Best Zoos In The Philippines

Two tigers in the zoo

Guests think about many different factors when choosing the best zoo in the Philippines. The country is home to many tourist destinations and unique attractions, and zoos are no exception. These attractions are home to many animal species worldwide, giving visitors of all ages just how unique and diverse the natural world is.

Best Zoos In The Philippines Guests Should Visit

Zoos are one of the most visited attractions, allowing visitors to view and experience wildlife. These establishments are important as they are one of the only facilities that legally house different animal species for research and conservation purposes. This also means these zoos have followed the strict legal requirements for housing different animal species. 

The best zoo in the Philippines is the one that offers guests an unforgettable experience while watching beautiful animals in their element. Here are the most highly recommended zoos you and your friends and family should check out.

Manila Zoo

One of the Philippines’ most popular and recognized zoos, Manila Zoo is a favorite destination among children and animal lovers alike. As such, it is highly recommended to check out, especially when you are within the capital. This is a palace home to thousands of animals from ninety different species. One is the zoo’s former star, Mali, the Indian Elephant.

Being the top media topic with several polarized views, the zoo has been renovated to provide guests with a new look and improve the animals’ living conditions. Entry tickets can range up to PHP 150 for Manila residents, with senior citizens having a discounted rate of 20%. For non-Manila residents, the ticket price ranges up to PHP 300.

Cebu Safari

Cebu City is a popular destination among tourists. While it is recognizable for having some of the best waterfalls in the Philippines, it is also home to a popular safari park. Situated atop Carmen’s scenic hills, the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is a sanctuary for a hundred different animal and plant species.

Here, guests can check out several activities such as bird shows, adventure parks, and more. The safari park’s main attraction is its rare white lions, with guests even given the opportunity to get close with a 15-minute tour ride. The safari park’s admission fee ranges from PHP 900 per person on weekdays to PHP 1,100 on weekends.

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Davao Crocodile Park

Davao is another popular tourist destination among local and foreign visitors. Besides having some of the best beaches in the Philippines, the iconic Davao Crocodile Park is another must-visit spot. 

This park lives up to its name, as it is home to hundreds of crocodiles. Some of the park’s most widely recognized residents include Pangil and the now-deceased Lolong, the largest crocodile ever recorded in captivity. A highly recommended attraction within Davao, the entrance fee ranges up to PHP 350.

Despite having crocodiles as its major attraction, the park also keeps and displays several other wildlife. Popular animals include Amur tigers, Burmese pythons, monitor lizards, and various bird species. Besides its strong conservation efforts, the park also provides weekend shows to entertain guests and display how the animals act in their natural habitat.

Malabon Zoo

While Manila Zoo is the most popular park within the capital, it is not the only zoo in the area. Malabon Zoo is another attraction that is garnering a lot of tourist attention. The establishment serves as a private collection of exotic and endemic animals. 

The zoo boasts numerous animals with special attractions, including tigers, lions, and different monkey species. Manny Tancgo, founder and owner, started collecting animals in the late 1960s. Over time, his hobby slowly turns into a deep fondness. He converted his private garden into a zoo that people recognize today. 

Zoobic Safari

When taking in thrilling activities in the Philippines, this zoo stands out in providing guests with a close-up experience with tigers. Zoobic Safari is located in the middle of Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is considered the best zoo in the Philippines by so many people because it is the only tiger safari in the country.

As mentioned, the Tiger Safari is the zoo’s most popular and highly demanded-attraction. Here, guests will ride on a secured jeep driving through an open tiger enclosure. At protected caged doors, guests can closely interact with tigers and see their power and beauty. Touring guides even prepare meat for the tigers to climb aboard the ride.

Zoobic Safari also offers attractions like a hanging bridge and an observation area. The zoo also offers guests the thrilling activity of feeding crocodiles at a safe distance. Zoobic Safari welcomes visitors daily from 8 AM to 4 PM for PHP 695 per adult.

Avilon Zoo

Avilon Zoo is popular among locals and is recognized as the biggest zoo in the Philippines. The zoo is home to a diverse range of the country’s endemic wildlife for conservation programs. Guests will feel alive here as it is home to more than 3,000 specimens of exotic animals.

Guests can see various animal species ranging from reptiles and amphibians to varying birds and mammals. It is also documented it has extremely rare species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Special animals to check out include the Northern Luzon Cloud Rat, White Civet Cat, and the Samar Cobra, just to name a few.

Avilon Zoo takes great pride in its conservation efforts. One notable recognition is the zoo’s successful project of breeding Gray monitor lizards. The zoo is open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM, and tickets range up to PHP 800 for regular entries. 

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Closing Thoughts 

The best zoo in the Philippines is defined by its unique activities and amenities, locations, long-term goals, and the species of animals that call it home. Some people base it on popularity, while others consider the unique ways the wildlife is displayed to the public. Below are some zoos that offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the important role animals play in their natural habitats, both locally and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoos are ideal attractions since many locals are well-known animal lovers. The on-demand interest in wildlife exhibits has also brought up numerous common inquiries. Here are some frequently asked questions about zoos in the Philippines.

Is Avilon Zoo better than Manila Zoo?

It truly depends on one’s personal experience and preference. Many would see Avilon Zoo as being better than Manila Zoo due to its size and how the enclosures are made. 

How many zoos are there in the Philippines?

Over two hundred zoos are recorded and recognized in the Philippines. Each of these attractions displays varying species of animals that are either local or exotic.

What makes an ethical zoo?

Ethical zoos are parks that fully prioritize animal welfare, education, and conservation efforts. Avilon Zoo and Zoobic Safari are considered by many as ethical zoos in terms of animal welfare and conservation focus.

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