What is New With Globes GCash

globes gcash
globes gcash


When it comes to the growing digital development in e-wallet, Filipinos are familiar with Gcash. Being a mobile wallet app, it allows you to buy goods or services, send and receive money, and also allows to pay bills from wherever and whenever within a few minutes. There are various other services provided by Gcash that can be done with ease like booking movies. It has been awarded as the Best Mobile Payment Service in the year 2018 by Telecom Asia Awards. Gcash is operated by Mynt which have their partnership with Globe Telecom. The app was released on March 23, 2012. Gcash is making it possible for people to go cashless anywhere.

So, listed below are the recent upgrades/updates that are new with Gcash:

  • They have refreshed their cash-in and cash-out interface and made it easier for navigation and has also improved their branch locator.
  • You will be able to receive free QR Vouchers if you get your hands on buying the Globe Prepaid GoSakto90 in-app which will make you eligible to use the vouchers at Gcash partner merchants. 
  • Because of the new enhancement in the step counting system in Gcash Forest, you will earn more green energy the more you do green activities like walking or completing the cashless transaction on Gcash. You can earn more than enough points that can help you to plant a tree at Ipo watershed.
  • For easier navigation and sending of video clips, snap money was able to gain an improved and new look.
  • The newest and latest version of the Gcash app works more according to your convenience for transactions. It also upgraded its security by adding routine fixes for ensuring the transactions are made safely. The app also made it less complicated and easier for uploading a QR code image for making the payment more hassle-free.
  • Gcash has been able to upgrade its online payment system to a new one which allows it to handle large number of users along with increased security and an improved system for efficient transactions. 
  • In the recent upgrade, they introduced a new system which is a cloud-based technology, called A+ that is responsible for ensuring a better experience for Gcash users. It allows Gcash for expanding its capacity and also helps to understand its users as it can process the data quickly, which initially becomes more responsive to the various evolving demands of the customers.

Users can unlock the full Gcash features once their accounts get verified. They are able to send money to 30+ banks for free. They can cash-out from about 20,000 ATMs using Gcash MasterCard from around nationwide. An option for investing and earning money right through mobile phone is also made possible. By getting into exclusive rebates, users can earn more rewards. 

There has always been a question circling around if foreigners can use Gcash. So, to answer the question, the Gcash MasterCard is accepted worldwide. Users can withdraw funds from the Gcash MasterCard through an ATM that accepts MasterCard. As for local ATM, the withdrawal transaction fee is P20 and P150 for abroad. 

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