Philippine bet Maureen Montagne had proven herself as one of the prime candidates in the competition when she turned heads in several pre-pageant events, even before achieving the Miss Globe 2021 title.  Montagne began her road to the trophy on a good note when she effectively made it to the final segment of the head-to-head contest.

The Batangas beauty queen delivered a strong closing speech about her advocacy to clinch the second position behind the subsequent challenge victor from Malaysia.   She said that to be the next Miss Globe is both an honor and a huge responsibility and she aims to spread her advocacy for feeding the hungry to people all across the globe. She wishes to motivate people from all walks of life to improve their communities as our small deeds can have a big impact in the real world.  So, she is looking forward to sharing her heart and soul with all the people.

Malaysia and Philippines bested candidates from Romania, Germany, Ukraine, Guyana, USA, Canada, France, Mexico, Turkey, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Latvia, and Albania in the challenge.  Also, Montagne displayed her remarkable physique in the swimsuit contest before the coronation night in another runner-up finish.

Montagne, who won the Superbods competition in the Philippines, came in second in the pre-pageant activity, behind the winner from Guyana. The judges gave both the Philippines and Guyana a flawless 30, but the latter gained more points in the tiebreaker.

Moreover, in a shocking turn of events, Estonia’s nominee surpassed Montagne in the Miss Globe 2021 fan poll, ensuring her a position in the Top 15. Maria Heleen Toniste topped the leaderboard with a score of 17 percent at Albania’s coronation night. Montagne, on the other hand, finished with a 16 percent score.

Many Filipino pageant fans expressed their displeasure with the results on social media but were relieved to see that Montagne was still in the race for Miss Globe 2021. With 18 percent of the total fan votes just hours before the finals, the Pinay beauty queen was dominating the competition. She was far ahead of the second-place finishers, Mexico (9 percent), England (ten percent), and Canada (11 percent).

After making it to the top ten in the talent competition, she also wowed the judges with her musical abilities. Montagne sang “Build Me Up Buttercup” while playing the ukulele in the final round. Miss Siberia achieved first place in the competition with a rhythmic gymnastics’ routine, while Greece came in second with a dance sport performance.

After winning the country’s second Miss Globe title following Ann Colis in 2015, Montagne showed off her winning form when she aced the question-and-answer segment of the coronation night. Candidates from Nigeria (first runner-up), Turkey (second runner-up), Venezuela (third runner-up), and Canada (fourth runner-up) are among her runners-up.

Montagne was asked about beauty and how it could be improved during the question-and-answer session. She responded, “True beauty, in my opinion, comes from within. Being a Miss Globe means being a beautiful woman who inspires others. Our smiles are what make us beautiful, it’s what we do for our community. It’s how we give back to others and how we go about our daily lives.” She continued, “I believe that everyone has beauty inside of them, and I believe it is our responsibility to share it with the world, to give back, and to actually inspire others.”

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