What To Expect At Star City Amusement Park

Star city amusement park

A day in Star City Amusement Park is one of the most highly recommended activities for family or friends when visiting Manila. They are full of rides, attractions, games, and amenities that cater to all ages. Visitors, both international and locals alike, are assured that they will experience a whole different level of fun upon arrival. Keep reading to learn more about what you and your loved ones should expect once you enter the park.

About Star City Amusement Park

Just like visiting the top accommodations for travelers or shopping at popular malls, having fun at the amusement park is a common site to see in any destination. Star City Amusement Park, popularly known as Star City for short, is one of the most thriving amusement parks in the Philippines. It stands out from the rest as it resides at the heart of Metro Manila. 

The amusement park was established on February 23, 1991. It was once a simple carnival that was a part of the annual Toys and Gift Fair. Under the guidance of Fred Elizalde, it slowly evolved into the recognizable tourist destination it is today. On October 2, 2019, Star City experienced a major fire incident, which resulted in 80% of the park being damaged, forcing its doors to close for Christmas at the time. 

After prolonged delays, the park has made its official reopening on February 24, 2022.

What Should Guests Expect Upon Visiting?

Measuring up to 35,000 square meters, Star City is full of different amenities that succeed in entertaining all guests. Here, guests are in no shortage of selecting what they want to do. From rides and attractions to dining and shopping for souvenirs, Star City has it all. Here is what visitors should expect the moment they pass through the park’s entrance gate.

Rides and Attractions

Like most amusement parks, Star City offers a wide array of rides, giving guests thrilling and heart-pumping fun. Visitors can choose from whatever they feel like doing or experience something new altogether. Star City is home to over 30 thrilling rides, which can range from extreme to family-friendly choices. Some of the park’s most popular rides include:

  • Grand Carousel; 
  • Star Frisbee;
  • Jungle Splash; and
  • Giant Star Wheel.

The Giant Star Wheel, in particular, is the third tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines and has been a popular ride for many. This is due to the Ferris wheel providing riders with a scenic view of the city and the sunset from a vantage point.

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Besides thrilling rides, Star City also offers many attractions that offer a sense of thrill to guests, especially those who like to walk a lot. Many of these attractions are even built indoors, making them perfect to ride on, regardless of weather conditions. Some of the park’s most recognizable attractions to date are Snow World and Gabi ng Lagim (meaning Night of Terror). 

Food and Dining

Star City also offers numerous food stalls available within proximity of their rides and attractions. Guests will feel enlightened as they may choose to buy some snacks before or after using their energy on thrilling rides. 

The park also provides a food court and sit-down restaurants nearby where guests can enjoy themselves and have a hearty meal to complete their day. Some guests can even choose to taste the nearby unique local street foods to expand their culinary experiences.


Star City doesn’t just end with rides, attractions, and food. The amusement park also houses several stores that sell options such as bags, shirts, toys, souvenirs, and local items, just to name a few. 

What You Should Know Before And During Visits

Star City Amusement Park is a destination that boasts all forms of fun for guests of all ages. However, being busy daily, Star City has a number of factors, rules, and regulations that every guest should be aware of if they want to check out everything within the park. Here are some things you and your group should keep in mind.

The Amusement Park Is Busy

Like any amusement park, Star City will be busy on a nearly daily basis and will be full of people. Depending on the day, it would not come as a surprise that the amusement park will be crowded. You can select the time of day when your group can avoid getting caught by the crowd and have a smoother entry. Patience is also needed as many attractions will have long queues. 

Caution Is Needed When Checking The Attractions Out

Many of Star City’s rides and attractions may be fun, but it is crucial to always practice caution. Multiple incidents have occurred within the park that resulted in major accidents, such as the stranded riders in the Star Flyer attraction in 2018. 

Keep An Eye On Your Kids

As mentioned before, Star City is busy and crowded almost every day. A huge crowd can potentially lead to groups being separated from each other, especially young children. Those with very young children are advised to remain with them. Even with children-designated areas, an adult must be present with them at all times to keep them from wandering off.

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Practice And Follow Safety Protocols At All Times

Even practicing the small guidelines ensures safety for everyone in your group. Do not take the safety guidelines and protocols so lightly whenever you are going to take a ride or check out an attraction. 

Closing Thoughts

Star City Amusement Park is ideal for those who love to have fun with families and friends. Those who just want to take up thrilling activities for a spice in their everyday lives will always find themselves checking out this park. It is also a popular option if you are looking to feel the rush that brings out the life in you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Being a popular and busy attraction, Star City has been inquired by guests several times regarding their service and promotions. Here are some of these frequent questions: 

When is Star City open?

Star City is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 1 PM to 10 PM. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

How much does a Star City Pass cost?

Star City provides the Star Pass for PHP 699 and the Star Pass plus SNOW World for PHP 889. The Pass gives access to all of the parks’ rides and attractions.

Are birthday celebrants free at Star City?

Yes, birthday celebrants can enter Star City for free. To avail of this free pass, the celebrant should bring a minimum of 4 companions who will each purchase a Star Pass of their own.

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