Best Affordable Resorts In The Philippines For Staycation Goals

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Many people have considered the Philippines as one of the most popular tourist destinations, and part of the reason is the beautiful beaches. Undoubtedly, the Philippine beaches boast crystal clear waters and scenic natural surroundings that match what guests would define as paradise. These beaches are also home to some of the best affordable resorts in the Philippines, making them the perfect destination for local guests. To know more about these places, read the list below.

10 Best Beach Resorts In The Philippines

Beach resorts are iconic destinations among guests, both local and international alike. They offer numerous amenities, from well-done delicacies to comfortable spaces. Their location near famous beaches also boosts these resorts’ popularity, impressing their guests with unforgettable views. 

For local guests looking for a perfect spot for their staycation plans, why not book a resort that provides good views and services while being affordable altogether? Here are the top 10 best beach resorts in the Philippines that fall under budget-friendly range.

Crystal Beach Resort

Located in San Narciso Zambales, Crystal Beach Resort makes itself known for its natural surroundings. The resort’s location gives guests a close experience of beautiful white sand beaches with light crystal blue waters. They offer guests several amazing amenities, from deep massages to water-based activities.

Fairways & Bluewater Boracay

A recommended destination every local should visit is the Fairways & Bluewater Boracay. It has been awarded as the country’s leading beach resort in 2023. The resort is known for having a magnificent infinity pool that partners with the photo-worthy, light-blue waters and matching natural ambiance. 

They also offer an impressive Jacuzzi and sky deck bar. In here, guests can enjoy a stunning view that matches their fine dining.


Astoria Resort, Palawan

Astoria Resort, Palawan, located 90 minutes from Puerto Princesa International Airport, offers guests a great view of the island’s landmarks and amazing attractions. Guests can explore the underground river, watch fireflies, and witness the Binduyan Falls. It is a perfect establishment for a great family vacation plan. 

This resort is also close to an exciting waterpark full of waterslides, pools, and river rides. Well, it is an affordable option that is full of fun.

Bohol Beach Club

When it comes to having the perfect view of the sunset or sunrise from a colorful point of view, then guests will enjoy what Bohol Beach Club has to offer. This resort offers guests a true sense of being in paradise. Here, guests can enjoy the island’s clear waters, surrounded by palm trees and equally clear blue skies.

The resort has 88 rooms, with 80 serving as the Deluxe room and the other 8 being their Beachview Suites. The rooms are spacious and designed with improved comfort while boasting a commanding view of the nearby beach.

The Blue Orchid Resort

The Blue Orchid Resort is one of the best affordable resorts in the Philippines and one of the country’s main tourist attractions. The resort itself is built between natural attractions. On the left, guests are just a few minutes from the long white sandy beach with clear turquoise waters. The right side has a stunning view of the natural rock formation, which makes it a good place to take a picture.

The resort offers 16 rooms designed to provide pool and sea views. Each room has different bed arrangements, elevating a comforting and friendly atmosphere for guests. From its natural ambiance and proximity to the clear blue waters, the resort has been named one of the top resorts within Moalboal for six years straight.

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort offers guests beautiful views of one of the best beaches around Palawan. Being a resort with high-quality services, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has awarded the establishment the Hall of Fame Award. If you are interested in experiencing why it’s awarded for a reason, you can visit the place for only a 15-minute boat ride away.

The resort also offers guests an ambiance that reflects paradise. They can walk on the island’s lush rainforest or explore the underground river. So, make your vacation even more memorable by taking the list of special offers and private dining services.

Paradiso Rito Resort

Paradiso Rito Resort is another resort recommendation for locals who love to experience the atmosphere of paradise. They welcome guests with the feeling of the calm, cooling breeze that comes with the wide view towards the clear, blue sea. The offered rooms are perfect for a group of 2 or more people and come with free Wi-Fi access.

The resort offers multiple water-based activities guests can take during their stays, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and island hopping. That’s not all; guests can also taste their in-house dishes, which sure are delicious.

Eagle Point Resort

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort offer guests an affordable getaway with the ambiance of luxury levels. The resort offers two deep, clear pools and resides right next to wide, clear, turquoise-colored waters, which makes it a favorable place for scuba diving activities. The ocean views can be seen within any resort area, including rooms and cottages.

As for the main restaurant, it is located at the heart of their scuba diving venue, where guests have the opportunity to taste the finest local and international cuisines. Furthermore, the nearby seaside is also home to half of the world’s corals and marine wildlife species, offering guests the chance to spectate every single one of them in their natural habitat.

Calinisan Beach Resort

Calinisan Beach Resort offers a heightened view of the iconic Taal Lake and lush green scenery. Located in Laurel, Batangas, the resort is the perfect recommendation for locals who want to take a deep break away from the bustling city life. It offers an environment that provides guests with relaxation and comfort.

Pacific Cebu Resort

Located on the eastern coast of Mactan Island, Pacific Cebu Resort is considered a hidden paradise among locals. The resort offers a pier where guests can walk on and enjoy the rising and descending view of the sun. They also provide guests with several water-based activities from which they can choose.


Closing Thoughts

It is accurate to say that the 10 best resorts in the Philippines have the main feature of the perfect view of the beach scenery. That said, the ocean view and natural sceneries make the local resorts more iconic than other establishments. In addition to that, these magnificent views and quality services do not have to be pricey either. Guests do not have to worry about having a luxury-quality experience and breaking their wallets down. So, enjoy the beauty of the country with these amazing and affordable resorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding affordable beach resorts within the country.

What is the best place in the Philippines?

The Philippines offers several unique destinations. Each place’s features and amenities differ from one another. It is hard to truly say where the best place to check out in the country is, as every province and city has pros and cons.

Which is the best island to relax in the Philippines?

Many places within the Philippines offer guests an ambient scenery that helps them relax during their stays. Many recommendations stated that Boracay and Bohol are the most highly recommended places that offer top-level relaxation.

Which month is best to visit the Philippines?

Being an archipelago with tropical climates, the best time to visit the Philippines is from December to February, when climate temperatures are at their coolest level.

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