What To Try In Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Situated in Barangay Dahilayan, Bukidnon, Dahilayan Adventure Park offers guests many ways to experience the greatest adventure. Here, visitors have the opportunity to escape the busy city life and partake in many ways to enjoy their free time. The park is a playground that is suitable for children and adults alike. If you ever travel around Mindanao, checking out this park is a strong recommendation.

List Of Activities To Try In Dahilayan Adventure Park

Guests can bring out their inner courage by taking the many Dahilayan Adventure Park rides. The park is one of the many ideal vacation spots for the family to enjoy. The park is home to a wide array of rides and attractions guests can take a figurative and literal dive into. Since there are no age limits, nearly everyone can freely take the rides. Guests can also find fun ways to conquer their fears and enjoy a boost of adrenaline. Here are the choices of activities guests can try out on their visits:


Dahilayan Adventure Park is said to house the longest dual zipline in Asia. As the name implies, this zipline ride measures up to 840 meters in length and has a 100-meter drop. This zipline has dual cables for carrying two riders at the same time. Expect speeds ranging from 60 to 80 kilometers per hour throughout the journey.

Zip riders will begin their adventure from the 4500′ ASL launch tower, gliding above a canopy of lush pine trees as if they are flying. The 840m Zipline is not the only option guests can settle with. The 320m+150m Zipline is a more tame option for the whole family. This zipline ride suits the less daring or perfect practice before the big one. 


The Dropzone is another of the many heart-pumping Dahilayan adventure park activities guests can check out in their attempts to satisfy their hunger for thrills. This ride features a 36.7 m (120 ft.) Freefall into a manmade lake. Guests can freely take this ride solo or with a partner in experiencing a long drop and will swing just within meters of the water’s surface.

This adrenaline-pumping ride is even more unique because it is the first extreme pendulum swing in the Philippines. This ride is also perfect for those who are looking for something to boost their timid, peaceful life. 

Sky Tower Base Jump

The Sky Tower is another choice guests can consider in checking a different kind of freefall. This ride boasts an 8-storey tall platform, the highest para-jump in the country to date. Here, riders will experience a split-second freefall, followed by a gradual descent before taking a soft landing. Compared to the rest of the ride, this all will take around less than 10 seconds. This jump is an ideal option to add to the list of thrilling activities in the Philippines.

Python Rollerzip

The Python Roller Zipride is another ride that is recognized as the first of its kind across Asia, in comparison to the other Dahilayan Adventure Park rides. The Python will take guests onto a thrill that will rattle, roll, drop, swing, and bounce over 500 meters above.  Furthermore, this ride is the latest addition to the park’s growing roster of rides.

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Razorback Mountain Coaster

Another ride of its kind in the Philippines. The Razorback is Dahilayan Adventure Park’s latest thrill ride. Based on Europe’s popular alpine coaster rides, the Razorback adopts a gravity-powered ride to take guests across the mountain through a 600-meter winding monorail. 

Flying Lizard Canopy Glider

The canopy glider offers a unique way for guests to have a sky-level journey by peddling through the lines and moving through the green forest. Zip between treed as you peddle away, putting more pace on your speed for even more heart-beating thrills.

Ropes Course

The Tower of Power Ropes Course is ideal for helping guests build confidence before tackling the rest of the park activities. This attraction boasts a 12-stage High and Low-wire obstacle course that guests can overcome little by little.

Schedule & Fees For The Park

The park is open daily from Mondays to Sundays from 9 AM to 5 PM, nationwide holidays included. The featured rides in the park also vary in price range. The costs and expenses for the park features are listed below.

  • Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for Dahilayan Adventure Park costs up to PHP 100 per person.

Rides and Activities

  • Zipline Rides:
    • PHP 500 (For 840m)
    • PHP 250 (for 320m + 150m)
  • Dropzone:
    • PHP 500 (for Single Rider)
    • PHP 750 (For Tandem/Pair)
  • Python Roller Zipride:
    • PHP 300
  • Sky Tower Base Jump:
    • PHP 400
  • Razorback Mountain Coaster:
    • PHP 400 (For Single Ride)
    • PHP 600 (For Double Ride)

Hotels Near Dahilayan Adventure Park

Experiencing what the park offers is both fun and life-changing for all who have and will visit the destination. Being a popular destination also leads to several accommodations for those who like to stay overnight at the location. Listed below are several recommended hotels near Dahilayan Adventure Park:

Pinegrove Mountain Lodge

  • Deluxe Room: PHP 3,200 (Up to 2 people w/ free breakfast).
  • Suite Room: PHP 3,500 (Up to 2 people w/ free breakfast).
  • Family Loft: PHP 4,500 (Up to 5 people w/ free breakfast for 2 only).
  • Family Room: PHP 6,200 (Up to 6 people).
  • Dorm Room: PHP 6,000 (Up to 8 people).

Dahilayan Forest Park Resort

  • Standard Room: PHP 3,300 (Up to 3 people w/ free breakfast for 2 only).
  • Family Room: PHP 4,000 (Up to 4 people w/ free breakfast for 2 only).
  • Big Family Room: PHP 5,500 (Up to 6 people w/ free breakfast for 2 only).
  • Barkada 18: PHP 5,400 (Up to 9 people).
  • Barkada 20: PHP 6,000 (Up to 10 people).

Dahilayan Gardens and Resort

  • Hydrangea: PHP 8,000 (2-bedroom cottage / Up to 6 people).
  • Amaryllis: PHP 5,500 (Studio-type cottage / Up to 4 people).
  • Salvia: PHP 6,500 (Studio-type cottage / Up to 8 people).

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Closing Thoughts

Whether you are traveling or going along with your loved ones in a group, if you are after thrills, Dahilayan Adventure Park is a destination you must check out. The park’s rides will provide a different experience and allow you to see your surroundings at a different level. You should consider booking their attractions whenever you are around the area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions visitors usually ask when it comes to Dahilayan Adventure Park.

What city is Dahilayan Adventure Park?

Dahilayan Adventure Park is located at Manolo Fortich Bukidnon alongside Dahilayan Forest Park. The park is situated at the foot of Mount Kitanglad.

How to get to Dahilayan Adventure Park from CDO?

Visitors can travel to Dahilayan Adventure Park from Cagayan de Oro by either bus or taxi. The ride would usually take around an hour and may cost p to PHP 360 to PHP 450.

When did Dahilayan Adventure Park start?

Dahilayan Adventure Park was officially launched in 2009. It has been active ever since and garnered attention from numerous visitors.

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