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Nowadays, individuals spend half of their time in front of gadgets, and the majority of them play online games via the internet or other computer networks. Many games include numerous choices and modern technologies that are required to enjoy the game. Filipinos have made significant contributions to the Esports community. So the games listed below are the most popular in the Philippines, ranging from PC to mobile phones.


Genshin Impact is Mihoyo’s open-world free-to-play gacha game. Explore huge realms, complete challenges, and contribute to Genshin’s story. Genshin’s gameplay is comparable to one of Nintendo’s renowned games, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, but they have made it their own. If you’re a big weeb, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate this game, with its intriguing stories, cute and entertaining characters, and a multiplayer option, Yes! You may enjoy the free environment while also fighting creatures with your pals. So, if you’re looking for a solid Gacha game with action-adventure components and JRPG, this is the game for you. But be a little cautious as this game can cost you a lot.


Valorant is Riot’s premier FPS game. This game is possibly the only pleasant thing that transpired during the pandemic. It allows you to use unique agents from various classes with distinct skills that you can use to your benefit. Valorant appears to be the love child of CS:GO and Overwatch, inheriting the former’s large array of weaponry and superb map design and the latter’s distinctive MOBA-style skills and character designs. Before this game, Counterstrike was the undisputed king of FPS games, but now we have a new sheriff in town, with the name Valorant.


If you wish to express your creativity in a fun cartoon-like atmosphere with no boundaries, Roblox is a game to try. The game is generally played by children on Android, IOS and PC. While this might be restricted but consider that this game could be an immersive teaching tool that teaches digital politeness, real coding, game design, and entrepreneurial skills, while also having lots of fun.


This is the League of Legends: Wild Rift mobile version. For a long time, Mobile Legends dominated the whole mobile MOBA genre, but they now face a formidable challenge. Wild Rift is essentially the same game as its PC version, except smaller, faster, and tailored to fit the mobile platform. You will surely enjoy this game better than Mobile Legends because the characters and metas are easier to learn. Both games are fine, but you can preferably play this over PC games because it takes less time to complete a game. So, if you are a die-hard fan or simply seeking for a new Mobile MOBA to play, this game is highly recommended.


Defense of the Ancients, or Dota, has been around since, well, forever. It began as a mod for the original Warcraft III and has since become a popular game in the country. According to Steam Charts, there is an average of 500,000 gamers every month. The game is a multiplayer online war arena in which you select a hero with a variety of special skills and must defeat your opponent by destroying their base. The game contains item creation to help you strengthen your character, experience points to help you level up your talents, and teamwork, which is important in the game.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular games among the Filipinos, and is one of the pioneers of mobile multiplayer online combat arena games. Since its release, the game has reportedly received 75 million active players and over 500 million downloads. Every MOBA game has the same gameplay mechanics. What distinguishes this game from the others is that it has a variety of modes, including survival mode, which is a royal battle form, Chess TD, or a tower defence mode, & the Magic Chess.


This is the multiplayer mobile game version of the well-known Call of Duty series. Since its introduction, the game has received over 100 million installations, and it includes features such as capture the flag, a zombie mode, and, of course, a battle royale mode. The game is amongst the top and much downloaded mobile games, and it does not feel like a simplified version of the company’s other titles.


Apex Legends, EA’s answer to every Battle Royale game, is set in the same science fiction universe as Titanfall and Titanfall 2. The game has over 70 million players worldwide. Its gameplay is similar to that of any other BR game in that, on an island, you parachute down and defend yourself from players from the opposing team. Its science fiction concepts, eclectic cast of characters, and unique weapon modifications set it apart from the competition.


Any list would be incomplete without mentioning this cultural phenomenon. Fortnite is a 250 million-player online multiplayer game. The game features several modes, including Fortnite cooperative mode, Save the World,  in which you must survive against zombies. The other is is similar to any other BR game and named Fortnite: Battle Royale. The third is the one in which you have complete control over creating anything. From fighting arenas to racetracks, similar to the top game Minecraft, named Fortnite: Creative.


It is an online game (tactical shooting) and the sequel to the successor of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 (Patriots) and the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 series. The game has over 55 million players and features seven modes and 20 playable maps. The game also places a strong emphasis on environmental damage, which provides players a great sense of immersion and makes the game feel incredibly realistic.

Online gaming is unquestionably popular in the Philippines. It’s a part of our modern society, and with the entry of Esports, it is hard that online games go away very soon.

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