What is COVID-19? How to protect yourself?

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What is COVID-19? How to protect yourself?

Coronavirus 2019 is also known as COVID-19, and caused by an outbreak which could be passed from one human to another.it firstly appeared in human in Gregorian calendar month 2019.COVID 19 affects our respiratory system. Sometimes we have seen that it will cause issues with our lungs.

 There are thousands of talks outside related to this virus.

Let’s talk about what’s occurring and what sensible steps we can take to keep ourselves or our surroundings safe from this virus.

⦁How will COVID-19 spread?

The virus could be spread through droplets. If an infected person comes into your contact without covering his face and cough or sneezes around you, they project droplets of the virus out into the air. Those then land on the surface and square measure breathed in by others.

 This is the most typical mean the virus get unfold. If infected people surround you, then the infected droplets land on surfaces like (door handles, and elevators buttons, and other different things), and your chance of being infected grows. T

The hat is why we must follow the guidance given by the authorities. Its mentioned clearly that avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. It’s doable for them to induce sick. That is why everybody keeps saying while any communication occurs about COVID 19 that avoid touching your face! If the virus gets on your skin, like on your hand, we should clean it off using soap and using hand sanitizer with 60% least amount of alcohol before touching your body part.

It could be doable for a person with COVID 19 to pass the virus to others even without showing any signs of being sick(this also termed as system less transmission). 

This virus typically takes time between 2 to 14 days for a person to feel sick and expose the infection’s symptoms.

 So there are high chances for a person to infect another person without even knowing that is why in the COVID-19 guidelines, the leaders and the experts advised everybody to stay home for their health unless you have some other urgent work like necessity purchases.

⦁ What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The prime signs of being sick with COVID-19 are:-

⦁ Fever

⦁ cough

⦁ Body aches other bother respiration.

Some less common symptoms are also involved like:-

⦁ Headache

⦁ Sore throat

⦁ Runny nose

⦁ The issue with a sense of smell

⦁ nausea etc

If a person is not feeling well, he should not leave home, and the very first thing he needs to do is consult a Doctor many times it happens that most of the people don’t get any symptoms in the beginning.

 But the situation is critical for children and people above the age of 60 and those who have significant health issues like respiratory conditions, diabetes, and other heart diseases. People whose system(infection or fighting system) does not work correctly COVID-19 might result in an additional serious issue that needs hospitalization.

If you are not feeling well and heaving any symptoms, then the first step you need to take is making a call to your doctor and take the necessary precautions. If you are sick, cowl your nose, wear masks, and cover your face with a scarf or handkerchief.

What are the things we can do to stay healthy?

We must be careful about this critical situation unfolded by COVID-19; we have to make sure to be prepared to avoid the situation some necessary steps we can follow to prevent contact with the virus. We should wash our hands with soap and water again, and again it’s an enormous impact we should apply the right amount of detergent to the inside and outside our hands. We should wash our hands at least for 20 sec and wash it off under the running water. If we are not around the soap and water, we should use sanitizer contains 60% of alcohol inside it and must need to ensure then we rub it until its dry.

⦁         What else we do to stay healthy:

The fundamental reason which needs to be followed by people is to stay yourself at a distance from others globally this is termed as SOCIAL DISTANCING you should assure distance from the people who are visibly sick or coughing if you are at home clean surfaces that you and your family use often clean doorknobs cable phone screen and area of your house. And lastly, it’s a decent plan to limit travel places that have loads of COVID-19 cases while going outside follow the rules:-

⦁ Wear mask and gloves

⦁ Cover your face properly

⦁ Carry sanitizer in your bag 

⦁ Avoid touching eyes and nose often. 

⦁ Avoid touching surfaces    

I know the COVID-19 scenario is trouble for everyone, but we have to be very careful and calm and need to keep some necessary precautions.COVID-19 is a life-threatening infection if we do not follow the required care. We can be healthy by following the guidance of the authorities.

So we must follow these necessary steps to be safe and healthy.

Stay safe, Stay healthy.

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