Best Capsule Hotels in the Philippines

Capsule Hotes Philippines

Capsule or pod hotels are budget accommodations that offer “pods” instead of actual rooms. These spaces are only for sleeping and big enough to crawl and sit. These hotels were developed to accommodate solo travelers. They were originally launched in Japan, and many hoteliers worldwide have adapted the concept. Check out these top capsule hotels in the Philippines!

5 Best Capsule Hotels in the Country

In 2017, these accommodations were just beginning in the country. However, more pod hotels have become appealing to individual and budget travelers. These pods are typically placed in a room or area and are essentially enclosed bunk beds. At the same time, others offer affordable single rooms that only fit a single bed. Amenities include outlets for charging, air conditioning, TV, and more. Additionally, since these spaces are so small, guests can access a separate locker room to store their luggage. If you want to check in one of these hotels in the Philippines, continue reading the article!


the interior of a capsule hotel that boasts a futuristic design

This capsule hotel in the Philippines is located at Harvard Street, QC. It heavily resembles the original Japanese concept and has futuristic interiors. It caters to both short—and long-term guests. Its amenities include free Wi-Fi access, USB charging ports, hot and cold showers, elevator access, a designated smoking area, and a parking area (but slots are limited). 

Their capsules are two meters long, one meter wide, and one meter tall. Guests are charged 800 Philippine pesos per night, and long-term guests are billed 8,800 pesos monthly. Check-in is at two in the afternoon, and check-out is at eleven in the morning.

The hotel is conveniently located near transportation terminals, malls, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Its location makes it a prime spot for tourists exploring the city’s establishments. Regarding its cancellation policy, guests can freely cancel when they do so at least three days before their booking.

BMAX Spacepods

Another space-themed pod hotel is located in Cebu. Capsule rooms here boast a balcony and shared bathroom space; every pod has a flat-screen TV and air conditioning. Guests can choose from two different pod selections: the deluxe single room and the superior double room. The prior has a twin bed, while the latter has a queen-sized bed for two people. 

This accommodation is just 1.5 kilometers from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Moreover, guests can arrange airport pick-ups and drop-offs for their convenience. Guests who want to unwind after a long day of traveling and exploring Cebu can relax in the hot tub or jacuzzi. 

Furthermore, the hotel offers guests free parking. Unlike the previously mentioned accommodation, BMAX does not allow smoking. Check-in is by three in the afternoon, while check-out is at noon.

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NomadsMNL Hostel

Another capsule hotel in Manila is in Paranaque, with a mixed dormitory room for eight guests. Like the other hotels, this one is near the airport and numerous establishments nearby. Some nearby locations include the Mall of Asia Arena, SMX Convention Center, and SM by the Bay Amusement Park.

The shared room includes access to showers, a toilet, linens, a socket near your bed, extra towels and sheets, clothing racks, and more. Solo travelers highly recommend this accommodation, especially if you are traveling alone. Additionally, NomadsMNL has other rooms for those who prefer more space. Upon checking in, guests are required to show their identification card and payment. Check-in times are from three in the afternoon until midnight, while check-out is from noon until eleven in the morning. Furthermore, guests should pay a damage deposit of 1000 pesos and be reimbursed based on the inspection when leaving.

Cocoons Club Laiya

While this establishment may not look like a pod hotel, it offers the same concept. The place boasts spacious rooms stacked creatively above each other. It only has nine rooms as of now but has an outdoor pool. Additional facilities include room service, free Wi-Fi, and parking.

This hotel is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature. Cocoons Club Laiya wants to give guests a new experience by offering cocoon-shaped rooms. The resort also has another location with more rooms, visitors can choose from poolside rooms, garden cocoons, and beachside options. 

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Selah Pods Hotel Manila

While the previous hotels mainly target their guests as solo travelers looking for budget accommodations to explore the country, this next option also targets business travelers. This capsule hotel in the Philippines is accessible to the Makati Business District and only fifteen minutes from the airport. Other nearby establishments include:

  • World Trade Center
  • Upside Down Museum
  • Crocodile Park Manila
  • Star City
  • Philippine International Convention Center

The accommodation boasts 111 rooms, which guests can choose from based on their needs. However, the Standard Double (No Windows) is the most affordable room for budget travelers. The hotel also offers loft rooms for larger groups.

Final Thoughts

Many capsule hotels in the Philippines offer tourists affordability without compromising quality. That said, the country boasts numerous attractions that will leave guests with lifelong memories. Visitors deserve a conducive place to sleep after a day of exploring or working. With that, tourists have a vast selection of hotels based on their preferences and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have never experienced staying in capsule hotels, here are a few commonly asked questions you might need answers to.

Is it safe to stay in a capsule hotel?

Just like normal hotels, capsule hotels are safe to sleep in. The maintenance measures are the same, and guests can lock the entries to their sleeping space. Additionally, some hotels separate quarters based on gender.

Can two people fit in capsule hotels?

Yes, two people can stay in capsule hotels in a singular pod. Some accommodations offer larger beds for pairs who want to share the same pod.

Do capsule hotels have toilets?

Yes, capsule hotels have toilets. While they may appear unconventional from traditional hospitality establishments, they have shared bathrooms for guests.

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