Whether you booked a sightseeing trip or a tropical cruise to a far-flung region, travel insurance helps you secure your financial investment in your vacation. Though travel insurance is an optional purchase, it might help you prevent losing money on prepaid trip expenses if your plans go bad. It operates similarly to traditional insurance in that you pay a price to purchase a policy. The policy is essentially a contract that specifies what kinds of reimbursements or refunds your insurance will cover.

Travelers are making plans for this year and beyond, despite periodic changes in travel regulations. Having travel insurance is a wise strategy to protect yourself from the unforeseeable. Medical expenditures, baggage loss, evacuation to your home country, and more are all covered by the top travel insurance providers – all for a reasonable fee. Consider the companies that can assist safeguard you from financial damages if your vacation is cancelled or interrupted due to circumstances beyond your control as your departure date approaches.  So read on to learn everything you need to know about travel world insurance in the Philippines below.



AXA iON is AXA Philippines’ travel insurance service. They provide worldwide travel insurance at the initial prices of Php 990.  They also have an emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.

Moreover, their policy coverage includes travel inconveniences, personal accident, medical expenses, personal belongings and other benefits such as kidnapping, personal liability, hijacking, funeral and burial expenses.



World Nomads Pty Ltd is an Australian travel insurance company situated in Sydney. Since its commencement in 1999, it has been the go-to insurance service company for the majority of adventurous and independent travelers all over the globe. Their standard plan costs $38 whereas the explorer plan costs $42.

They cover travel cancellation, emergency medical aid, evacuation assistance, and even adventurous sports and activities, which is something that other insurance companies don’t generally cover. If you go to their website, you will notice that they provide plenty of insurance benefits that “Active” nomads will appreciate. These include things like a daily emergency cash allowance in the hospital, pain-relieving dental treatment, doctor-prescribed medicines, hospitalization or treatment by a doctor or expert, and more.



Fortune General’s (FGen) travel insurance services have been updated to include more features. People travelling to Asia, Schengen (Europe), and the rest of the world can get insurance from them. Their weekly rates begin at Php 900.

Compassionate emergency return, personal belongings and baggage, care for minor children, flight delay, missed connecting flight, trip diversion, strikes and aircraft hijacking, emergency trip cancellation, emergency dental care, repatriation of family members, repatriation of mortal remains, compassionate emergency visits, and emergency trip termination, along with other things, are all covered under their policy.



AIG is a global insurance company that has been serving institutions, businesses, and individuals around the world for decades. AIG Travel Guard is one of their products, and it focuses on offering insurance solutions to travelers. Their rates range from Php 400 to Php 4000 for 1 to 4 days.

Compassionate visit, baggage delay, trip cancellation, trip termination, luggage and personal possessions, medical expense, medical evacuation, repatriation expenditure, loss of travel papers, personal liability, personal accident, child guard, and airline delay are all included in their insurance coverage.



Malaysian Travel Master proclaims itself as the Philippines’ most comprehensive international travel health insurance. Their packages are reasonably priced, and they cater to both domestic and foreign travel. In ASEAN, their costs start at Php 375 for four days.

Travel assistance benefits, value-added features, reimbursement of travel expenditures, personal accident, emergency medical treatment excluding pre-existing conditions, personal liability, and travel inconvenience benefits are all included in their policy coverage.



Pacific Cross is a provider of accident, medical, and travel insurance. It began in the Philippines and has since expanded to include branches around Asia. Their target market is the ASEAN region, with citizens in the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong receiving insurance. The Executive Peso Plan, which starts at Php 500, is the most affordable option.

Implant coverage required by a covered accident, hospital income, recreational extreme sports, funeral and burial expenditure, baggage delay, in-patient and out-patient care, urgent dental treatment, emergency room affliction and in-patient remuneration for pre-existing conditions, accident insurance, personal liability, land vehicle rental excess protection, and recreational activities are all included in their policy coverage.



FPG Travel is the company’s insurance service for people who need protection while travelling. It is a part of the Zuellig Group of Companies. Their prices start at Php 450 for a 4-day Classic Plan.

Trip cancellation and curtailment, missed connecting flights, personal liability, luggage delay, personal accident, medical expenditure, emergency dental care, delayed departure, medical evacuation and repatriation, loss of travel documents and money, are all covered under their policy.



Non-life insurance packages from MAPFRE Insular are mostly focused on motor vehicles and other specialty fields such as fire and related lines, surety, engineering, marine cargo, and microinsurance. They presently have a Travel Insurance package that can be used both internationally and domestically.

Repatriation of mortal remains, baggage delay, trip cancellation and curtailment benefit, personal liability, accidental death and severe disability of insured, are all covered under their policy.



Pioneer Life Inc. was founded in 1964 and is now owned entirely by Filipinos following a joint venture with Allianz AG of Germany in 2003. Their rates start at Php 399 for ASEAN four days.

Missed connecting flight, kidnapping, money benefits, luggage delay, damage to baggage, loss of baggage, loss of personal money, loss of travel papers, emergency trip cancellation and termination, and aircraft delay are all covered by their insurance.



Both ASEAN and international travel insurance packages are available by Standard Insurance. They have affordable pricing starting at Php 500 for a coverage of up to Php 500,000 (ASEAN). Their rates begin at Php 495 (Asia Protect Peso for 8 days).

Travel difficulty benefits, personal liability benefits, personal accident liability, emergency medical help, and emergency travel assistance are all covered under their policy.

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