Top 20 foods to eat to burn fat fast

dark chocolate
dark chocolate

                   Top 20 foods to eat to burn fat fast

When a person is on a weight loss journey, any type of dieting is always not the solution. It is important to maintain the consumption of calories. Along with maintaining proper eating habits, exercising is also important to promote weight loss. However, below is the list of top 20 foods which can help in burning fat at a faster rate:


Oats are a popular breakfast and very versatile. They are full of healthy fibers, and there are various types of ways in which oats can be made for better taste and extra nutrition. Studies have found that people who ate oats had less fat than others who consumed the same amount of calories but through processed white carbs. Having a bowl of oats for breakfast can keep a person full for a long time. There’s a seven-day oatmeal diet that a person can follow if he/she wants to. In this diet, oats have to be eaten as at least two meals per day that have to be continued for one week while it is important to note that if one chooses to follow this diet, it has to be made sure to include other nutritional food as the third meal of the day such as lean protein.


Avocados have a load of high fibre and it is low in carbs which help in the weight loss process. An avocado helps in the digestion of fats into fatty acids and water. It has important sources of fibre and contains almost 20 vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals required for managing a healthy weight. Avocados also have vitamin K that is necessary for regulating sugar metabolism. Avocados help to keep a person full and satisfied for a long time which means consumption of fewer calories. Using avocado oil instead of other cooking oil is a healthy swap as they are meant to be rich in oleic and monounsaturated fatty acid which reduces abdominal fat. As per research, an avocado can keep the cholesterol levels in control. 


Coconut oil consists of a combination of fatty acids which helps in increasing metabolism and helps the body to burn fat all day long. Fresh coconut is much better than the refined one. Extra virgin coconut oil is known to be the best as it does not have saturated fats and thus it helps with the weight loss process. Regular cooking oil can be replaced with coconut oil for better health benefits. It helps to balance blood sugar level which puts a direct impact in losing weight. For stubborn belly and abdominal fat, coconut oil can be a key food for getting rid of it.


When it comes to high-quality protein, eggs top the list. Aside from being rich in protein, it also contains healthy fats and other nutrients. There has always been a debate if eggs are weight loss friendly food and the truth is yes, it is. Eggs are low in calories and helps boost metabolism too which is why it really helps with weight loss. Many researches proved that eating eggs helps to lose weight faster than eating other foods with the same calorie content. Eggs are easily available in the market and not at all expensive so, including it in the diet will bring various benefits.


While having a weight loss journey, it is important to have a diet which is full of leafy greens such as spinach, kale, lettuce etc. They have been proved to be really good for burning fat. Benefits loaded in leafy greens include low calories and carbohydrates and full of fiber. Having even a little bit of it as a part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner is very much essential for burning fat. Some of the healthiest leafy greens are kale, collard greens, leaf lettuce, arugula, spinach etc. There are various types of tasty and healthy recipes out there to try.


Green tea contains very low calories, it boosts metabolism and helps improve body’s capability to burn fat. Studies show that green tea contains flavonoids called catechin which is an antioxidant. It helps to break down excess fat which can help to increase fat oxidation levels that in turn improves insulin activity in the body. Most of the people usually always have a cup of it in the morning. But it is important to know that one needs to include exercise as well which will help them to receive greater metabolic benefits.


Nuts are rich in vitamin B and E, full of protein and fibre and many other nutrients and antioxidants. Instead of snacking on other things, eating nuts can be really good for health. Though nuts contain high calories, having the right amount can help promote weight loss. Some of the best type of nuts that one can include in their diet is – Almond, walnut, pistachios, cashew nut, etc. All these nuts are packed with good protein, vitamins, minerals and fats. 


Including sweet potatoes as a healthy snack or a main meal is a great idea. It contains dietary fibre, a type of carb, which helps in reducing hunger hormones, improves blood sugar control. It also has a dietary fibre, which is known as resistant starch, it helps in reducing the risk of obesity. Sweet potatoes are considered as low – glycemic food. It contains high water content which usually makes them great for weight loss. Consuming it helps to rehydrate cells and boost metabolic activity in the human body. The ways in which sweet potatoes can be consumed is by roasting, baking, steaming or boiling them. 


When going on a diet, one is not supposed to eat chocolates, so in that case dark chocolate can take its place. It has monosaturated fats (MUFAs) that is proved to be helpful in increasing metabolism which eventually helps the body to burn fat. It also works for stress reduction. Having a bar of it as a snack can help in losing weight. As per studies, smelling and consuming dark chocolate reduces the level of ghrelin, the type of hormone that stimulates hunger. Having a couple pieces of it per day will help to burn belly fat. It can also lower the risk of heart disease along with other benefits; it is also responsible for stabilizing blood sugar level. 


Salmon can definitely help with weight loss as because it is a high-protein food and helps with the increase of metabolic rate. It is packed with healthy omega – 3 fatty acid. This should be a part of a reduced calorie diet. As a source of lean protein it helps to maintain the muscle mass when losing weight. Even a small piece of it can help keep a person full for a long time which leads to less consumption of calories. Salmon is one the fatty fish that helps in weight loss. Various recipes are out there to make it more nutritious and tasty. 


