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It is evident that Korean culture, particularly K-Pop, has a significant impact. However, when it comes to cuisine, there has been a considerable increase in the number of Korean restaurants across the country serving both known and new Korean dishes. You will notice long queues of people waiting to eat at these establishments. The restaurants listed below are some of the greatest spots to eat Korean food.


Soban K Town Grill has also become one of Manila’s most popular Korean eateries. They serve affordable Korean cuisine, including sets of choice bibimbap, meats, and gimbap. Soban is also known for its innovative Korean Mexican fusion meals such as Korritos and K-Tacos. So, if you want to taste traditional Korean cuisine with a twist, this is the place to go.

Soban K Town Grill has locations all across Metro Manila. If you’re in the metro, just Google samgyupsal near me, and Soban will be one of the Korean eateries that come up.

2.                 SIBYULLEE

Sibyullee is a restaurant that serves modern Seoul BBQ and street cuisine delicacies. If you live in the city and are looking for unlimited samgyupsal near you, Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ constantly comes up on search engines. They have a well-curated menu where you can experience authentic Korean traditional foods such as bibimbap and fried chicken.

Sibyullee has locations around Metro Manila, including ATC Corporate Center in Alabang, Ayala Malls 30th in Pasig, and Promenade. If you are in the metro, just Google Korean restaurant, and Sibyullee will appear.


Seoul Train Korean Barbecue, as the name suggests, boasts train-inspired décor that takes you to South Korea’s capital. Aside from their great Korean food, they also attract diners who are big fans of K-Drama and K-Pop. Seoul Train Korean Barbecue serves take-out, dine-in, and delivery orders if you are seeking samgyupsal near me option. It can be found at Esguerra Ave 28 Sgt., Diliman, Metro Manila.

4.                 JIN JOO KOREAN GRILL

Jin Joo is a trendy Seoul restaurant serving real Korean traditional cuisine that will make you overlook your dieting. Their famous 8-flavor samgyupsal and Cheese Dung Galbi which is back ribs packaged in mozzarella are among their best-sellers. Jin Joo Korean Grill has locations all around Metro Manila.

5.                 GIYUMMY

Giyummy is another prominent Seoul restaurant in Manila. It serves a wide range of South Korean cuisine, from traditional Korean dishes to well-known Korean dishes. The nicest part about eating at Giyummy is that you won’t have to break your wallet to enjoy yummy Korean food. Giyummy also has locations all across Metro Manila.

6.                 MAK CHANG – MALATE

Mak Chang is a tiny Korean restaurant that serves grilled meats. Mak Chang’s menu is substantially smaller than Korean Garden’s, with only 8 meat options, and each client is needed to order at least two dishes of any kind. It is located in Ermita, 1000 Manila, Philippines.


Kko Kko, the self-stated home of chicken and KPop, definitely lives up to its name. This cheese fondue with boneless fried chicken, onion rings, fries, and chips are one of the eccentric restaurant’s colorful, innovative inventions. They provide deliveries and takeout till 2 a.m. daily, allowing you to satisfy your late-night appetites for Korean ramyeon, fried chicken burgers, and other beloved Korean foods. Ortigas Center, 1229 Metro Manila, Philippines is where you will find it.

8.                 KOREA GARDEN

Korea Garden has evolved into an institution of dining setting, finding its way into the homes and hearts of both old and new consumers. This Korean-Filipino hotspot has only one location, on Jupiter Street in Makati, yet it has consistently drawn diners from all over the city who can’t get enough of its cuisine. The kalbi chim that is beef stew, is without a doubt their most popular meal, and for good reason: the big chunks of beef are amazingly delicate, coming apart with the least force, and the mouth-watering sauce is packed with joyful spices that make for the ultimate comfort dish.

9.                 OORI

The OORI restaurant at the Sheraton is a great example of how high-quality and attention-to-detail ingredients can significantly elevate a meal. Every grilling experience at OORI is guaranteed to please, with specialized grills for different meats, Australian Mulwarra Wagyu 9+ that will melt in your mouth, and amazingly juicy meat. To accompany your BBQ, the restaurant also serves refillable banchan side dishes, dakgangjung Korean fried chicken, and tteok bokki rice and fish cake. It is situated in Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines.

10.             GORYEO

We can all agree that Korean BBQ is great, as Goryeo uses revolutionary smokeless grills at every table, so you can get into their great meat selection without fear. They also have soju and wine pairings for a very unique meal. It’s in Paraaque, 1701 Metro Manila, the Philippines.

11.             BIG MAMA

With their Korean pulutan and ‘friends of alcohol’, Big Mama restaurant celebrates the combination of cuisine and wine. Stir-fried vegetables and squid, egg rolls, and steamed dumplings are among the fun meals that mix wonderfully with the soju and beer on offer. Choose heavier foods like fried chicken, jueksuk ttokbokki, and ramyun for a filling lunch. It can be found in Makati, Philippines.

12.             KAYA

Kaya has become a household name in the last 27 years, with branches in every corner of town. Kaya features a variety of Korean favorites, including goon mandoo fried dumplings, kimchi fried rice, grilled mackerel, and, of course, kalbi jjim beef stew. Kaya Mart, which sells renowned Korean dishes such spicy seafood ramen Jin Jjambbong, soju in every flavor you could want, and the distinctive Samangco, has opened as a result of the success of these restaurants. The Jupiter branch is located in Makati, 1209 Metro Manila, Philippines.

13.             GOCHU GANG

The Grid Food Market has captivated enthusiastic foodies looking for an amazing choice of delectable dishes since opening its doors at Rockwell. Gochu-gang brings modern Korean comfort food to the table with dishes like beef bulgogi rice bowl and beef ribeye bibimbap. They even have delectable, generous, plates ideal for sharing, such as an army-style Korean rice bake and a beef ramdon noodle platter. It is located in Makati’s Rockwell Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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