Top 10 Beach Resorts In The Philippines

A day at the beach is the idea of a relaxing vacation, and the Philippines has no shortage of beaches and resorts. The country is home to some of the best beaches, each having a matching hotel with quality services and commodities any guest would enjoy during their visit. Guests looking for a perfect time on the white beach sands and clear waters can look forward to booking the top beach resorts in the Philippines by continuing to read the article.

Top 10 Best Beach Resort In The Philippines For Your Perfect Vacation

The beach is seen as the poster child of all vacation plans. Unsurprisingly, many local and international tourists have the same idea of dropping by the beach and enjoying the view or swimming in the clear waters. With this way of thinking, there are now a wide range of beach resorts available. Here are the  top 10 best beach resort in the Philippines:

1. Bohol Beach Club

Located on the island of Panglao, this resort offers an uncovered and breathtaking scenery of clear blue waters reflecting the rising and setting sun. Bohol Beach Club boasts quality through its white sand beach and modern facilities. The resort is one of the five Philippine properties that won the Green Hotel Standard accolade at the 2024 ASEAN Tourism Awards.

A bright and photo-worthy tropical destination, they offer 88 rooms, each with a more modernized approach to local style and aesthetics. This is an ideal place for guests to enjoy various water-based activities or relax on their vacation days. Their rooms can range from PHP 11,000 to PHP 20,000 for single to double guests.


2. Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa takes pride in its eco-friendly practices and views. Located on Bulalacao Island, the resort is 100% self-sustaining thanks to its desalination plant and solar panels. Being an island resort, guests can enjoy and relax with their available Coron tours towards popular spots.

It offers 42 bungalows with other commodities, including a spa, an infinity pool, a restaurant, and a designated center for small children. Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa is ideal for guests who love activities that give them a sense of adventure.


3. Miniloc Island Resort

Miniloc Island Resort is a popular destination spot due to its high biodiversity and location, surrounded by huge limestone cliffs and clear turquoise waters full of vibrant coral reefs. The resort is known to be one of El Nido’s pride. The resort offers guests a splendid view of the island’s natural surroundings with its water and beachfront cottages. 

Here, guests can enjoy a range of activities, both modern and cultural. The resort’s residing island is also home to multiple marine life, hyping guests with high expectations of seeing different species as they swim on the clear waters.



4. Sulu Sunset Beach Resort

The Sulu Sunset Beach Resort stands out by offering guests a whole different experience and enjoying a relaxing view at the beach. The resort’s location on Sugar Beach makes it ideal for family visitors looking for a fun and private atmosphere. 

The resort provides around 11 cottages. Each cottage has a fan, a generous bathroom, and a spacious view of the sea. Each cottage and bungalow has its own price ratings. Having local aesthetics, guests can enjoy simple activities such as billiards, darts, and an assortment of games.


5. Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Kaputian Island

Proclaimed as Samal Island’s jewel, Pearl Farm Beach Resort was once home to a farm that produces pearls. The resort offers guests luxurious comfort and breathtaking local designs. Their dedication towards their service while paying attention to local culture and the natural environment results in a place perfect for those looking for a private, relaxing retreat.

At this Samal Island resort, your days are filled with endless activities. Whether you crave thrilling water sports or prefer relaxing movie nights at the Parola, there’s always something exciting to do.


6. Amorita Resort

Amorita Resort has earned acclaim for its secluded location atop a limestone cliff on the southern tip of Panglao Island in Bohol. The resort blends the surrounding natural elements to create a unique island atmosphere and a modern organic aesthetic. The resort also offers stunning vistas of the azure Bohol Sea, harmonizing with the vibrant tropical surroundings.

The resort features 98 spacious suites and villas, each with optimized relaxation and space. The rooms have standard amenities such as a flat-screen cable TV, a dining area, and complimentary Wi-Fi access. Other offerings include two classic infinity pools and four dining outlets, all dedicated to delivering a premium luxury experience for guests.


7. The Bellevue Resort

Being a top recommended luxurious beach resort in the Philippines, the Bellevue Resort changes how guests see and feel about luxury lifestyles. The resort has 155 rooms and suites, every single room designed to hold high standards in offering the best living experience.

Their commitment to environmentally friendly systems, practices, and programs has earned them the prestigious ASEAN Green Hotel Hall of Fame recipient. The resort provides an array of services catering to every guest’s preferences, whether they seek relaxation or activity, on land or at sea, available round-the-clock.


8. Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort is considered by many to be one of the best beach hotels due to its secluded location and views of mountain ranges and white sandy beaches. Located just a 15-minute boat ride from Puerto Princesa City, this resort provides guests with the ultimate beach house experience. 

Its excellent suites include the largest option, accommodating up to six people across three spacious bedrooms. With a wide shore and clear waters, the resort is a perfect attraction for guests seeking swimming, surfing, and paddling adventures.


9. White Beach Resort, Puerto Galera

White Beach Resort is popular due to its namesake of having a long stretch of white sand and clear blue water. The beach’s beautiful appeal has made it one of the most visited tourist destinations in Puerto Galera and has garnered many visitors annually. In addition to cozy accommodations, the resort provides extensive amenities to meet various needs. 

These include a well-appointed function hall, convenience store, restaurant, and bar, all conveniently located on-site.


10. Nay Palad Hideaway

Nestled between Siargao’s forests and turquoise waters, Nay Palad Hideaway provides guests nine Asian-style villas and beautiful photo-perfect scenery. The resort is situated between mangrove forests with white sands and a clear blue sea. Guests can experience a vibrant outdoor setting with an inviting bar, refreshing pools, and a playful children’s playground. 

Delight in unique hanging pods dispersed throughout the property. Unwind amidst meticulously maintained gardens adorned with chic, comfortable couches.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent questions about beach resorts in the Philippines.

Where Is The Best Place To Swim In The Philippines?

The White Beach, located in Boracay, is one of the most visited beaches in the country. This beach is recognized for its natural beauty, crystal blue water, and pure white sand. Each of these beaches is even deemed a natural wonder by many critics.

Why Does The Philippines Have Good Beaches?

The country consists of more than 7,000 islands, most boasting their own beaches with pristine sand and clear water.

Why is The Philippines A Good Place For Vacation?

The Philippines is renowned as a captivating tourist destination, celebrated for its stunning islands adorned with lush greenery. The country boasts numerous breathtaking beaches and mesmerizing diving spots that captivate the imagination of every traveler.

Final Thoughts

The top beach resorts in the Philippines provide a number of unique services and amenities that help them stand out from one another and build up their own identity. You and your loved ones have many options to choose from the next time you prepare for your next vacation in the Philippines.

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