Quirino Province, Philippines Beautiful Water Falls

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Quirino Province, Philippines Beautiful Water Falls

Considering a trip? Those that enjoy traveling are aware that it is ultimately about you and your satisfaction. Travelers are aware that choosing a destination is an important aspect of trip preparation; seeing and learning more about new environments, people, and cultures is crucial. Set your sights on the Philippines, a destination off the main route, to broaden your horizons! Thousands of islands and beautiful sand beaches fill this unexplored paradise. Despite being a little dot on the world map, it is a paradise for vacationers, trekkers, retirees, and even onlookers.

It offers fantastic tourist attractions, breathtaking beaches, hot spring resorts, vibrant festivals, hundreds of beautiful locations, and top-notch lodging options. Not to mention the tropical weather, the reasonable costs, and the warm and welcoming English-speaking population! You’ll be happy you came, and you will definitely return to the Philippines for more fun.

Below are some of the most visited Falls in Quirino.


Tucod is a magnificent waterfall with two levels. The first level has a height of about 20 feet and pours into a stream that is about 80 meters long. The stream then flows into another hill, generating a fall of around 30 feet. A flowing pool basin with a diameter of around 15 meters exists below the falls. Due to its cool and fresh water, the location not only offers visual splendor but also makes for a great swimming spot in the summer.

The Tucod waterfalls are located in one of Cabarroguis’ remote barangays, 17 kilometers from the nearest population center. During the rainy season, getting to the region might be challenging, as it is in remote barangays. Most of the migrants from the nearby province of Quirino who live in this area are from Lagawe or Banaue. It is a Barangay that is close to the mining area.


Falls is situated 26 kilometers from the capital city of Cabarroguis and 15 kilometers from the municipal center of commerce and government of San Leonardo in the southwest of the town of Aglipay. The Waterfalls are divided into five levels of downpouring stretch and are situated elegantly on almost vertical granite cliffs, including its two sides, which contain its descending river and are surrounded by wooded trees and vegetation.

Its granite pedestals are kindly supplied with cold lagoons that muffle the sound of water splashing into a serene sense of serenity. A flawless natural sight is formed due to the presence of herbs and vines that cast a shimmering bluish-green shadow on its surface. There is also a water spring on the site, which can be used as a source of drinkable water for the resort’s purposes, as well as for the use of plant nurseries.


Ganano Falls is a towering waterfall that rises 80 meters high and seems to be the tallest in the Cagayan Valley area. It is mostly famous for the unusual sight of how its icy water cascades into holes of small rocks on the higher half before tumbling onto a chair-shaped stone formation at the bottom, separating the water into additional torrents and forming a number of pools and catch basins. You will need to climb the slithery, moss-covered rocks that are around two to three stories above the ground in order to reach one of the catch basins.

You will first need to hike for an hour to get to the waterfall. A hanging bridge surrounded by luxuriant foliage will serve as the starting point. Then you would stroll by vegetable patches and private homes on the mountain ranges, cross various rivers, travel uphill pathways, climb large boulders, and so on.


One of the three falls in the town of Nagtipunan, Province of Quirino, is Mactol Falls. The Sinabangan and Taigido Falls are the other two. The three falls are well-known and well-heard of by most residents, with the exception of the Ilongot tribe, but they are still a secret to Quirinians due to their remote position. The falls are approximately 50 meters, 160 feet high, and fill a basin with icy, clear water that is 22 meters, 72 feet deep.


Brgy is the place where Junuan Falls is situated. Quirino, Disimungal, and Nagtipunan. Its top can be seen when passing the national highway and is considered to be the closest and most accessible waterfall. Tourists enjoy the water flow and rock formations because they make for safe picnic areas and easy walks. The Nagtipunan Tourist Spots circuit also comprises this site. The fact that this waterfall is near a road going to the nearby Dinadiawan Beach is also advantageous. From the provincial capital to Brgy, Quirino, Disimungal, and Nagtipunan, it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there by car.


Also known as Dumabato Falls, situated at Madella, Quirino, and Dumabato Sur. The Falls feature 7 distinct stages and swimming areas with catch basins. A hut is provided at some point for gatherings and picnics. People looking for a place to relax and have a picnic will find this area to be perfect. Because of the beautiful forest, which you may also explore, the area is pleasant and shaded. It’s a nice place to get away from it all, and you may stroll along the forest trail while taking in the peace and quiet.


Mabo Falls is a waterfall that emerges from the skies and roars loudly in the middle of a moss-covered woodland. The stunning leak of the Mamparang Range is situated in Sitio Mabo, Brgy. Nagabgaban, Aglipay, Quirino, and it towers at about 150 meters above sea level. The journey to get here, however, is quite long: from the provincial seat of Cabarroguis, you must travel for an hour, then hike for three hours to Nagabgaban, and then another four hours to Sitio Mabo. Nevertheless, there is a quicker route that goes through Barangay Alicia, although it is only accessible in the summer. 4×4 vehicles are permitted to travel this route.


Thirty hectares in size, in the barrio of Gabriela, Diffun, Quirino, this place has stunning waterfalls, an alluring lagoon, and forest tree plantations around the region. Its name comes from the former governor Mariano J. Pimentel’s spouse. The area is famous for natural landmarks, bird and mammal habitats, and a variety of plant species. It is a twenty-minute drive through an all-weather road from the town’s center.


Located in the thirty-hectare-large barangay Don Mariano Perez, Diffun, Quirino, this place has unique natural features such as its nearly 200-foot-high clear, having crystalline waterfalls that flow into a bluish lagoon and serve as a tributary of the Ganano river, as well as the presence of virgin forest in the area’s surroundings. A trail leading from the Quirino provincial road takes about an hour to complete, going through wild orchids in bloom; driving from the town takes 45 minutes. The region is well-known for its wildlife habitat and natural landmarks.

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