Sinigang what a Wonderful Filipino Dish

Panlasang Pinoy Beef Short Rib Sinigang
image by panlasangpinoy

Top 1 Vegetable Soup in the World for 2021 by Taste Atlas

Have you ever had sinigang? It’s a Filipino Dish better yet a vegetable soup that is sour-based. It was on the news recently that it made the Top 1 Vegetable Soup Made dish in the World for 2021 by Taste Atlas ( experiential travel guide to traditional food). Sinigang is one if not my all-time favorite Filipino food, it is just such a comfort food that even in hot weather I will have. 

Sinigang is a Filipino Vegetable Sour Soup mainly made from tamarind fruits that gave its sour taste, or nowadays you can buy a souring agent or what we call sinigang mix, which is also dried tamarind powder for the soup base. There are varieties of sinigang mix that you can buy at any Asian Filipino grocery store. Vegetables include Kang kong or water spinach, string beans or sitaw, tomatoes, chili, onion, and taro or gabi, eggplant, okra, daikon. For the meat, you can add pork or beef rib part, or chicken. You can also cook with fish or shrimp. Partner Sinigang with a bowl of steamed rice and for sure you will be asking for more. 

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