While there are many matters about which we could argue for hours, the vast majority of the globe agrees on one thing: pizza is without a doubt one of the world’s tastiest dishes. Fortunately, pizza in the Philippines is delicious.

Let’s explore the best places for pizza in Metro Manila.


This delivery-only variant delivers yummy pizzas to your door. Pizzulu has acquired popularity and been welcomed by social media, with over 35 thousand Instagram followers for an idea developed during the pandemic. Why not give someone pizza as a gift? Pizzulu can embellish your pizza box with a gorgeous red ribbon and a notecard.

2.                 CROSTA PIZZERIA

Crosta’s menu includes square pizzas, round pizzas, and even star-shaped pizzas. There are meat-filled, cheesy, and vegan pizzas available. Crosta is known for their classic pizzas, but they also have a ultra-rich Detroit-style deep dish pizzas. Crosta says it’s all about the dough for them, and that it’s been a 7-year journey that is continuously evolving.

 Detroit-style pizzas are known for their crunchy cheese crust wall called frico and are ideal pan pizzas for individuals who prefer to bite in crust first. This richly flavored pizza is baked in blue pans of steel that were once used to transport automobile components, resulting in a distinctive crust with a crispy bottom and an airy center that is a delight to eat.

Their Sicilian pizza is another square pan option and the crunchiest in their menu. It is prepared in a different pan from the Detroit method and without the cheese frico crust wall. As a result, the dough is thick and pillowy, with a super-crispy, crackling top and a crunchy foundation. If you enjoy the crunch, you will enjoy their Sicilian pizzas!

3.                 A MANO

Every pizza is designed by hand, as the name suggests. You are in for a treat as the brainchild of Amado Forés, who inherited his extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm to food from his much-awarded chef-mum, Margarita Forés. Amado assures that every item on the menu is to his liking, paying attention to every detail from the dough to the seasoning.

4.                 NOLITA

Nolita which stands for North of Little Italy introduced a taste of New York to Bonifacio Global City in 2012. They were best renowned for their 20-inch NY-style pizzas—large pieces with dough thin enough to fold—but they also served mac and cheese, burgers, and a winning peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.

They define comfort food as simple, familiar stuff that everyone enjoys. Only high-quality ingredients are used, and no artificial flavoring is required. The spinach and artichoke pizza from Nolita is delicious! On a slice, you can taste a generous portion of ricotta cheese and artichokes.  The pesto sauce and basil leaves complement the pizza’s creamy sauce well. Every bite tastes like bliss.

If you enjoy blue cheese, Wild Mushroom Walnut Blue of Nolita is the one for you! The combination of tastes from the blue cheese and wild mushrooms is enhanced by the crunchy thin crust. Every bite is additionally textured thanks to the crushed walnuts. The energetic music, combined with the trendy interior in Nolita, provides a wonderful environment while providing a casual meal fast-food experience.

To get New York Italian-influenced pizzas at Nolita, simply follow the seven simple steps. First, you need to line up, then choose a meal from the menu, pay for it, take your food, find a seat, eat, and Revisit. Because Nolita encourages guests to eat with their hands, a washing station with soap, water, and paper towels is available. they also provide delicious pastas, aside from pizza.

5.                 M DINING

M Dining is one of the best restaurants in the city. Each table has a white tablecloth, and wooden blinds provide a warm and pleasant warmth to the dining room. Chef Tom Bascon’s food is infused with foreign flavors, fusing Asian and continental flavors. The pizza is mentioned on M Dining’s bar menu. Takeaway pizzas with sausage or anchovy jalapenos are also offered.

6.                 WILD FLOUR ITALIAN

Wild Flour Italian pizzas are filled with flavour and have a thin crust. “Wild Flour Italian is the Wildflour group’s fine dining restaurant, bringing a new, authentic Italian experience to Manila. The team of Wildflour and Little Flour put their own twist on Italian classics and will make you feel like you are eating in Italy, right in the heart of Manila. You will get sumptuous dinner plates, woodfire brick oven-cooked pizzas, homemade pastas, one of the most decorated selections of cocktails and wines in the country, and delectable Italian desserts. Do try their pastas and frito misto also.

