TOP 10 AGENCY for hiring Domestic Helpers IN Metro Manila Philippines


Hiring a maid in the Philippines can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Maids might be hired in one of two methods. Referrals from friends and family are one approach and acquiring one from a private job agency is another. The majority of Filipinos hire maids from their friends and family because it is the simplest way to determine whether or not the person is trustworthy. Some people, however, choose to hire a maid through an agency if they are new to the area or do not have any friends or family members who are familiar with maids.

Part-time live-out, full-time live-out, and live-in maids are all options for maids.  In live-out, the maid does not stay with you whereas the opposite is true for live-in.  Part-time maids are usually assigned a specific task such as cleaning, washing, or cooking, whereas full-time maids perform all of the tasks but do not remain with you for the duration of their work. Here is the list of top 10 domestic helper hiring agencies in the Philippines.



They are the most well-known Local Maid Agency in Manila, and they provide contractual domestic assistants with all of the relevant job documentation, such as medical clearances, contracts, government, and so on.

Furthermore, they are an SEC-registered corporation, licensed by the DOLE as a Private Employment Agency, and registered to do business in the City of Manila for the peace of mind of Filipino families.



Employers now have an easier time finding maids because of the MaidProvider platform. Employers used to have to search through yellow pages, browse through classified ads in the newspaper, or ask friends for recommendations before. The task was difficult. It had been a long wait.

MaidProvider platform set out on a voyage into the uncharted territory of the digital world in 2009. There was no internet presence for maid agencies prior to them. The first was They were the first in the Philippines to launch a maid agency website, the first to contact clients, and the first to create online social media accounts.



They provide superior quality services and labor that go above and beyond what their clients pay for. Most of the benefits from their agency that are deemed priceless include their maids’ quality of work, ease of hiring your maids, your vast selection of maid choices, your security, and receiving a certified Healthy Maids. They ensure that you enjoy all of the benefits they offer, and that you find their Agency charge to be reasonable.

They don’t collect any fees from their Maid applicants as per their policy. They will apply for jobs at their agency without spending a dime. They provide them with free meals and housing as they wait for deployment once they are hired. They provide them with free training and cover all of their federal requirements. Therefore, their Agency Fee to their clients is Reasonable and Affordable.



Maid Agency Philippines was one of the Philippines’ first maid recruitment agencies. They yearn for a long-term relationship with Housekeepers and those who use their services.

Here, foreign domestic workers of all kinds are brought by them.  They can provide you with anything, regardless of your preference for maid quality. They have a large number of maids who are willing to work for you.



They are a member of the Singapore AEAS and a Philippine POEA certified agency. In Manila, they have their own training facility. In their Instruction Center, they provide best household, senior care, childcare, and disciplinary training to all domestic helpers. They take every duty assigned by their clients extremely seriously and offer them high-quality domestic assistance.



AKMA is a domestic helper or maid recruitment service based in Metro Manila, Philippines. They are a licensed and registered business. They are experts in finding domestic assistants or qualified maids.

They choose potential maids or domestic assistants with care. They have gone through a one-on-one interview with their evaluators. Their trainers take the fundamental practical household skills test to determine the suitability of maids or domestic helpers.



They are a group of ethical professionals committed to improving the lives of foreign domestic workers. Their web platform, which was launched in 2016, is aimed to aid both employers and helps in making educated decisions.

Their working style is straightforward and simple, and they efficiently connect helpers and employers, ensuring that both parties have a fair recruitment experience. Through well-structured profiles, fast recruiting procedure, and screening, they are committed to delivering speedy access to both parties.



They have redesigned the domestic helper agency by eliminating worker placement fees, making it more fair for both employees and employers.  Here, all domestic workers are interviewed first, and they look for domestic helpers who have the correct attitude and personality for your family. Then they forward their profiles and set up interviews.

Their best part is that you have to pay after you select your desired maid.  To apply you simply have to fill out their form below to tell them what you are searching for, and they will contact you within one business day.



JollyHelper is a cutting-edge data platform for international domestic workers. Helpers and Employers can locate each other using their technology and solution instead of going through each traditional agent, thus saving time and money.

Their improved technology platform enables you to find, shortlist, and live interview applicants without experiencing any additional costs. They are very efficient to help you complete the pairing as quickly as possible.



They are a professional home services company dedicated to assisting individuals in improving their lives and delivering with joy. Their Happy Helpers are trustworthy, service-oriented, efficient, and reliable, so you can relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will give the best service possible.

Moreover, their Happy Helpers have been professionally trained to be professionals, and they have their own vehicle, all equipment and materials needed to complete the task, and the necessary attitude, skillset, and heart set to meet their clients’ expectations.

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