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iVisa is a site that offers a service to assist you in obtaining your visa. The iVisa is simple to navigate and can make the procedure of applying for a visa considerably easier. All you have to do is fill out and submit an online form.

The rest will be handled by iVisa, including forwarding your application to the appropriate consulate or embassy. The document will then be emailed to you once your visa has been accepted. Simply display your document when you get to your location.


iVisa.com is simple to use. Simply enter your origin, nationality from your passport country, and destination country into the visa checker tool. They refresh visa real-time information, so if visa criteria change, the status will be updated accordingly.

When conducting research, you obtain information automatically (and quickly). Consider the case of a US citizen traveling to Indonesia. Once you have entered your information, you will see that you can acquire your visa on arrival. There is no need to obtain a visa before visiting the place in this scenario.

On the website, you can acquire many sorts of Visas.


You will need to fill the form and pay the fees using PayPal or a credit card. You will receive your visa papers via email. When entering the destination country, show your passport and the visa paperwork provided by iVisa website.


Here, you need to fill out the online application and pay the fees using a credit card or PayPal. Confirm your Visa on Arrival by email. Present your passport and iVisa.com documents to acquire your visa and enter the destination country.


Fill out the online application and pay the fees using PayPal or a credit card. Print the iVisa.com courier label and deliver your documents through Express Courier. iVisa.com arranges for your visa to be processed at the right consulate or embassy. Deliver your passport and stamped visa by courier to your destination country.


First you need to fill out the online application and pay the fees using PayPal or a credit card. Your appointment at the embassy or consulate is coordinated by iVisa.com. You finish the in-person evaluation and return your passport. Get your passport from the embassy or consulate. The visa sticker stamp will be included in the passport. Enter the destination country by presenting your passport with the visa sticker.

If your visa is denied, the visa cost is non-refundable. That is a policy shared by all visa agencies. Keep in mind that this is a government refusal. They might not inform you why your visa application was denied. In that situation, contact the nearest consulate or embassy to learn about your alternatives.

Here are some possible causes for a visa rejection:

·         passport damage

·         untrustworthy birth certificate (if asked)

·         Bogus travel documents, invalid passports, a lack of proof of the travel schedule (if asked), and so on.

If your application is not approved by the government agency, the iVisa.com cost is refunded. That is, they will provide a full refund of all service expenses, excluding the visa fee, which is paid directly to the government agency.

In addition, if iVisa.com makes an error on your application, they will process it again at no charge. Make certain that you submit accurate information. Always properly study your application before submitting it.


iVisa also has a plethora of other features. For instance, you may require a health statement. A health declaration is an official document that tourists must fill out to ensure they do not have any infectious sickness or Covid-19.

You can also obtain a free passenger locator form for particular destinations. Passport renewal and passport photo services are also available. When filling out your visa application, you will also notice the current limits, which can make the entire procedure smoother.


Sometimes the Visa requirements change or get updated, so you need to check with the state department website of the government for the most up-to-date information. You can simply determine whether you require a visa for a specific country by visiting your country’s consulate or embassy.

The embassy website usually contains all of the relevant information, such as what is necessary, links to essential forms, where to apply, and how much it charges. Similarly, you can utilize the visa-checking facility at www.iVisa.com. This tool is simple to operate. Simply enter your home country and the destination country.


Absolutely, iVisa is a secure and trustworthy website. Since its inception in 2013, the company has assisted over 500,000 people in obtaining visas. The organization has a robust customer care team that is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your inquiries.


Many popular visas can be obtained at iVisa.com. Among them are:

eVisa Turkey –  Single Entry, 180 days – Regardless of the longer validity period of 180 days, a Turkish visa only allows you to stay in Turkey for 90 days.

MIG Form Colombia Check- Single Entry – 30 Days Colombia’s version of a health declaration form, the Check MIG form, demands all visitors to submit their medical status to Colombian officials.

Australian ETA: One year, Multi Entry: Unlike a typical visa, an Electronic Travel Authority or ETA is electronically connected to your passport. It is necessary for entry into Australia and is available at the airport or through any online travel agency.

eVisa Vietnam – Single Entry – 30 Days. The Vietnam e-visa or EV is an electronic visa introduced in 2017 by the Vietnamese immigration agency. The Vietnam visa policy allows tourists in need of visas to acquire them online rather than visiting a Vietnam consulate. People from over 80 different nationalities can visit Vietnam for visit or business with a Vietnam visa.

Passenger Locator Turkey Form – Single Entry, 15 days – It is also known as the Turkish Health Declaration Form, and is an online form that visitors fill out before entering Turkey with information about their health and travel history.

Tourist Card Mexico – Air – Single Entry, 180 days – This Tourist Card is a travel doc required for most travelers to enter Mexico for travel purposes. Although it is usually referred to as a tourist visa, this Tourist Card is not an official Mexico visa and does not substitute one in any case.

Travel Certificate France – Single Entry, 15 Days – This is an authorized health certificate that all passengers must complete prior to traveling to France.

ESTA United States – Multiple Entry, 2 years – currently only Nationals from around 38 countries are eligible for the Visa Waiver of United States for multi-Entry, which means they can enter the United States by registering through the United States ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization without a formal visa.

Peru Health Declaration – Single Entry – 1 day If you plan to visit the infamous South American country of Peru soon, you must obtain the Peru Health Declaration (or Peru affidavit) and present your personal and health information to Peruvian authorities.

All of these visas, credentials, and documentation can be expedited by iVisa.com.


Currently, iVisa.com has around 19,769 ratings, with an 8-percent exceptional rating and an 85-percent excellent rating.

On the iVisa.com home page, only 5-star reviews are displayed. To access all their reviews, you must delve deeper. iVisa.com received an average of 2 percent, bad 3 percent, and poor 1 percent ratings from customers.

If you examine the Poor, Average, and Bad evaluations, you will see a recurrent cause for the low-rated reviews, such as,

  • The visa was not received in time for the visit.
  • There are numerous instances of government processing delays. As a result, make sure you always have enough time cushion.
  • Incorrect traveler information was entered
  • iVisa.com handles the data exactly as entered by the traveler. So, always double-check your information before submitting it.
  • Many people were confused by the star rating system. Instead of 5 stars, they thought 1 star was the best rating. Some folks assumed the iVisa.com cost was excessive.
  • There could have been a misunderstanding regarding how much the destination country charges for a visa, plus the iVisa.com processing fee.


  • You can avoid the frustration of dealing with notoriously tough bureaucratic websites and lengthy government forms by using iVisa.com.
  • You may check if you need a visa and get the results fast by using the visa requirements tool on the iVisa.com website.
  • The database is regularly updated, so you’ll always know how to get your visa swiftly.
  • The application process’s speed and simplicity are significant advantages.
  • Data centers encrypt user data and payment card information so that it is not available on government websites.
  • They claim to have a low rejection rate because of their years of expertise and staff of immigration professionals who analyze all documentation before submitting it to the relevant governments.

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