Philippines 10 Best Cities for Real Estate Investment


       Philippines 10 Best Cities for Real Estate Investment

With the Philippines being considered to be the fastest-growing economies in Asia, its real estate is seen to be rising in a steady speed. As compared to previous years, Philippine is now providing several opportunities when it comes to real estate investment. There might be a few things investors might need to look for. The idea that they might need to consider first is the location that they are interested in investing in, according to their convenience.

Below is the list of some of the best cities in the Philippines for real estate investment:

  1. Davao City: This City is the third most populated city in the Philippines. Davao City is known for its various types of attractions that it holds, starting from its historical sites to its wildlife attractions.

Now, let’s see why this City should be in the list of the investors-

  1. Davao city is known as the second-fastest growing economy in the Philippines. Also, because of its geographical location, it allows the City to connect to several places around the world to transport goods and services. One can generate a tremendous amount of profit from this City.
  1. The cost required for starting up or running a business here is comparatively low than in other places. Everything starting from hotel accommodations to public utilities, is said to be budget-friendly.
  1. This City attracts a lot of people as it has a lot of activities to do while one can feel the sense of security it provides. Davao continues to progress year by year. Tourists, Investors continue to flood the City with the hope of fulfilling their goals and dreams. The City is putting up a lot of effort to boost its export capabilities, improving its cleanliness. As per reports, a Food Terminal Complex is developed for the distribution of its agricultural produce.

2. Makati City: Makati City being the place for all the multinational companies and numerous retail and commercial establishments, making it the most desired location for investments. This City holds almost all the facilities and amenities for people wishing to live and work according to their convenience. One should consider Makati for real estate investment because-

  1. Makati City provides residents the best healthcare institution in the Philippines, guaranteeing quality services. Also, in terms of security, Makati never fails to provide the best service in the City.
  1. As it is estimated, there happen to be around 60,000 retail and commercial establishments, and about 40% of the country’s multinational companies are situated in this City.
  1. There’s a growing high demand for luxurious condominiums for the continuous arrival of the high-income ex-pats and business people. Makati City built a business environment that results in the betterment of financial situations for the professionals.

3. Cebu City: Cebu is considered to be the second most crucial metropolitan City in the Philippines. There’s a rise in the number of condominiums, houses and lots. It is also named one of the top 5 cities when it comes to investing in the Philippines. Below are the reasons as to why investing in Cebu is a great idea:

  1. Cebu is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the Philippines, and it is also considered the second largest City. Because of its booming economy, it attracts a lot of investors. Cebu is also preferred for its BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and IT (information technology) sectors.

Cebu is in the heart of the Philippines. Geographically, it is the home for       

  1. Commercial trade. When it comes to condominiums, the number of units has been increased due to its high demand. As compared to other condo units in other countries, Cebu offers an affordable rate for it.
  1. Increased business and population in this City, has made a demand for increased real estate properties. On the other hand, with the growing employment opportunities, people from other provinces migrate to Cebu to grab on them.

4. Baguio City:  Baguio is known as the City of Pines and the summer capital of the Philippines. As this City has had a significant expansion on commercial business and refinements, investors can expect potential returns. Baguio provides a comforting environment and the required amenities, which makes it convenient for investors. Reasons for choosing Baguio:

  1. In this City, property investment in either land or residential buildings, are highly valued. Rapid development is going on till this date in Baguio, but it still maintains to hold its old and comforting environment surrounded by nature.

b) The educational institutions are expanding in this City, leading to a rise in the admission of students, which ultimately happens to be an excellent offer for the residential property investors to earn the right amount of income from the rent.

c) People involved in businesses like hotels and accommodation, mainly earn their income from tourism. People usually visit this place for vacation. Investing in real estate in this City might prove to be an excellent chance for investors to generate a long term profit.

