Does Your Face Say Something About Your Health?

face health
face health

         Does Your Face Say Something About Your Health?

Our face does reveal a lot about our health in general. A close look in the mirror can indicate if everything is going well with our health. We need to assess if there are any changes or, most likely, signs we might see regarding our face. It is not an accurate way of checking up on our health, but it cannot go unnoticed of the following signs or indications:

1. Puffy eyes: 

In this condition, the part below the eyes may look puffed up and swollen. It is because it is filled with fluid-like structure. It can happen due to aging, hormonal change, and also due to changes in the weather. It is not quite a severe problem.

2. Dark Circles:

Dark circles also appear in the same area around our eyes because of lack of sleep, using computer or mobile in the dark for an extended period, it is often a sign of exhaustion. Dark circles may indicate that our body needs rest. If we overwork ourselves, dark circles may appear quite frequently. If itchiness occurs in the eyes, making it red may mean we are having an allergic reaction to external sources like food or makeup, or it may be an infection. 

3. Face paralysis:

If we are unable to move or feel a part of our face or body, we might need to get a thorough check-up or medical treatment as soon as possible. Sometimes, it is also quite possible that a virus or other things like that may have pressed a nerve that might be responsible for controlling the muscles of that part. Quite frequently, it gets better over some time. 

At times, it could be more serious. One needs to be aware of the signs like slurred speech, weakness on the one side of the body, numbness in one part of the face because it often indicates a stroke. In that case, it is better to hurry and get medical help without wasting an ounce of time.

4. Dry, chapped lips:

Getting dry or chapped lips isn’t a serious problem but is often a sign of dehydration. It usually gives a point that our body isn’t getting enough water that it requires. People with already dry skin are likely to have it the most. It often occurs more in the winter season, and it can also happen due to the sun’s exposure. Lip balms with SPF can prevent it from happening. They are made to protect our lips from dry and humid weather. Drinking the required amount of water every day is the key to healthy skin.

5. Skin problems:

 a) There are many skin problems. The most common is acne. It isn’t a severe problem, and it usually happens due to hormonal imbalance, as many people know. Breakouts occur due to stress and not being able to take care of the skin properly. As it is said, ‘we are what we eat,’ and it is a fact, if we follow an unhealthy diet, it will cause more harm than good. And while eating healthily, we not only manage to keep our skin healthy but also can stay away from other health issues. 

b) Rashes with red patches, usually itchy with blisters all over it, could be what is termed as dermatitis herpetiformis. It not only shows up on our face but also on other parts of the body too. If it happens, it is better to talk to your doctor and get it checked up.

c) There is a condition called melasma, in which brownish patches appear, especially in the cheek area. No specific reason is found yet as to why it happens, but it often occurs when a person is under birth control pills or during pregnancy. It goes away usually after some time. If it lasts for several days or years, one can get rid of it using medication or chemical peels.

d) Another condition named rosacea; it’s a rash that often occurs in fair skin. It looks like the blush in the center of the face. People with sensitive skin are more prone to it. It usually shows up when the face becomes hot due to external sources like exposure to the sun, stress, or warm and hot showers. Genetics has a part to play in it, along with environmental factors.

6. Presence of facial hair in unexpected areas:

In women, excess growth of facial hair, a condition called hyperandrogenism, increases the ‘male’ hormones, which is called androgens. It falls under the signs of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and obesity too. In the case of man, as due to aging, hair can grow around their ears, which can be considered as a quite unusual place.

7. Sore gums: 

A gum that is painful and bleeds quite frequently is usually a sign of a gum disease called gingivitis. One can get rid of it if they take proper care of their mouth by brushing and flossing. There is another condition called periodontitis, which is more severe and might further help doctors.

8. Yellowish skin eyes and nails:

 If the skin appears yellowish along with eyes and nails, it can be a condition of jaundice. It is harmless and quite common in babies that are born before 38 weeks. If it is found in adults, it can have more severe problems associated with it, such as alcohol abuse or viral infections or issues with liver and gallbladder.

9. Moles:

Moles are usually considered to be not harmful enough. But some of them are the exception. Suppose a mole is found to be more than 6 millimeters in diameter, has hair growing out of it, has an odd uneven color, and is growing out its size. In that case, it usually indicates severe underlying health issues. One needs to get in touch with a doctor to have it treated.

10.  Sores around lips and nostrils:

These are most likely known as cold sores that are found breaking out around the mouth area, commonly caused by a type-1 herpes virus. If somehow someone is infected with this virus, it is said that it stays with the person for a lifetime. 

Sores can be seen if someone is over-exhausted, tired, stressed, or overexposure of the sun. It is better to contact a doctor if someone sees the signs.

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