Beans and legumes are rich in fiber and protein helping in burning fat and calories. They have nutrients and amino acids that promote consumption of lesser calories and, it usually has no fat at all. They are also full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. There are different types of beans and having a cup of it as a part of main meal can be really helpful. A various amount of studies has proved that including chick peas in the diet can improve bowel function and reduce the amount of bad bacteria in the intestine. It may also improve blood cholesterol level. Bean and legumes are considered as the fruits or seeds of a family of plant called Tabaceae. These can act as a great replacement for meat as vegetarian protein. 


‘Capsaicin’ – a component that is present in cayenne and other peppers too is responsible for their spiciness, proves to be a great thing in promoting weight loss. Increase in metabolism rate is another of its benefits. But, afterwards when the body builds up its tolerance towards it, this pepper might not be as effective as it used to be in the start. Cayenne pepper is considered as a natural herb which helps to promote weight loss. It has the ability to improve the overall health of the body. It is beneficial for the people who suffer with diabetes and the people who are obese. One can find powdered cayenne pepper and mix it with water, protein shake or smoothie so that it is not difficult to cook the pepper every day. Cayenne pepper in the form of supplement is not good for everyone especially for the people who are on medication for high blood pressure and women during pregnancy. It is to be made sure that cayenne pepper is kept away from children.


Being high in fiber, rich in ascorbic acids, meaning a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C, but lower in calories is what makes grapefruit a really good choice of fruit for promoting weight loss. Grapefruit takes up more calories to digest than the already existing calories that it has. Drinking grapefruit juice is much more easy and helpful than eating it. It is also responsible for lowering the insulin levels in the body for a slightest bit but it does help with preventing the body to store sugar and fat. Eating half a grape fruit will burn more fat if one consumes it before meal. 


Skinless chicken breast is much more beneficial than eating chicken breast with skin. It is high in protein but low in calories which makes a great source of food in burning fat and keeps the body satisfied with the feeling of fullness for a long period of time. People on a diet for weight loss usually include chicken breast as a part of their main meal plan atleast once or twice a week. But for speeding up the process of weight loss one needs to go through a calorie deficit diet.


Eating only apples can be a dangerous decision. One can have it as a snack not a main meal for the whole day. Apples have high fiber content, it is better to eat with the peel as because that contains the most of the fiber. Studies have showed apple does speeds up the process of losing weight. Apples carry a lot of water and that is why they are quite feeling. A medium sized apple consists of about 86% water and only 95 calories. It is a highly weight loss friendly fruit.


Berries are very much essential while losing weight as it has low calories and high dietary fibre and vitamin C. Blueberries, especially helps with reducing abdominal fat and lower the cholesterol level, improves blood sugar levels too. They are considered as storehouses of antioxidants which work as anti-inflammatory compounds. When blue berries are combined with a low fat diet, it also lowers triglycerides and is responsible for improving blood sugar level, being a benefit of a weight loss plan. Some of the berries that are considered as best are Acai berries, Raspberries, strawberries, Goji berries, and crane berries.


As per research, full-fat yogurt promotes weight loss faster than consuming fat yogurt. The amount of fat, protein and calcium present in full-fat yogurt can help balance the appetite keeping the person full for an immense amount of time. It may sound impossible to lose weight with full-fat yogurt in the diet, but it is a proven fact if it is consumed in the right way it can definitely promote weight loss. Researches have shown that full fat yogurt is much healthier than other full fat dairy. It can be a great snack for weight loss.


Having a cup of coffee right in the morning is a way to start the day for many people. It is meant for suppressing appetite and it increases the metabolism rate and having a cup is makes the person feel it is enough for breakfast. But too much caffeine is harmful for the health. It becomes like an addiction for people who consumes coffee daily. Drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day can actually help reduce belly fat in women and total body fat of a person. Recent studies have found that some of compound that is present in coffee contains anti-obesity properties and promotes weight loss.


Quinoa is much better than having white bread or pasta. It is considered a good low glycemic index carbohydrate, which will control the blood sugar levels preventing it from increasing. Being a good source of plant based protein, consuming it can help with the weight loss process. It’s a gluten-free pseudo – grain which helps to boost heart health and improve digestion. It is high in fiber, magnesium, Vitamin B, calcium, iron, potassium and various antioxidants. It was considered as an important crop for Inca Empire and referred to it as the “Mother of all grain”. Nowadays quinoa can be found all over the world.


Peanut butter is proved to be a great source of protein which helps to keep the person feeling full which means less consumption of calories and promote in the weight loss journey. The metabolism rate also tends to increase. Brown bread with peanut butter is an immensely tasty and healthy breakfast and even better if served with some pieces of avocados. Peanut butter might have it natural sweetness, delicious texture, but it has a low glycemic index. Eating peanut butter is certainly a way of consuming of more fats as well as fiber and protein but still manages to control the blood sugar level. There has been a debate about whether peanut butter makes one gain or lose weight.

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