volcano
Mayon Volcano


Philippines can prove to be a great choice of destination for spending vacations or holidays with friends and families. It has over 7,000 islands along with tropical environment, full of natural wonders, eye-catching scenarios and landscapes, volcanoes, number of beautiful beaches, historical places and many more. For visiting this country, a proper planning should be carried out for connecting with the best guides and being able to get a convenient lodge. 

Listed below are some of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines:

1. Intramuros and Fort Santiago, Manila

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

The Intramuros or walled city is a 64 – hectare Spanish fortress. It was being destructed by the end of World War II. Being the oldest district, there lays some significant tourist spots and monuments at Rizal Park. There is a citadel inside called Fort Santiago which was considered to be headquarters for armies. Also, the famous Grand Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church can also be seen. It is always better to take the help of a guide for a better experience.

2. Cloud 9, Siargao

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Visiting Cloud 9 especially around sunrise or sunset can be a great decision as the view is breath- taking. It has been rated as the best surf break in Philippines. Professional surfers that come from around the world compete with one another at Cloud 9. Surf events also take place every year between late September and early October. It is located on the south-east side of Siargao Island in Philippines. Siargao Island can be hard to go to, but it’s worth the time and effort.

3. Chocolate Hills, Bohol

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

The hills got the name chocolate hills as because in the dry season the green grass dries up and turns tinted chocolaty brown color. The hills are famed as tourist attraction site because of its scenic beauty. There happens to be more than a thousand hills present in the towns of Bohol. There are many theories and beliefs about how these hills came into existence. The most widely accepted theory is that because of weathering of marine limestone, the hills formed its strange yet attractive look.

4. Mayon Volcano, Legazpi

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Mayon Volcano also known as Mayon Mount is considered the world’s most perfect volcano because of its symmetrical shape. The word Mayon is derived from the Bicolano word ‘magayon’ meaning beautiful. It is one of the most active volcanoes. Behind its beauty, there is a history of violence it caused through its past eruptions leading to evacuations of people from the nearby town. There are viewing points to visit for having a wonderful experience in soaking up the beauty of the volcano.

5. Coron Island

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Coron located in northern Palawan in Philippines is considered the third largest island in the Calamian Islands. It consists of various ecological features as the area is protected by several legal proclamations. Coron Island is facing the Sulu Sea and is also forming the eastern side of Coron Bay. It belongs to one of the most visited places for wreck diving in the Philippines. There are various wreck diving sites in Coron Bay. Coron is one of the top destinations for domestic tourism; the Filipinos always have it added to their wishlist. 

6. White Beach, Boracay

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

White Beach is visited because of its beauty; people enjoy it’s amazing sunset and white sand. The beach consists of various fun activities like Banana boatride, Parasailing, helmet diving, fishing, jet skiing and many more. A lot of hotels and restaurants are there for accommodations, people can select their own according to their convenience. Here, Night life is breath-taking, musical dance nights adds extra fun for having the best experience in this beach. It is located in the middle of the west bank of Boracay and it is not at all hard to get to the beach. 

7. Puerto Princesa Underground River, Palawan 

The Puerto Princesa Underground River is a national park and is one of the most protected areas of Philippines managed by the city government of Puerto Princesa since 1992. It is 1.5 km, the longest navigable underground river and is considered to be one of the 7 wonders of nature. It is a fun place to visit. The entrance to the underground river is from the town Sabang through a short hike or boat ride. The place was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It is located in Palawan. The underground River is situated around 80 kilometres away from the city centre of Puerto Princesa. 

8. Cebu’s Beaches and Diving Spots

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

The island draws the attention of over two million foreign travellers per year. Cebu is the city that has one of the most attractive beaches and diving spots in Philippines. The small Malapascua Island has lots of surprises that also include diving with the thresher sharks. Cebu has some of the best diving spots compared to other places in Philippines that include underwater caves, and marine sanctuaries. The city has been awarded as the part of UNESCO’s Network of Creative Cities. People can spend their holidays with ease and take the most amazing experiences with them.

9. Calle Crisologo, Vigan

Calle Crisologo is the most famous tourist attraction in Vigan. It looks like the old Spanish towns that are lined with ancestral houses, and the pavements of this street are made up of cobblestones. Tourist usually involves themselves in the souvenir shopping, including delicious food products, clothes, accessories and much more at the cheapest price available. People can enjoy the chance of riding horse-drawn carriage called kalesa, which happens to be the only form of transportation in Calle Crisologo. The street remains crowded in the day time and in the night time it transforms into a dining street, the people enjoy the drinks to call the night off.

10. Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao

The Banaue Rice Terraces present in the mountains of north-central Luzon in Philippines. The Ifugao people made it about 2000 years ago. Inspite of having only a few tools, the people were able to create a vast network of rice terraces supported by an irrigation system. By the early 21st Century, the Ifugao people migrated to the urban areas hence the population diminished. It still managed to remain as one of the most popular tourist destination of Philippines. The rice terraces also served a cultural importance along with the importance of Ifugao economy.

11. Hanging Coffins, Sagada 

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

There is a ritual followed by the people of Sagada that the elderly people create their own coffins and if they are unable to, their family members will create it. After their death, the coffins are brought and hanged by the walls of the caves near the coffins of their ancestors. The people of Sagada are following this ritual from around 2000 years. This was done because of the age old belief that the higher the dead is placed, the higher is the chance of reaching the nature of the afterlife. It is advised to visit the area in the summer season rather than the rainy season as because the roads are dangerous and there are chances of landslides.

12. Apo Island

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Apo Island is a small 12-hectare volcanic island along with one beachfront village. It is located in the province of Negros Oriental in Philippines. The island is known as its one of the country’s best destination for diving experience. This island has a bunch of beautiful coral gardens and abundance of fish, and also the turtles that are almost present everywhere in the waters. The most convenient option for going to the island is through a travel agency. There are two resorts present at the island each offering various facilities like dive center. There is also lighthouse and a ranger station.

13. Nacpan Beach, El Nido

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Nacpan Beach is considered one of the most beautiful and attractive beach in the Philippines. Nacpan is a part of one-half of the famous twin-beaches, the other being the Calitang Beach. Four Kilometres of sand covered area, coconut palm trees, clear clean water, and small surfable waves really gives out the best feeling and experience that people find for spending their best time for holidays. The distance from El Dido to Nacpan Beach is 15 km approximately, the road distance being 20.5 km. It will take almost 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to the beach from El Nido.

14. Kawasan Falls, Cebu

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

One of the famous ways of getting to enjoy the beauty of the falls is on a cayoneering tour that takes the people through the Filipino jungle. This falls remains at the list of top attractions in Philippines. Tourist can swim in the beautiful turquoise water near the falls. There are restaurants near the falls for providing you the best food. It is an extremely busy spot that remains crowded during the whole day. One can also walk to the falls as it is an easy road, for better guidance it is advised to take the help of a guide. There are steps leading up to the way to the second and third waterfall at the Kawasan falls. 

15. Tubbataha Reef, Palawan

 TOP 15  Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

The Tubbataha Natural Park is also known as Tubbataha Reef Natural Park. This park is a protected area of the Philippines located in the middle of the Sulu Sea, roughly 50 km southeast of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan. The UNESCO declared this park as a world Heritage Site in December 1993. The north islet continues to serve as a nesting site for birds and marine turtles. This place earned its fame as a popular site for the divers because of its coral “walls”. These “walls” are also home to a number of varieties of fishes. Average depth calculated is around 65 feet but it can reach up to 200 feet.

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