Top 20 Useful Apps of 2020


Top 20 Useful Apps of 2020

Here is the list of the top 20 useful apps of 2020.

  1. Adobe apps

Adobe is one of the most useful apps in the list of top 20 useful apps. Their apps commonly range from utility to photo editing. They have some other apps like Adobe Lightroom, Illustrator Draw (drawing), Premiere Clip (video editing), Adobe Acrobat (PDF reader), and Photo Express (photo editing), Scan (document scanner), and many others. Several of these apps fill niches that other third-party apps have not. Additionally, all of these apps are free to download and good enough to hold spots on our lists for all of those things. Some apps may need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to get all of the features though.

2. Google Assistant / Google Search

Google’s app is positively one of the most useful apps of google. This app has two basic things Google Feed and Google Assistant. Google Feed contains features like news, weather, and news. It gradually curates new stuff based on the user’s interests and searches history. Users can also set it to their likes. Google Assistant can answer any question from the google search engine and its other feature include turns smart lights on and off, sets up reminders, and even pulls up videos and songs for you. All of the apps like Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Feed are very useful in daily life.

3. Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Company has some of the most useful apps. Some of best app of Microsoft contains the Microsoft Office suite (spreadsheets, presentations, and word documents), Microsoft OneDrive (cloud storage), Microsoft Launcher, Xbox and Mixer (gaming), Office Lens (document scanner), Your Phone Companion (phone-to-PC), Microsoft Authenticator (security), Remote Desktop, and many more. Moreover, they have some up and comers like a plan for the day application that is gradually showing signs of improvement. Also, they are functioning on direct Android screen mirroring on Windows 10 and some other useful things.

4. YouTube

YouTube is used for videos like music, product reviews, vlog, movies, seasons, and many more. There is a vast and well underbelly of lectures, lessons, explainers, tutorials, and other videos. There aren’t many things that YouTube doesn’t have. If you don’t mind advertising then this app is free. The content on YouTube is uploaded by various peoples and any billion viewers all over the world.

5. Google Drive suite

Google Drive and its suite of apps are very famous productivity apps. The Google Drive suite contains Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Photos, and Google Keep. Among these apps, you have a full-fledged office suite complete with a note-taking app, cloud storage, and a place to back up all of your photos and videos for free. Google Drive provides you 15GB of storage for free on sign up. With a monthly subscription, Users can enhance the cloud storage space.

6. AirDroid

AirDroid is another very useful app in the list. This app allows the user to connect his PC to his Android device and vice versa. Not only connect but also can get notifications, share files, and speedy reply to a few messaging apps. AirDroid and AirMirror are two plugins that have Remote Support that add to the functionality in many methods. This is one of the top methods to attach all of your devices. Moreover, it can work on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. For all of the features, you need to have a subscription. Initially, you can also try the free version first to see whether you like it or not. A good competitor of AirDroid is Pushbullet.

 7. CamScanner

CamScanner is most likely to be the best document scanner app of android or IOS. Users can easily use this app to scan various documents into their phones and by a simple tap convert the document into PDF format. Users can send that document by email, WhatsApp, and also can save it to their device. Even users can fax it for a small fee. Users can use many of the features of this app for free or they can pay for a subscription if you use it very heavily. In both cases, this app is most likely the best in its category. It’s very useful for business people and in tax season.


IFTTT is one of the top useful apps on the list ever. This app generates commands to carry out a set of basic tasks automatically. The great thing about this app is the sheer number of products, services, and additional apps that have supports of IFTTT. Users can turn on their smart lights in their home, even there have some Amazon Alexa stuff and Google Assistant available and also users can save images from Instagram and upload them to Dropbox,. It doesn’t grab the extra time to learn and can automate many otherwise ordinary tasks on the phone. The thing which this app is able is very long that it’s ridiculous.

9. Google Translate

Google Translate is the translation app of google which can translate any language. This app gets many updates in the years, and also can use a camera to point at something and can translate in real-time. There is as well as a neural network powering platform that helps make translation further accurate. It can easily translate a two-way conversation in real-time. Google Translate is the best one than Microsoft Translate and a few other translate apps.

10. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass can be used as a password manager app. There are several of these in Google Play and the utmost of them function properly well. But we like the LastPass app for the reason it stays current with Android updates. Also, it has a second authenticator app for extra security. This app saves your passwords from many sites, generates passwords, and supports users to login rapidly when they require. It enhances a level of security in your life. The price of the subscription is likewise relatively reasonable. There are many other good password manager apps also. LastPass is always among the primary app which integrates new Android features quickly.

11. Reddit

Reddit is one of the useful websites and apps. This app has a virtual many subreddits that cover all kinds of topics. Users can easily find tutorials, info, and advice about anything. On Reddit, there are many topics and trashy people. But, some patience and a little tact and you can evade most of the nonsense. Anybody can check out the subreddits if they have an interest. Users may get some cool stuff that they didn’t earlier to know about. Moreover, there are many third-party Reddit apps. 

12. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a browser and file manager that do a great job. Around Material Design it’s made that makes this app very easy to use. Users will have the choice to access their cloud storage services on top of the usual file browsing if they use them. The best of them is that you can access SFTP, WebDav, FTP, and CIFS/SMB, customers. If you want there is even root access. This app is the most powerful app that is very simple to use. Users have a 14-day trial after that they have to pay or purchase a subscription plan. However, everyone needs a file manager and this one is good.

13, Tasker

Tasker permits users to make automated activities that perform many things. It is hard to show what this app can perform for the reason it can do virtually everything. It comes with 200 integrated activities that you can build your own or you can use. There are additionally many apps with Tasker support alongside with plugins to increase functionality. There is a great learning bend. This is certainly not a simple app for usage. But, it functions great after you figure it out.

14. TickTick

TickTick is one of the most useful apps and the best to-do list app. Users can place tasks in the app and the app reminds them to perform them. Moreover, users can prepare a list of things like grocery lists and other stuff. Also, the app features teamwork. Users can share tasks among the members of their job or household if required. The app furthermore comes with widgets, note-taking, and calendar features. For casual use, the free version of the app comes with more sufficient. The app paid version is just required for great business use cases.

15. Sleep Cycle

Sleep is one of the essential features of the body of a living organization. If you do not complete your average sleep time, you will feet ill and your eyes may Turing red, and if you sleep too long, you may not fulfill your responsibilities. Sleep Cycle app aids your body get the best rest by observing your sleeping timing and waking you up when it senses that it is a great time. Originally the app is free however you can upgrade for a premium account in the future.

16. Mint

The purpose of this app is similar to an accountant on your phone. If you think where all your money goes towards the end of the month, you can get details of all your income and expenses with Mint. It works by connecting your accounts, the thing which you have to do key in your bank accounts info, and leave the rest to the app. The app will record your transactions, money transfers, income, and all other expenses.

17. Todoist

What was the thing that you required to perform in a day? You won’t need to worry about having sticky notes because Todoist can do this job. On Todoist you can easily make any list like groceries, wish lists, make a timetable of your daily tasks. The app will remind you when the activity comes close. Todoist will be reminding you about the date to pay your bills.

18. is a public app that permits users to motivate and connect each other to stick to new routines and habits. The app coach. It allows anybody to have various accountability partners while starting new habits. This app is available both on Apple Store and Android for free. 

 19. WiFi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer is an open-source analyzer of the WiFi. This app allows users to see their Wi-Fi connection and also other connections in the specific area. There are many reasons why users don’t want somewhat similar to this. Users can get if their Wi-Fi is sharing a channel with other Wi-Fi networks (which can affect speed and connectivity). Also, users can find near Wi-Fi networks, graph signal strength, and some other activities.

 20. Facebook messenger

The main difficulty with most mobile messengers is convincing your friends to sign up. However the many people you know are already on Facebook. This app is very handy and useful for Messaging. It has a clean, simple voice message and video calling. You can check out Facebook Messenger to find out all its other capabilities.

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