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The Philippines is highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and incidents due to its large social media-savvy population and lack of data protection systems. According to one study, the Philippines is the fifth most likely country to be attacked, after Albania, Algeria, Nepal, and Djibouti. After the hacking of the 70 million votes data filed with the Commission on Elections in 2016, the Philippines experienced its most significant data leak.

The government is also lagging behind in implementing the Data Privacy Act of 2012, which established data protection standards and required all companies to hire a Data Privacy Officer. While hackers try to take advantage of vulnerabilities in systems and devise new ways to break into networks, cybersecurity companies and their employees labor around the clock to keep one step ahead. Our picks for the best data security companies in the Philippines are listed below.




Main Source 365 is a full-service technology company that has developed to provide a wide range of services over the last seven years, including consulting and managed IT services, server or computer support, corporate and home cybersecurity, and all other IT-related services.

Their knowledgeable tech staff is experienced in resolving a wide range of issues, including slow PC systems, software errors, data security, virus and malware removal, internet connectivity issues, and even blue screen of death.  Their rapid response time and 24/7 customer support assure that their services are reliable and that no technical issues will disrupt your daily routine.



CERT is actually a Computer Security Incident Response Team that holds the distinction of being the Philippines’ foremost registered Computer Emergency Response Team.

Under the Philippines Autonomous System Number, they explore and address problems with broad cybersecurity implications, perform research and development, and give security recommendations.



Hackfleet is a data security company created by a group of individuals with a passion for and expertise in offering top-notch security training, penetration testing, and compliance services. Coinbase, Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Stripe, and other large companies have praised and rewarded HackFleet’s Security Team. Their objective is to secure their clients’ company operations by identifying vulnerabilities and producing high-quality reports that are both informative and easy to read.

They are skilled in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment using industry-standard approaches such as the Top 10 Open Web Application Security Project, Information Systems Security Assessment Framework, and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual.



They provide advanced network security to organizations of all sizes that were previously only available to big corporations. Their low-cost services are the only ones of their kind backed by a real cyber-security team. By providing enterprise-grade security at an entry-level pricing, Bluedog is revolutionizing the cybersecurity sector.

To keep your business safe, they analyze your network devices, public IP addresses, and online apps for vulnerabilities. Remediation, real-time reporting and mitigation services are also provided by them.



The Cyber-Security IT Solutions from Digital Defenders safeguard your company from digital security threats across domains, social media, and mobile apps. They are a global data security services company which provides bespoke solutions to business and government clients in the areas of project management, risk, cyber security, data analytics, IT services, and VIP engagement.

To ensure effective outcomes, they work closely with their clients to create standards-based and unique solutions to their needs.



Exceture began as a concept to make the planet healthier in the long run. Exceture (as its name suggests) aspires for an Excellent Future for everyone, especially small and medium businesses that want to have a good effect in their field.

Their team of devoted and passionate professionals enjoy being a part of the solution to your basic or complex company needs. They can help you with everything from recognizing a technological problem to deploying a specific solution that produces game-changing outcomes.


7.     Virtela (NTT Global Networks)


For SD-WAN enterprise networking and virtualized IT services, NTT Global Networks (a business division of NTT) is the most sensible choice. With Local Cloud Centers (LCCs) strategically situated throughout the world, they supply award-winning SD-WAN services via their Virtualized Overlay Network and NTT Enterprise Services Cloud (ESC) platform. Multiple networking devices at each client branch office are no longer necessary, thus saving time and money.

They also support both well-known and new SD-WAN CPE technology providers. Customers can use both cloud-based and on-premises SD-WAN functionalities to accomplish their business objectives, thanks to their flexible deployment model. They offer end-to-end managed services to assist businesses in achieving their digital transformation goals.



Since 1998, Imaginet International Inc. has been a leading provider of IT Network & Security solutions as well as Managed Network and Security Services to both local and multinational clients in the Philippines. As a trusted partner, they provide IT-based infrastructure solutions to various communications corporations and international IT service providers, as well as foreign aid donors.

To assure their clients’ network availability, security, and ongoing performance, Imaginet exclusively works with the most trustworthy brands. Their Technical and Sales team are taught and certified by the suppliers’ authorized programs to keep ahead of the ever-changing environment of IT solutions, systems, services, and, most importantly, threats, as part of their Continuous Development Program.

9.     HOUSE OF IT


House of I.T. is an Australian-owned company established in the Philippines that provides IT services to clients all over the world, with major partners in the New Zealand, United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. With over 15 years of expertise, they are more than qualified to handle any of your I.T. requirements, weather small or large.

Allow them to expertly develop, install, and manage your infrastructures 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In order to strengthen their commercial connections, they exclusively work with professional, qualified consultants and trustworthy suppliers. They’re ISO CERTIFIED, which means they don’t compromise when it comes to data security and quality control.



First Focus, as a leading Managed Service Provider, offers high-quality, trustworthy, and cost-effective managed IT services to help your company succeed with technology. Their proven arrangement of breadth of specialists, enterprise-grade cloud technology, and fast, customized service, provides top-notch IT you can rely on. 

By hiring their services you will receive proactive IT assistance from local specialists based throughout the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

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