Fun Siargao Island Activities Worth Checking Out

Siargao Island

Being an island full of natural attractions and fun makes Siargao Island a living tropical paradise for most local and international visitors. When it comes to Philippine tourism, Siargao comes into almost everybody’s mind for a perfect vacation getaway. This is especially the case when its popularity as the Philippines’ “Surfing Capital” continues to grow over the past few years. That said, guests will keep themselves busy with numerous Siargao island activities that are available and up for grabs.

Top Siargao Island Activities Your Group Shouldn’t Miss

In Siargao, there is something here that meets anyone’s preferences. The island generally has a lot to offer and ensures visitors will not be disappointed. If it’s your first time, try these island activities for your next trip to the area:

Surf Across Cloud 9’s Watery Waves

Cloud 9 is one of Siargao’s most popular tourist spots, making it the most recommended activity guests shouldn’t miss. This location is what gave Siargao its moniker as a surfing paradise. Cloud 9 is famous for its balanced waves that any surfing enthusiast will enjoy. The location is so iconic that it even hosts numerous surfing competitions.

Even if you or any of your friends or family are not seasoned surfers, Cloud 9 is also an ideal spot to take a stroll or photograph the perfect view. It goes without saying why Cloud 9 is considered one of the best surfing spots in the Philippines. You should also visit this location from September to December to experience the best surfing conditions.

Take A Dip At Sugba Lagoon

Another popular activity guests are recommended to consider is diving into Sugba Lagoon. It is completely enclosed within the island and boasts clear, blue-green waters. Fortunately, it’s only a short day trip from General Luna, costing around 1500 pesos per person.

Sugba Lagoon’s most recognizable landmark is the wooden diving board where tourists can jump off and dive into the lagoon waters. The location is perfect for any form of water activity or a place to camp. Here, guests are free to check out the lagoon’s waters and enjoy the natural surroundings’ ambiance.

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Swim in the Magpupungko Rock Pools

The Magpunpungko Rock Pools is another popular location to swim or go snorkeling. It is located 50 minutes from General Luna and is formed by the ocean waters left behind in a coastal rock formation. Timing your visit to this pool ensures that you and your group have the best view of crystal blue waters and marine life under the surface.

Explore Sohoton Cove National Park

Sohoton Cove National Park is Siargao’s hidden paradise. It has various natural amenities, such as its blue lagoons, massive green limestones, and eye-catching blue waters. When it comes to nature’s raw beauty, this park has rare comparisons to go with.

In addition to that, it is home to several caves with their natural offers, giving visitors a lot to see upon taking the available day tours. Guests can explore the caves and rivers or visit the nearby Tiktikan Falls. Guests can also go to the lagoons and take small boat tours to check out the thousand jellyfish. 

Journey Across Guyam Island

For tourists who are looking to join the island-hopping adventure, Guyam Island is a place that should be a must-visit. The island is surrounded by beautiful, soft white sands and rock formations paired with clean and clear waters, giving a paradise-like feel. This destination is so small that anyone can access it by walking from the other side of the mainland.

In addition to that, this oasis is ideal for numerous activities, from enjoying the clear waters and bathing under the sun to having a cozy sleep on the available hammocks and swings. 

Have a Fine Feast at Daku Island

Daku Island is the most prominent and breathtaking among Siargao’s three famous islands. It has turquoise waters and a clear view of the many fish and coral reef species that call these waters home. The beach has available cottages and many coconut trees that offer shade from bright sunlight. 

Here, guests can bring their own food or grilling equipment to prepare matching seafood or simply swim onto the clear waters. The best thing about this place is that you can visit friendly locals, listen to their stories, join them in snorkeling, or simply picture the sea of coconut trees. You can even book nearby vacation rentals in Daku Island in advance for easier accessibility to the beach.

Look Into The Tayangban Cave Pool

Located deep within Siargao’s Pilar forest, the Tayangban Cave Pools is undoubtedly one of the more adventurous Siargao island activities. These cave pools require guests to be careful and sharp when exploring the cave’s pool because no helmets or life jackets are made available.

For those considering leaping, your journey will start by entering the cave and going through the chest-deep water while occasionally hearing the bats’ screeching. Upon making your way, you will find your way through a small canyon leading to the expected emerald-green rock pool.

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Feel The Sun’s Warmth On Naked Island

Naked Island is one of Siargao’s three main islands, ideal for sunbathing goals. This island boasts a 200-meter-long strip of sand free of trees, shrubs, and shades. Being free from anything to cover the sun, this island is ideal for those who love to do everything they want under the sun.

Dive in the Blue Cathedral

The Blue Cathedral is one of Siargao’s best features. While it is one of the more reclusive diving spots in the Philippines, it is nevertheless a must-check-out option. Guests can watch this location’s vivid formations and natural beauty in awe. This dive site boasts a magnificent and unparalleled topography.

Things You Should Bring When Visiting Siargao

Being a tropical site, Siargao is breezy and sunny on a normal day. Generally, it is recommended to bring casual and breathable clothes for comfort and ease during exploration. For sites like Naked Island, a sun hat or umbrella and sunblock lotion are also recommended.

Closing Thoughts

Many Siargao island activities cater to guests of all preferences and ages for a reason. The island’s sunlight, clean waters, and spectacular waves ensure attention-grabbing for everyone. It is, without a doubt, a paradise that is blessed with natural beauty that can be enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent inquiries made by guests concerning visiting Siargao Island.

What is Siargao famous for?

Siargao is responsible for introducing surfing activities to the country. The number of waves that match any level has given the island’s moniker of being the “Summer Capital of the Philippines.”

Why is Siargao more fun?

Siargao is a tourist destination that offers a lot of locations that boast many fun activities. Here, guests can ride on strong or soft waves, explore caves, snorkel and dive at elevated platforms, and take on island hopping activities.

What do many visitors like to do here on Siargao Island?

The top tour choice for visitors to Siargao Island is the three-island tour, covering Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island all in a single day.


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