TOP Internet Providers in the Philippines

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Consumers have access to networks that have the essential equipment to connect to the Internet through Internet service provider companies. ISPs are responsible for routing Internet traffic, providing Internet, improving the network infrastructure, and solving domain issues that enable you to do your work effectively.

As providing Internet access is their primary function, several go above and beyond in providing additional quality services. ISPs provide web hosting, email services, domain name registration, and many more. People can access the internet via both broadband and satellite. The mode of data transfer, on the other hand, is a substantial distinction between the two.  Read on to learn some of the top 10 amazing Internet providers in the Philippines.

1.     PLDT HOME


PLDT is a significant telecommunications operator in the Philippines. Home WiFi with Unlimited Fiber Internet and Prepaid Options are also available from PLDT. A fiber optic internet connection is faster than a traditional DSL connection. Talk, Smart, Text, and Sun are all owned by the same parent company.

PLDT HOME has the ideal bundle for you, whether you require high-speed Internet, a landline, or a mix of both. This plan’s usual service price is PHP 1,299 per month. There will be a PHP 2,300 modem and installation fee in addition to the monthly subscription fee. These costs can also be paid in installments of PHP 109 per month for a total of 24 months.



Their Prepaid WiFi is a lightweight and portable 4G LTE modem and router that allows their users to connect to the Internet without the costs and hassles associated with postpaid plans or fixed-line connections.

You can use the device to sign up for their prepaid Internet bundles or concessions with pre-set data allotment and expiration dates. As a result, many Filipinos prefer the lower cost and flexibility of prepaid Internet services over postpaid plans.  Therefore, Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi has gained much popularity among Filipinos. In the Philippines, the cheapest Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi price is PHP 1,228.00.

3.     SKY FIBER


Sky Cable is a cable and satellite television provider in the Philippines, as most people are aware. SKY Broadband, on the other hand, was launched in 2011. In 2019, SKY Broadband was rebranded SKY Fiber. They provide a lot of benefits for families who watch TV or have cable. The normal lock-in time is 2 years.

The SKY Fiber Unli Broadband package includes a high-speed modem and a Php 999 installation cost. If you apply online, they will also give you two Shopee discount vouchers.



It was founded five years ago in Angeles, Pampanga, and is known as Converge or ComClark. It is one of the Philippines’ newest internet providers. Fiber-optic broadband networks are provided by them. However, it continues to serve the Philippines ’ Metro Manila and a few regions in Luzon, with plans to extend throughout the entire country.

Converge’s the best feature is that their charges are lower for far quicker speeds than other broadband options available in the country. Plan 1500 is Converge ICT’s entry-level plan. It has a connection that can go up to 25Mbps without a data cap for PHP 1500 a month.  The plan is an upgrade from their previous connection, which was 20Mbps and cost PHP 1500 per month. Users who have previously signed up for the plan will see their speeds increase by 5Mbps.



Eastern Communications is one of the Philippines’ internet service providers. Caloocan, Cebu, Makati, Baguio, and Tuguegarao are among the cities where they have offices and links. Aside from residences, Eastern Communications also provides services to corporations and enterprises.

They have a Php 1000 installation cost and come with a WiFi Modem. For Internet-Only, their contract term is 12 months.

6.     PHILSAT


IT Philippines Inc. is the Philippines’ top satellite broadband service provider. They have operated advanced VSAT and Teleports stations in over 30 countries in Asia Pacific for over a decade. The testing fee for Philsat is PHP1,000.

WIT offers key satellite communications infrastructure for military government and mission-critical civil agencies in the Philippines. It also provides emergency communications management to all sectors of society in the event of a crisis. WIT’s Bigsky brand also offers stable satellite internet services to the general public. It also keeps thousands of educational institutions connected in the Philippines.

7.     RISE


RISE strives to give their clients the finest internet service experience possible, and they are constantly working to enhance their internet services qualities, such as dependability, speed, and overall quality.

They promote community activities and provide unique solutions for educational institutions, in addition to serving their business customers, to assist and progress education and open opportunities. Their Fiber SME service has a download speed of up to 100 Mbps and costs roughly 1000 PHP per month.



They give the greatest business internet user experience that meets worldwide standards, supplied by a fully redundant end-to-end Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure and backed up by an experienced and dependable management and technical support team.

They also provide outstanding services at competitive costs, delivering high-quality internet for business and ensuring reliability, ultrafast speed, and convenience to a variety of enterprises.

9.     PT&T


Since they are founded in 1962, the Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corporation has been one of the country’s leading telecommunications service providers. Across the country, the company serves corporate, small to medium commercial, and residential clients.

PT&T continues to focus on tailoring its services to the specific requirements of its enterprise and institutional clients. PT&T’s commercial activities are currently divided into two categories that include IT and connectivity services. Their high-speed corporate internet service is PHP 1899 per month.



ST Engineering iDirect is a world leader in satellite communications based on IP. ST Engineering is a multinational technology, defense, and engineering company with operations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the US, and serves customers in over 100 countries.

They also provide technology and solutions to help their satellite operator and service provider partners differentiate their services, optimize their networks, and grow their businesses successfully. They provide a variety of payment options, starting at PHP 1000.

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