South Cebu

When it comes to seeking adventure, South Cebu has a multitude of options to offer. Its renowned turquoise waterfalls, captivating whale shark encounters, and picturesque beaches make it an ideal destination for exploration.

Whether you have a brief two-day stint or a more leisurely two-week stay, South Cebu is guaranteed to amaze you with its incredible attractions.


If you are looking for an extra dose of adrenaline beyond the Badian canyoneering trek, combining it with the Alegria canyoneering trail is highly recommended. These two treks were previously interconnected, creating an epic all-day river adventure that concluded at Kawasan Falls. But now, the two treks are completely separate.

Although the same river flows through the Badian canyoneering course, the Alegria trail offers distinct landscapes, providing awe-inspiring views and heart-pumping challenges. Completing the Alegria canyoneering trek takes approximately 3-4 hours and is filled with a plethora of jumps, ranging from small to large. If you have a fear of heights, fret not, as there are alternative options available to bypass the jumps. Nevertheless, expect your guides to enthusiastically encourage you to take the plunge.

Breaking away from the traditional routes, this hidden gem will take you on an unforgettable journey deep into the heart of untamed wilderness.

Ride on the back of motorbikes, and embark on a thrilling path that leads to the river, setting the stage for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

At the jump-off point, perched on an ancient bridge, the anticipation builds. As you gracefully dive and flip into the river’s embrace, the sheer thrill will electrify your senses.  

If you have an entire day and an abundance of energy, then embark on the Alegria canyoneering adventure and continue all the way to Badian and Kawasan Falls to fully immerse yourself in the experience.


Among the remarkable tourist spots in South Cebu, Aguinid Falls holds a special place in people’s hearts. Situated in the charming town of Samboan, it requires an hour’s drive from Moalboal or just 30 minutes from Oslob. Despite the travel time, the destination is well worth the effort. Beyond being a single breathtaking waterfall, Aguinid Falls serves as an adventurous playground.

In contrast to the downstream treks of Badian and Alegria canyoneering courses, Aguinid Falls demands an upward climb through eight levels of extraordinary rock formations. Upon arrival, each visitor is assigned at least one guide to accompany them along the course, along with a life jacket and a helmet. The entire journey through the falls typically takes a couple of hours, with each level surpassing the previous one in beauty. What makes Aguinid Falls truly enchanting is the distinctiveness offered at each level. From alluring turquoise pools and exhilarating cliff jumps to invigorating natural showers and engaging rock climbing, there is a bit of everything to satisfy every adventurer.


Sumilon Island, a small sandbar island situated just a short boat ride away from Oslob on Cebu Island in the Philippines, offers an unforgettable destination for a day of relaxation, exploration, and swimming in some of the clearest waters in Cebu. One fascinating aspect of the island’s sandbar is its ever-shifting nature. You may witness the sandbar stretching out from the Southern tip, appearing thinner or wider due to the influence of monsoons, tropical rain, and changing tide patterns.

The tropical jungles that envelop the island’s beaches boast numerous trails, many of which were established by the locals, providing glimpses into the richness of forest life. For those seeking adventure, consider planning a hike to the summit of the historic watchtower, constructed by the Spanish in the early 19th century. While the opportunity to climb to the top may vary depending on the timing of your visit, other viewing platforms offer breathtaking panoramic views of the stunning coastline from elevated vantage points.


Osmeña Peak is an unmissable tourist spot in South Cebu, especially for those seeking a change of pace from coastal activities and waterfalls. Rising to a height of 1013 meters, it claims the title of the highest point on the island of Cebu, yet ascending the peak is remarkably easy compared to other lofty summits.

Located in the heart of the island, between Badian and Dalaguete, it is advisable to arrive at Osmeña Peak early, preferably before sunrise. This entails embarking on a journey from Moalboal before daybreak. Osmeña Peak has earned various nicknames, such as the “Chocolate Hills of Cebu” for its undulating hills and “Little Baguio” for its cooler climate. As you trek along the trail, you will bw surrounded by cabbages, evoking a sense of Baguio City vibes.

The hike itself is a leisurely ascent along a well-marked trail, taking approximately 15 minutes in total. The vista from the summit is breathtaking, featuring limestone peaks adorned with lush greenery, and cabbages! If you happen to possess a drone, you definitely wouldn’t want to leave it behind, as the viewpoint offers an opportunity for capturing stunning aerial photographs.


If you still have some energy left after the quick hike up Osmeña Peak, (which takes about 15 minutes), you can venture a bit further down the road to Casino Peak. 

The trail to Casino Peak is slightly more rugged and will require around 20 minutes to conquer, but it can still be comfortably tackled even in a pair of flip flops. You will trek amidst the presence of cabbages (yes, more cabbages!) until you reach the summit of Casino Peak. Many folks believe that the view from Casino Peak is slightly more breathtaking than that of Osmeña Peak, with its expansive rolling hills stretching as far as the eye can see. Casino Peak itself resembles the spine of a dinosaur, characterized by rough, rocky edges.

If you happen to have a fear of heights, worry not, as it is wider than it appears, offering ample flat areas spacious enough for romantic picnics for two. The way you choose to experience Casino Peak is entirely up to you, but one thing is for sure—it is definitely a must-visit tourist spot in South Cebu.

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