Travel Hacks for a Perfect Beach Vacation in the Philippines

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Traveling to the Philippines is one of the most interesting choices you would make as a traveling tourist. However, any traveler needs to pack their necessities efficiently to avoid frustration. Awareness of what you bring also ensures a good vacation trip with little to no trouble. To help you know what to bring, here are some helpful travel hacks for efficient packing.

You are probably wondering why you should consider important strategies when it comes to packing the basics of traveling. While it seems to be a simple task, just putting in clothes, cosmetics, food, and devices, the truth is that it is a bit complex and requires proper planning. Improper packing can lead to some troubles, especially when traveling to the Philippines.

While it fits more of a chore rather than anything fun, you can put on a few approaches to make packing more troubling and interesting. Here are the most recommended travel packing tips and hacks to keep in mind:

1. Know What To Bring

The first tip you should consider is knowing what you should pack up on your vacation trip. Being away from home means you will have a limited supply. Knowing the number of things to bring also depends on your vacation’s duration. Here are some of the most essential things you need to know and bring:

  • Your passport and visas;
  • Travel-sized toiletries;
  • Needed medications and supporting documents;
  • Your headphones or earphones, phone chargers, and adaptors;
  • Your sturdiest bag and backpack;
  • Your clothes and footwear.
  • Your first aid kit.


2. Create A Checklist

Having a checklist in hand can help you remain organized and aware of your items when packing. Writing down your items in a list is a common but important tip. Having a checklist is important, especially when bringing several items for long vacation trips. 

Once you have brought up and set down your item, you need to write each on a paper or phone app. Note each item down and inspect every single one during packing, while traveling, and after returning from your trip.

3. Choose and Roll Your Clothes

Choosing the right clothes is also an important tip to consider, especially when it comes to traveling to a tropical country. The Philippines is a warm place with two major seasons: dry and rainy. When selecting your clothes, you need to know the current season that aligns with your date and time of traveling.

Once you have selected your clothes, you must know how to set them up during packing. Rolling your clothes is one of the most highly recommended travel hacks anyone should follow. While folding your clothes within the luggage is common, rolling them up offers more space within the bag while minimizing creases and wrinkles.

4. Use The Right Luggage For The Travel

Another important travel tip to be aware of is knowing the bags you need to bring on your travels. Travel bags come with several accessories and compartments to simplify packing space. It is recommended that you use every space you can, from your suitcase or packing cube to having the necessary space and size for your items.

5. Prepare Your Laundry Bags

When traveling across the popular destinations in the Philippines, you may face the problem of what to do with your used clothes. Taking care of your dirty clothes while packing is essential, as storing them the wrong way can make your clean clothes smell. To ensure your clothes stay fresh.

6. Plan And Pack Early

Knowing when to pack is a crucial step in travel preparation, as being prepared to move on time is of utmost importance. One wrong move can result in your travel plans falling apart. It is best to start packing for your travels around three days to a week before departure. 

When packing early, you should also check with your airline’s policies regarding baggage restrictions. You should also keep in mind what you should not bring to the Philippines. A few note-worthy items include:

  • Laundry and industrial detergents with hard surfactants
  • Toy guns and explosives
  • Used clothing
  • Hazardous waste

7. Place Your Things Inside Your Luggage By Order

Now that you have the right bag and have gathered all your items, you should know how to properly arrange and organize them. You should pack in your rolled-up clothes and necessities through the following approach:

  1. Place in the heavier sets first (jeans, pants, jackets, etc.)
  2. Put your shirts over the heavy necessities.
  3. Put your undergarments in last (boxers, socks.)

Some travel tips include putting your rolled-up socks or undergarments inside your shoes to create space. You may place some of your clothes inside your luggage’s extra compartments for full use.

While the following travel packing tips and hacks are used for big check-in luggage, they are also helpful for your hand-carry bag. To keep your toiletries (such as toothpaste, tissue paper, and toothbrushes) and device chargers organized, pack them in separate small bags and store them in your hand-carry bag. It’s always a good idea to bring extra clothing when traveling to stay fresh.

9. Leave Extra Space For Your Souvenirs

Returning from another country also means you are bound to bring back several purchases. Many travelers have enjoyed their trip to their destination so much that it is common to see them purchasing local items and souvenirs. The Philippines offers many unique items, from small tarsier plushies and bags of Filipino coffee beans to local hand-made instruments.

When packing your essential items, you can always plan on your item list and leave any necessary space. The space can be enough for a limited number of souvenirs you plan to buy. Following this tip is more favorable than shipping everything back home and spending extra expenses.

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Closing Thoughts

Taking on travel hacks not only helps save time and effort when packing your essentials, but it also helps save you from overspending. By balancing your travel needs, you can ensure that you have exactly what you need for your trip without worrying about running out of supplies and travel smoothly without carrying too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding additional tips and suggestions.

What is the 54321 rule for packing?

The 54321 rule refers to bringing the essential clothes by numbers for lighter travels. The numbers refer to the following order:

  • Five shirts or T-shirts;
  • Four pairs of pants;
  • Three accessories, such as hats, belts, and sunglasses;
  • Two pairs of shoes;
  • One pair of swimming trunks.

How many days before should you start packing?

You should start packing three days to a week before your departure date and travel. While this is ideal timing, it is also alright to start 2 to 3 weeks ahead in order to save time and prepare for necessary changes.

What should I wear in the Philippines?

If you plan to travel to the Philippines, it is important to be prepared for the hot and humid weather. It is recommended that you wear comfortable, light, and casual clothing that is suitable for long walks or physical activities. It is also advisable to carry sunscreen and sun hats if you plan to visit places with limited shade or protection from direct sunlight.

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