Top 10 On-Demand Couriers in the Philippines


And how to pick the what’s best for you

Instant gratification is a sign of the times, and the speed by which we deliver is no exception. Where before we would be willing to wait days, even weeks, for a package, the rise of on-demand delivery applications has turned those expectations on its head. With the pandemic bringing our lives to a halt, the speed of these services spells the difference – whether it be a successful sale, to pass an urgent requirement, or execute that perfect surprise gift. Nowadays, it’s now or never. 

Surely many have done the rounds for their courier of choice, and among most players, the basic features are simple: delivery on-demand by quality riders, real-time tracking, and cash payments. But what do the best ones have to stand out? Laying it all out here:


  1. Grab Express (

Ride-sharing giant Grab silently integrated GrabExpress in June 2015, covering Metro Manila and Cebu. Its services include on-demand or scheduled motorcycle deliveries, with an option for insulated bags, shopper (pabili) service, and even food delivery from well-loved restaurants via GrabFood. Multi-stop bookings and multiple bookings are accommodated, as well as alternative payment options such as credit card and GrabPay. Proving its on-demand delivery expertise, Grab assures all packages are insured and drivers are well-trained.

2. Angkas Padala (

Angkas took the country by storm with its catchy slogan, tongue-in-cheek marketing, and revolutionizing the commute on two wheels. Extending the experience to packages during the pandemic, Angkas Padala keeps its offer to the basics, with an additional pabili service. Operating in Metro cities Manila and Cebu, Angkas extends its payment options to credit card and Gcash QR scan to pay (in Metro Manila).

3. JoyRide (

Entering in direct competition to Angkas, JoyRide was also heavily impacted by the quarantine and pivoted to deliveries to keep their riders employed. Extra features from their on-demand or scheduled motorcycle delivery services include insulated bags, pabili, and COD service, as well as multiple stops. Payments are accepted via cash or JRPay. 

JoyRide has also taken steps into starting its retail ecosystem through JR Mall, where customers can shop, and have their purchases delivered by JoyRiders. All their services run in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro for now, but expansion is in the works. 

4. Amigo (

The newest entrant in the on-demand delivery scene, Amigo is a Filipino business looking to improve the quality of on-demand delivery services. With a small target coverage of Metro Manila to Rizal, Amigo focuses on on-demand or scheduled motorcycle delivery, with options for pabili, queuing, and multi-stop deliveries. Aside from cash, payments can also be done via credit card or Paymaya. 

Amigo takes safety seriously – all packages are insured and drivers undergo rigorous training. Moreover, it ensures a job well done with its new 4 digit code security feature – a one-time pin of sorts to make sure each package goes to its intended recipient.


5,. Lalamove (

As a pioneer of on-demand delivery operating in 21 cities and counting, Lalamove offers vehicles ranging from motorcycles to 2,000kg trucks, with options for an insulated bag, queuing, pabili, and cash-on-delivery (COD) services. The app allows multi-stop and simultaneous bookings within the Greater Manila Area, Pampanga, and Cebu. For those without cash, Lalamove credits are also available for cashless payments. Aside from their service features, Lalamove is best known for their aggressive coupons, and in-application 24-hour customer service.

6. Borzo (

Originally Mr. Speedy, Borzo is the new name of the company known for its quick, transparent, and affordable delivery services. Despite the name change, the services remain – on-demand or scheduled delivery from motorcycle up to small truck (L300), with options for insulated bag and pabili services within Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao. Borzo also allows multi-stop and simultaneous bookings and has in-application credits available. A key difference would be the modify/reroute feature, allowing customers to change details after the booking has been placed.

7. Toktok (

Another business borne from the pandemic, Toktok is the brainchild of the same minds behind heavily franchised brands JC, Siomai King, and Copper Mask. Initially created to distribute their products, Toktok expanded to both a nationwide delivery solution and virtual mall. Their vehicles range from motorcycle to truck, with insulated bags, COD service, and pabili service exclusive to SM and Robinson’s malls.

8. Get All (

Get All is a smart way to bring the offline world online. A project by the Villar Group to initially deliver their brick and mortar affiliates’ goods and services, Get All has expanded to cater to those in Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna through on-demand or scheduled motorcycle to 1,000kg truck deliveries. Additional services include pabili, COD, queuing services, and multi-stop deliveries. Payments are done via cash or GetAll credit.


9. Transportify (

While others focus on delivering small packages, Transportify taps a bigger market. With its nationwide fleet ranging from cars to 10-wheeler reefer vans, Transporify has raised the bar for cargo delivery and made this service more accessible to those lacking the scale to use trucking companies or freight forwarders. To make moving easier, Transportify also offers extra helpers, space, and a round trip option to return documents. Each truck has limited complimentary insurance and customer service is on-call 24/7 for any emergency. With bigger service fees, Transportify offers more ways to pay – cash, credit card, and bank transfers are accepted.

10. Mober (

A homegrown version to Transportify, founder and CEO Dennis Ng created Mober in 2016 as he was looking for a way to quickly deliver his wares to Manila. Since then, Mober has grown to nationwide coverage of on-demand or scheduled truck deliveries. It has also made strategic partnerships with appliance and furniture retailers to provide a shop and same-day delivery service for those itching to get their new purchases. Mober also offers extra helpers, its Mober Cargo Protect insurance, and cargo sharing – allowing customers headed towards the same area to split on truck space and costs. Aside from cash, Mober has its Mober Wallet credits for payment.

While all options are great in their own right, it all boils down to which courier will give you the best bang for your buck. Once you’ve pegged which type of vehicle can deliver, here are some things to check in booking your next ride:

Coverage. The law of supply and demand at work. Since pilot trials tend to start in the metro, key cities like Metro Manila and Cebu would have the most riders. Moreover, within covered areas, couriers are more densely populated in areas that are more likely to receive bookings – so expect more choices and cheaper options here. On the other hand, since couriers that cover areas outside Metro Manila are limited, expect a more premium rate. 

Time of Day. Some delivery times see higher spikes in demand than others. To incentivize riders, some applications will add in a surge fee or give customers an option to tip their rider extra to stand out. Try to avoid peak times like lunch hours so as not to fight it out with hungry customers.

Route Plan. The benefit of multi-stop or multiple bookings will depend on the overall route. Are your stops on the way to each other, or are you better off booking two riders to get it done?

Payee. Who’s paying, and how? While cash is king, some prefer to go cashless, especially in these times. If you have an application with a floating wallet balance or cashless payment options, these will end up winning out.

Coupons. Never underestimate the power of a good sale. Most on-demand couriers would have the same pricing scheme, but adding in a coupon can tip the scales in a big way. If you play your cards right, those coupons can add up to a free trip or two.

Have fun, and book smart!

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