7.                 GINO’S PIZZA

Gino’s, that is named after the son of owner, serves traditional Italian pies. They have a diverse menu with toppings to suit practically any taste. According to Team Gino’s, the simpler the pizza, the more hard it is to perfect. Try their handmade spicy honey and mozzarella, which are ideal for pouring over a hot slice of pizza.

8.                 CIBO

Cibo, a national favourite, has been delighting palates since 1997, thanks to chef Margarita Forés. She began her trip in Italy in 1987, learning to cook from three Italian signoras. She learned to cook in a very home-style technique. According to her, they shared priceless information and insight about the country’s cuisine and culture with her through sessions in their kitchens in the mornings, lessons about the greatest and freshest ingredients in the markets over lunch, and dinners at different restaurants in the evenings. You can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true Cibo pie, from traditional favorites to eccentric new additions like her spinach dip pizza.

Chef Margarita recently released must-try ready-to-cook and frozen Cibo pizzas at supermarkets. Ideal for lazy nights and easy meals. The quality of ingredients is extremely important in Italian cooking. Its simplicity, brightness, and freshness account for the majority of its attraction, thus these are the values that they support. They are dedicated to using only the best products available, both from Italy and locally. Their cheeses, flour, pasta, olive oil, and coffee are sourced from Italy’s most prestigious and historic producers. You will need to produce your Lealtà Card to your host while ordering for dine-in or takeout.

9.                 ELBERT’S PIZZERIA

Elbert Cuenca is an experienced restaurateur who understands what it takes to create a superb pizza. Every element is carefully considered, from the cheese, dough, crust, and toppings to how the pie is brought to your house.

10.             MAMA LOU’S

This family restaurant’s brick-oven thin-crust pizzas are made with love. Mama Lou is all about paying tribute to their mother’s incredible cooking. What was formerly the family’s house was transformed into the first Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen.

Love, they say, is their comfort food. They pour a spell of love into every dish they serve, the same passion and love that their Mama Lou used to cook meals for her visitors. Simply said, these home-cooked meals are lovingly made by a mother. A wonderful flavor that brings you back home, brightens your day and brings your family closer together. You can try their squid ink risotto in addition to pizza.

11.             TARTUFO RISTORANTE

Tartufo Ristorante serves simple, excellent Italian dishes. Of course, truffles can be found across the menu, integrated into a variety of foods. Try the carbonara, tartufata, or carnivora pizzas. When you want to dine out, the restaurant’s outdoor seating area is a fantastic place to gather!

12.             DA GIANNI

Da Gianni is the result of Matteo Guidicelli’s passion for Italian cuisine. Experience their high-quality pizzas, which come with classic variations from quatro fromaggi to pepperoni and even modern twists like an avocado pie. They also create all of their pasta by hand every day. Da Gianni now offers a crust cauliflower pizza also!

13.             CARUSO

Caruso specializes on traditional Italian cuisine. There are no frills, only flavor. Caruso, true to the cuisine’s heritage, concentrates on getting zeal on plate. Their pastas and pizzas will not let you down. Order the veal Milanese and the saffron risotto plus ossobuco.

14.             TAPENADE

Tapenade (Discovery Primea) offers Mediterranean fare and delectable pizzas. The flavors of the region pop remind you of earlier adventures. Their selection at Tapenade will take you on a delicious journey which you will return to over and over again. Their appetizers are inspired by summers in Spain and they offer authentic dishes similar of Italian dinners that you can enjoy with the family. Indulge into their stone-baked pizzas and treat yourself to a delectable lunch.

Begin your dinner with a Spanish style tempura, Shrimps En Gabardina, served with Croquetas De Pollo y Truffa, Guindilla ailoi dip, or a combination of roast chicken, black truffle, and ham. Grill favorites including Mediterranean Beef Kebab and US Lamb Chops Scottadita are available, as are the restaurant’s famous stone-baked pizzas, which are the best that you can share with loved ones.

Meanwhile, Tapenade’s authentic paellas have been the focal point of many gatherings, making them a must-order for special occasions. Restaurant Tapenade is ready to make your dining experience unforgettable, whether you are dining with a buddy or celebrating a special occasion with a small group. Try their roasted salumi, mushroom, or tartufata pizzas.

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