5. Quezon City: This City is known as “city of stars” and “city of the new horizon.” This City is full of nature parks. This is also considered one of the largest and most populated cities in Metro Manila. This City is large and is also considered as a highly urbanized city, yet it manages to keep up with its old cultures, making a mix.

  1. This City offers an educational center that brings out students as highly employable. As for healthcare, various specialty hospitals have written their name for their specializations. They provide quality healthcare services.
  1. When it comes to condos, Quezon City could be the best option. The prices are comparatively low and affordable. Certain developments are still expanding their roots, and the development rate is rising at high speed.
  1. Investors often find this place convenient. Companies are growing out of their business by opening up more offices. As the competition is high for investors, the residential properties have been expanding.

     6.  Bonifacio Global City:  Bonifacio Global City, known as BGC, is the best location for investment because it is an active business district. This City brings out great amenities like the placements of the houses where one doesn’t need to travel too far to work. 

   a) It is a Central Business District (CBD). This City is in the process of spreading out its roots of the business. New residential areas, buildings, offices, condominiums, are all being under construction.

   b) BGC is a flood-free zone, as per research, compared to other areas. This City is considered to be the first City in the Philippines for its flood prevention system.

   c) In terms of sense o security, Bonifacio Global City is successful in providing the type of secure and comforting environment that people are often in search of.

  7. Tagaytay City: Tagaytay is a well-known destination for tourists. It is a famous city in the Philippines for foreigners. It’s a real estate hotspot. The market remains seemingly competitive even after a health crisis recently. The food, the friendly environment, everything about this place attracts people from around the world.

          a) One of the benefits in this City is that even after the competitive real estate market, various houses and properties are still being left out in an affordable and low cost.

         b) Compared to other places, Tagaytay is not congested as much, and the weather remains cold. One can enjoy relaxed evenings with fresh air surrounding the environment.

        c) This city has managed to maintain its amenities, and the services they provide are considered to be world-class. People are satisfied with the service they receive.

8. Iloilo City: Iloilo City is the capital city of the province of Iloilo. It is also considered to be one of the highly urbanized cities. Iloilo managed to gain a position as a leading commercial center.

      a) Being an attractive tourist destination with its number of facilities of hotel and accommodation, restaurants, delicious seafood, nightlife, and the famous annual festival Dina yang festival have already made Iloilo a rising hotspot for investment.

      b) Iloilo is one of the cities which are also responsible for the Philippines’ booming economy. This City’s economy is rising at high speed, which is a plus for investors desiring to invest in this City.

      c) Iloilo received the honorable title as “Queen City of the south” far back in 1889 by the Queen of Spain. This City celebrates numerous festivals throughout the year, which is why this City is full of fun and entertainment.

    9. Angeles City:  Angeles City is in Pampanga province in the Philippines. This City provides a fun and safe/secured environment. It includes all Filipinos and foreigners because of its low cost of living and warm weather.

     a) Pampanga in Angeles City is a prime choice for property investment due to its rising economy, the various opportunities for business and job, boost in the tourism department. 

     b) The rapid growth of industrialization and with companies expanding, property prices have been raised quite high since. It is considered to be Metro Manila’s largest supplier of agricultural produce.

     c) Angeles City has the 9th busiest International airports, “Clark International Airport, the Philippines,” and it is the most searched City for real estate investment.

10.  Muntinlupa City: Muntinlupa has been successful in becoming one of the significant investment locations for real estate. Because of many local and foreign investors and companies, rapid development has been seen. 

10 best cities in the Philippines for Real Estate Investment

     a) This City is also a highly urbanized and eco-friendly place. Several multinational companies have built up their offices in this place. This City has a location that is a gateway to Southern Luzon.

     b) It is a safe and secure place full of helpful locals. The safety department promises to keep improving the safety and security services of the City, making sure the people live a happy and safe life.

    c) Muntinlupa provides numerous job and business opportunities. The facilities received at this place are quite affordable, and the rates are relatively low. Investing in such a situation would bring profits to investors.

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