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The Philippines, with its over 7,000 intriguing islands, diversified geography, magnificent waterfalls, friendly people, and delicious cuisine – is a destination that travelers love to add to their bucket list.

People that seek out extra adventures want to witness the best of nature, no matter how difficult the route may be. Even though it requires hours of trekking, still most visitors prefer to see the magnificent falls in the Philippines. There are numerous cool cascades to witness, ranging from the renowned Kaparkan falls in Abra to the magnificent Inambakan waterfalls.  So, read on to learn some of the best scenic waterfalls in the Philippines to enjoy your travel.


Kaparkan Falls is also known as Mulawin Falls and is located in Abra Province’s Sitio Kaparkan, Tineg. It’s essentially a complex waterfall with numerous small basins. The best time to see Kaparkan Falls is during the rainy season in the months of August and September. There can never be another waterfall in the country that looks as mesmerizing as this.

After visiting the best of the Philippines’ waterfalls, you will need to hunt for a hotel. Make sure to book only the most reliable budget hotels in the region. There are many lovely hotels in the area that provide excellent service at a low cost.


If you consider 900 feet to be a large waterfall, then you should take a trip to Limunsudan Falls in the waterfall rich Iligan City area. Some say Limunsudan Falls is the biggest, but others say there are much bigger ones. In any case, they are grand enough to make an impression.

The falls are divided into two levels, and most tourists are unaware of them due to their isolated and complex location. If you want to go, you should spend some time in town asking around, as many people are not aware of them.


Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel, Davao is another of the Philippines’ falls competing for the combative and disputed king of waterfalls. It’s a colossal structure at approximately 1,000 feet. As if that were not impressive enough, it’s made up of over 120 distinct falls or drops that, when seen all together, are really breathtaking. Near the bottom of the hill, there is a bridge that will take you directly to the falls. The falls are a simple journey from Cateel, though getting to Cateel in the first place will be the most difficult part.


Cambugahay Falls, which is located in the city of Lazi, is regarded as one of the Philippines’ most beautiful waterfalls. Because of its turquoise pure and warm water emanating from natural springs, the Siquijor waterfalls are a sure-fire tourist attraction.


Inambakan is also a fantastic place to go waterfall hopping. Not many tourists are aware of this jewel, which is located near the town of Ginatilan, which is best known for its maritime activities such as swimming, whale watching, and diving. The blue waters of Inambakan Falls, Cebu plunge down into a pool deep enough for a pleasant swim from a height of about 100 feet.

So, these are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines. But don’t stress about viewing them all; each one is equally amazing. So, once you have seen a couple of them, select one that’s exactly right for you and go for a swim or take some snaps.


An amazing waterfall hidden deep within a jungle in Iligan City cascades into a dazzling blue-green lake. The name of this magnificent waterfall, which is tucked away in a ravine, means hidden.  Tinago Falls Mindanao is surrounded by huge rock structures dotted by thick masses of plants and natural greenery, standing at 240 feet. Visitors are awestruck by the beauty of this waterfall.


In Dimiao town, you will find the renowned Pahangog Twin Falls. This waterfall is surrounded by large trees and rich flora, creating a calm and refreshing mood in the magnificent mountain scenery. Its characteristic features do not fade, and its water glides softly in three streams across ridges and crags that form a semi-circle of water without fear of being taken away by powerful currents, even during the peak of the summer months. Cottages can also be rented for a daily fee ranging from P50 to P100.


If you studied Sibika at Kultura in elementary school, you will definitely be familiar with the story of this Laguna attraction as the Pagsanjan Falls picture along with its detailed history and other essential Pagsanjan Falls information is found in every Philippine history book. Pagsanjan Falls, like so many other falls in the Philippines, has its own stories.

Pagsanjan Falls Laguna, which stands at about 300 feet tall, is one of the province’s main attractions and one of the best falls to visit near Manila. You may either take a thrilling indigenous dugout boat trip or go on a trek to reach spectacular three-tiered falls.


If you are looking for an excursion that will take you somewhere distant and uncrowded, then the 80-meter waterfall in Pangil, Laguna should be on your list. This fall is also known as Buntot Palos Falls. This is one of Laguna’s least visited waterfalls because it requires an almost 2-hour hike to reach it.

This waterfall is tucked by large stones near Hulugan Falls, similar to its name. Hidden Falls Laguna is smaller and more difficult to reach than Hulugan Falls. If you plan on visiting, keep in mind that the road is sharp and unsafe.


While Laguna is most known for its cold and hot springs, it also has a number of waterfalls that have become a popular weekend getaway for city residents. Hulugan Falls Laguna in Louisiana is one of the most well-known. It’s best to arrive early in the morning to observe the rainbow that appears every day about 9 a.m. It takes around 30 minutes to get here from the main town, but the journey back up is rather difficult. Nonetheless, the Luisiana Laguna Falls are nothing short of stunning views.

So, there you have it: some of the Philippines’ most scenic waterfalls.  But don’t stress about viewing them all; each one is equally amazing. So, once you have seen a couple of them, select one that’s exactly right for you and go for a swim or take some snaps.

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