Top 10 Most Users Grocery apps and website in Metro Manila

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      Top 10 Most Users Grocery apps and website in Metro Manila

Online shopping is the easiest way to save time and effort while you can be at the comfort of your home and order your necessities which is just a click away. Groceries are daily necessities and around times like this, when you are at home, every other shop that you know is closed and you are running out of groceries, why not check out the list of grocery delivery services which is available online and also through their apps. You can always have the option to check customer reviews and choose the website according to your convenience. 

1. MetroMart

MetroMart is considered to be the “no. 1 grocery delivery service in Philippines”. It is famous for its grocery deliveries but it also includes pet food, medicines, bakeries, and toys. It consists of various grocery stores that they have partnership with like S&R and many others. It delivers at your doorstep. Considering the traffic in Metro Manila, the service they provide is quite fast. As per payment options they provide, customers can choose either cash on delivery (COD) or pay through their credit/debit cards. Their app is available both for ios and android.

2. LazMart 

There is an online website as well as an app called Lazada which contains a grocery section called LazMart. It has a wide range of collections that sells cleaning supplies, bottled water, food but fresh and frozen items are an exception. Customers can pay through cash on delivery (COD), Gcash, BDO installment and credit and debit cards. It is available all over Asia.

3. Marketa.Ph

This website is a different one because they supported local micro, small and medium enterprises and helped them create their online brand. They not only include groceries but also clothing, makeup, baby products, electronics and many more variety of things. They can assure you about their product’s quality. This online website or the app which is only available for android phone provides a number of payment options – PayPal, Cash on delivery, Credit and debit cards, DragonPay.

4. Session Groceries

Looking for the freshest fruits and vegetables? Well, this website may be the right place for finding things that is brought straight from the farm of local farmers to your home. You can shop on their page on facebook or even have it from their app. You can have the option to pay through Bank deposits or cash on delivery. Their app is available for both ios and android.

5. Vegan grocer

Vegan grocer has an instagram page through which you can shop. This page is specifically for all the vegans/vegetarians. They provide products that are dairy-free, meat-free and egg-free. You can pay through Gcash, BPI and BDO.

6. Mayani

This website is also responsible for helping the local farmers by selling their produce which is considered to be the freshest and organic produces. They are having a number of farmers working with them. Unfortunately if you are looking for an app, they don’t have one. But their website provides the best service they could, including a number of payment options like Cash on delivery, PayPal, Bank Deposit, credit and debit cards too.

8. Zagana

It is an online website that sells or provides the freshest fruits and vegetables straight from the local farmers in Philippines. They sell the produce in bulk or wholesale as the customer needs. They have an app for the android users. As for the payment options, they include cash on delivery, PayPal and credit or debit cards.

9. The green grocer Manila

This grocery delivery website not only provides fresh fruits and vegetables but also has the collection for nuts, meats, eggs and other produces too. Customers can buy the produces in a large quantity without any trouble. They also have an app for the android users. Cash on delivery, Bank deposit, PayPal are the payment options they provide.

10. Pushkart PH

Pushkart PH is another famous website for grocery shopping as this provides the fastest delivery in one day and along with groceries, they include the collection of baby products, personal care, and pet care products too. Special requests can be made regarding your order. They have their app for both ios and android. Payment can be done through PayMaya and DragonPay.

11. Fresh Produce

This site provides vegetables and fruits from the farmers in the freshest way possible. They deliver through refrigerated trucks so that the produces are kept fresh. They also provide the option of reorder or replacing the order if the customer is unsatisfied and even money back guarantee is available. You can go for online banking, or over-the-counter option. No app is available for this site.

12. Bukid fresh

Bukid fresh is working with a number farmers that provide fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables right to your doorstep. The produces are guaranteed to be farm fresh, top quality groceries at fair prices is what people look for and Bukid fresh could be the right place to provide you with that. The prices are set by the farmers and it helps them improve their life. Payment can be done through cash on delivery and credit and debit cards. There is also an app for android users.

13. Landers

Lander is a website that provides almost everything that groceries include and also other items of daily necessities. They consist of both local and international items. It provides a membership shopping experience. But they provide services in selected cities and states. You can either choose cash on delivery or credit or debit card payments. They don’t have an app. It is just an online site.

14. Always Fresh PH

If you are looking for fresh fruits, then this website promises to provide the best quality fruits that are available. You can find unique fruits that are imported from outside along with the usual local ones. They do deliver right at your doorstep. You can also place orders through their facebook page. Payment options that are available are BDO, Gcash, and BPI.

15. Limon Farms

Limon farms offers organic fresh meat and eggs straight from the farm which includes pork, chicken and eggs. They have their local farm based in Rosario, Batangas. They make sure of maintaining their freshness of the products. They deliver to certain places on certain dates. Customers can order through their facebook page.

Before we used to opt for online shopping only for clothing and accessories then electronics, appliances came to the online shopping platform and now with the growing development, even hundreds of websites are available for grocery shopping. These growths with technology and developments made people’s life so much easier. They are eligible to do anything right from their home.

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